Swaragini ……. A twist (episode 3)


Hello …… it’s Maya and today I will be making my ep 4 of my fan fiction hope you enjoy lets start ……..

Episode starts with…………

After Shourya and Kavita kidnapped Swara’s and Ragni’s mom they save her and think what will happen now they go home and sleep .

The next day……….

Everybody wakes up goes and eats their break fast their grandma says “where were you yesterday I didn’t see you the whole day what happened ” everyone was nervous and didn’t know what to say until Ragni created an excuse about it she said “we were shopping and it was rush so we had to stay the whole day. …………. that’s why ” their grandma says “ok”

Later at work………..

Swara says “you never lie to our grandma what happened now” Ragni says “so you want me to tell her that mom was kidnapped and we have to pay so much money from our salaries to get her back and she will get freaked out that’s what you want ” Swara says “ok I get your point sorry ” Ragni says “no I should be sorry I screamed for no reason ” Swara says “its ok”

The scene shifts to Sanskar and Lakshi Sanskar says “your wife is so smart she created an awesome excuse ” Lakshi says “yeah she is so smart”

Precap : Shourya and Kavita were thinking what will they do next

So I hope you all enjoyed reading it and feel free to comment ☺☺☺☺☺

Good bye

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  1. Nyc episode dear….??keep rockng?

  2. Nice..but too short
    Make it long one plz

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