Swaragini : a twist (Episode 1)


Hello……. I’m Maya today I will be writing episode 1 of my fan fiction. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment ?

The episode starts with. ……….

A girl comes holding a file and going to a dressing room written on it (Ragni) where a girl in a dress saying “Swara you’re here” and hugs her Swara says “Ragni get ready we have no time ” Ragni goes to the movie set .
Meanwhile a rock star is at the concert and singing and turns out to be Sanskar then gets a call from Swara saying “how is your concert ?…. bytheway,the movie is going great. …… OK gotta go bye. ” Sanskar thinks now my wife doesn’t have time for me!

Later a business man shows and it’s Lakshi who is signig a contract with a builder then recive a call from Ragni telling him “can your come and wache my movie primire next week?” Lakshi says “of course. …anything for your ” Lakshi cuts the call

Precap : A man shows bribing the builder and a girl says “good now every thin is fone.”

So hope you all enjoyed ☺☺❤

Feel free to comment ?

Good bye in the next episode. ……….

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  1. Divyanshri

    soooo small not fair but still nice… keep it up

  2. Gayathri

    I am confused. Pls explain

  3. Yashal

    Nice one but plz make it longer

  4. Cutiie

    Plz reveal pairs

  5. Shrt bt nice..

  6. Maya18188

    thanks…….. how do you want episode 2 be like☺☺?

  7. Maya18188

    thanks to you all…….. how do you want episode 2 be like☺☺?

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