swaragini twist vala love episode 13


Recap- raglak spend time together and swasan celebrated their friendship …

Next morning,
In swasan room…
Both swasan are sleeping.. Sanskaar on the couch and swara is sleeping on full bed alone …

Swara wakes up due to a call…
Sumi- good morning shona ..how are u .
Swara- good morning mom..u woke me up..
Sumi- shona its your sasuraal .look at the time its 9:00 am and u are still sleeping ..
Swara- no maa actually its sunday today so all wake up late today…
Sumi – ok how is sanskaar..
Swara- he is very good mom and i am happy with him…
Sumi – its good then ..chalo bye and take care of ur family .. They are really good..
Swara- sure mom bye…

Swara- sanskaar wake up…i am going to take a bath ..
Sanskaar- so u go i will wake up soon..
Swara- yeah my hubby is a sleepyhead..lazy boy..
Sanskaar – i am listening all this ..
Swara goes to take bath and as she comes out she gets surprise..sanskaar was jumping on the bed …

Swara- what happen , why are u getting mad……
Sanskaar- my best friend is coming today yo meet us..
Swara- who is coming ?
Sanskaar- u forgot..my best friend kavitha .she was having crush on me ..and i was having crush on u ..
Swara- oh yeah i remember ..chalo now get ready..will u meet her in your night dress…go and take bath…
Sanskaar- yess boss

In raglak room.
(Both ragini and laksh has started talking to eachother )
Ragini- laksh wake up now its already so late..
Laksh- just five minutes more..
Ragini- we had talked till 2:00 last night but still see i am so fresh after sleeping a little only..
Everyone must be waiting for us..chalo wake up crocodile …
Laksh – k chipkali ..
Ragini – i am chipkali then u are crow..
Laksh – then u are jungli billi..
Ragini – inf now get up..i am going down…

After half an hour ,
All comes down fo have breakfast…today is sunday so everybody is lazy …
Whole family spends some time together happily…

In afternoon

Sanskaar was doing gardening in the garden and was helping him…
It was their routine on every sunday..
Somebody came from behind and hugged sanskaar…
Swara was shocked…sanskaar turns back and it was kavitha ..
Sanskaar – i was waiting for u since morning.. How are u ..
Kavitha- same as u have left me …so u married your love..
Sanskaar- yess i got my life back ..my wifey ..
Hey swara she is kavitha ..
Both kavitha and swara gave a hug to eachother…
Kavitha holded sanskaar hand ..
Kavitha- lets go sanky i need to talk to u a lot ..

And she takes him from there ..all leaving swara alone there..

Swara- sanky .. How dare she touch him and also hugged him..what i am thinking swara theh are just friends …but sanskaar told she has a crush on him ..what they must be talking …why i am bothering sanskaar loves me ..but what if she does anything with him..
I don’t love him then why i am bothering…i should have trust on him .he is my husband and only i have rights on him…i will get him from kavitha …
What are u saying swara…do u love him..no but i can’t see him with any other women .he is my husband ..

By saying this swara goes to her room and sees how they were talking …
Swara- look at her .how she is talking to my hubby .. I will see u sanskaar…come to me i won’t talk to u…

She goes to kitchen and started to work but she was feeling so restless …


I hope u like it..i will update next part today only..
But please comment also if u like it and if u want any changes…

Credit to: dolly

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