swaragini twist vala love episode 16 ( the final chapter)


Recap- laksh accepted ragini…sanskaar finds swara note with her mangalsutra…

Sanskaar opens the letter and reads it…
U know sanskaar, pairs are made by god..
I loved laksh but u were written in my destiny.
God had choosen u for me..i was very happy with laksh as he was my love..but when ragini married him and he accepted her by saying i don’t like to break relation and left me..then u took my hand ..and made me feel complete. I know at starting i didn’t this relation..but your love pulled me towards u ..i don’t want to leave u …i don’t know why ..may be i have started feeling for u …when yesterday u ignored me..i thought some one was taking out my soul from inside…u said h don’t love me and want to move on ..i am leaving u because i want u to stay happy…may god give all the happiness to u…the time which i have spend with u were the best days for me…i don’t know what will i do ahead ..but i won’t move on…yes i will always love u …i will be happy if u are happy …

Always stay happy ..
Your swara…

Letter fell down from his hand ..

Sanskaar- swara how can u leave me ..u are my life…i will not let u go this time..

He took the mangalsutra and went to his car…
Sanskaar- i will find u..
He started his car ..

He searched everywhere ..
Sanskaar- she will not go to baddi i know …where are u swara i can’t live without u…

He went to temple….

He went in temple and stands in front of god ..
Sanskaar- u can’t snatch my swara from me…i will end my life here only in front of u …

Sanskaar started hitting his head in front of the god’s idol..
His head was bleeding …

Suddenly someone stops him…he gets up and is shocked..it was his swara .

Swara- what r u doing ..u will end your life…who gave u this permission…h are only mine and only i have rights on u …

Sanskaar- why did u leave me …how could u think i can live without u ..its better to die then …
Swara keeps hand on sanskaar mouth…

Swara- no more sanskaar…i promise i will never leave u ..i love u more than my life …
I love u sanskaar..
Sanskaar- i love u too…

Sanskaar makes her wear her mangalsutra…

Sanskaar – u are just mine ..

They both hug eachother..
Both went home holding eachother hand.


I hope that u guyz will like it .

I don’t want to end my ff ….i want to start write season 2 also…
So if u want i should continue…then please comment and tell if u want to read further my ff…

Credit to: dolly

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