swaragini twist vala love episode 11


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Recap- swasan becomes friend and laksh ask ragini that they will go for a dinner today…

Ragini was very happy that today laksh asked him for going outside with him…

After break fast,
In swasan room-
Swara was looking herself in mirror..

Suddenly somebody hugged her from behind ..
It was sanskaar..

Swara – hubby what are u doing ..we have just become friends only ..( she was teasing him)
Sanskaar-( sadly ) oh yeah sorry ( and he moved back and was about to go..

Swara- its an order from ur wifey that u will not step out of this room..close the door fast..and then ( smiling ) u can do romance …

Sanskaar – ok as ur order wifey ..
He was smiling . sanskaar closed the door…and when he turned swara was not there…

Sanskaar- where are u wifey..i have closed the door now can i romance with u ..

Sanskaar was searching for swara..

Suddenly he heard somebody giggling under the bed..
He bent down and saw swara was hiding there…her eyes were closed and she was smiling ..suddenly
Swara-( while eyes are closed) hubby will not be able to find me here..

Sanskaar was mesmerized by her innocence and childish behaviour..
Sanskaar- ( to himself ) she is truly a angel ..so innocent and cute..

Sanskaar- wifey i have searched u
Swara opened her eyes ..and gave a smile ti him…
She comes out …

Swara – so u found me..but very late.. It means i am smart and u are dumb.
Sanskaar- i am not dumb u are dumb..
Swara- u are dumb.
Sanskaar- no u
Swara- u..
There cute nok jhok began ..sanskaar had just shut the door but forgeted to lock it ..

Whole family was standing on the door . door was opened ..but swasan were busy in themselves so they didn’t notice that everyone was watching them ..
Swara took a pillow and then sanskaar..

Swara- now i will not leave u ..
Sanskaar – me too

Both started their pillow fight and stopped when they had ruined the pillow completely ..
Sanskaar- look what u have done . now who will clean it ..
Swara- u have also done it u will clean ..and see ur face ( she started laughing ..)
Sanskaar- urs too u are looking like a nest .
Swara- i will not leave u now ..
As swara was about to hit him ..sanky pulled him towards himself ..now swara was on sanskaar..

Both had a heartfull laugh and they were busy in their eyes staring eachother..

Now no one was able to control their laughter.. And all laughed..
Swasan saw them and was shocked..
Ap&dp- close the door and romance.. Door was only shut .not locked …
Ap & dp went from their smiling …

Ap- both are so happy with eachother .
Dp- yess

Ragini heard all this and smiled..
In swasan room..

Swara and sanskaar watched eachother and laughed…
Swara- now go to office ..
Sanskaar- but what about romance ..
Swara- that we have done in front of mom dad…what was that ..
She ran down shyly..

Sanskaar-( smiled) swara one day surely u will love me..and i know that day is not so far…

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage song plays in background …

Swara was in kitchen …ragini comes there getting ready ..
Ragini- swara i
Swara – ragini i am not angry from u now .. I am happy in my life now and for u that u both have moved on ..
Ragini- and ur love .
Swara- i don’t love laksh now …he is just my sister’s husband for him nothing else..i am happy with sanskaar.. We have also moved on ..

Ragini – really.
Swara ( smiling ) yess.
Ragini- can we become swaragini again by forgetting eachother past.. I miss my shona..
Swara- yess.
And they both hugged each other laksh sawa them hugging and smiled for the sisters reunion..

Laksh – shall we go ..
Ragin ( happily )- yess..

Screen feeezes on swasan and raglak happy face…

Precap- a new twist …

I hope u like it ..

Credit to: dolly

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