swaragini twist vala love episode 1


I am a silent reader of swaragini. Its my first fanfiction . i hope u will like it .

All characters in my fan fiction are same.

Its morning . the beautiful day and what we see two beautiful girls are still sleeping on bed ..

Dadi shouts from downstairs –
Shona lado wake up my princess. Its ur first day at college na and u both have to look best. Its getting late now . get ready and come fast for breakfast…

Coming dadima both shouted while yawning…

After half an hour.
Swara comes wearing a pink dress upto knee length leaving her hair open. She is looking beautiful. From behind ragini comes wearing jeans and a yellow colour tank top . she has made a high ponytail . both the girls are looking stunning .

Shekhar – here come my princess.
Sarmistha- u both r looking beautiful i think we have to send a ambulance with them today . today all will get crazy looking at them .might get to hospital .
Both swara and ragini togethere – ma u

Dadi – don’t tease my granddaughters. Come u both have ur breakfast now .

Swara- i am damn excited today .its are first day at college .i am gonna impress everyone

Ragini – me too and gave a hi5 to swara 🙂

After breakfast both took blessing from the elders and leaves for college .

Its my first fan fiction . so please comment please so that i can write further. I hope u like it

Credit to: dolly

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  1. Very nice dear plz continue but plz make swasan nd raglak

  2. nic… pairs?? raglak only ryt???

  3. So sweet

  4. Nice dear plz continue

  5. nice. .
    make it lengthy. .
    want swasan and raglak

  6. wao it’s awesome

  7. try something new…every ff starts with dadi or sumi waking waragini

  8. nice ..

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