Swaragini ……. A twist (episode 2)


Hello e everyone it’s Maya and today I will be making my episode 2 of my fan fiction I know I did the last I one too early but the internet was so bad so I had to wait for a couple of weeks and I hope you excuse me ……ok let’s start…

The episode start with………..

A boy and a girl bribing the builder who signed the contract with Lakshi
they turn out to be Shourya and Kavita . Shourya says “thank God we noted he can’t give it up so if he knows he can’t do anything ” Kavita says”good idea everything is under our control

A few days later Swara and Ragni were back home preparing the dinner and waiting for their husbands…………. 30 minutes later Lakshi and Sanskar I.were back home Lakshi asked Ragni “when is your movie premiere so ask someone to cover my work ” she says “after tomorrow……. I hope you like it ” the scene shifts to Swara and Sanskar . Swara says “how was your concert did every one like you” Sanskar replies”it was good … yeah I remembered, Swara are we invited to Ragni’s movie premiere ” Swara says of course we are invited ok let’s eat”

When they were eating. ………

Their grandma says “how is the movie ” then Ragni replies “it finished and it was awesome ” their dad says “we are coming aren’t we?” Their mom says “yes we are coming ”

The day of the movie premiere……??????

Everybody was exited but Shourya and Kavita were there as well but undercovering so no one can realize them they sat and watched the movie and it was loved by everyone when they returned home they were followed by Shourya and Kavita.

Precap: Shourya gets in the house kidnapig their mom Kavita waits out side

So I hope you all enjoyed reading ? feel free to comment ☺☺☺☺☺

Goodbye in the next episode ??????………..

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  1. Megha123

    Oh no!!! What will happen nw BTW it’s an awsm epi

  2. Superb one yaaar…

  3. Who is shaurya
    Love rags so much

  4. Soujanya


    1. Maya18188

      He is a character in ek hasina th I

  5. Eishwa


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