Swaragini Twinkling Love (Star-3)


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Sanskar felt the tense of his family. He wennt near her, placed her one hand around his shoulder, he held by her waist and took her to room. Swara is not in her senses.
Sanskar: go and change ur dress.
Swara: u change it for me.
Sanskar got shocked.
Swara : got afraid?? Hahaaa.. my dear sanky baba…ummmmmah.. she pulls him near but he restricts and pushes her slightly.
Swara : why my dear hubby?? Come near. I won’t rape you. Come come
Sanskar : better take rest. I ll come later.
Swara holds his hand and start to speak (drunken state) : Do you know how much I love you?.
Sanskar shocked and remembered what she said to madhav, that she don’t love him.
Swara: From our third meeting. Love at third sight. Heheeee..
Sanskar looks at her confusedly.
Swara: On the 1st day, u gave me tight slap for misbehaving with a cobbler. He spoiled my precious heels. That’s why I was about to slap with the same heels. But you came and stopped. And you didn’t only stop but also slapped me.
She making face like crying,”do u know how it pained? Even my mom dad had never slapped or beaten me. On that second I thought to teach you my status.”
Sanskar remembered how he held her hand and prevented her from slapping the cobbler.
Swara : I only sent goons to beat you. I want to see your hand that slapped me getting fractured. But you gave fracture to that idiotic faties. Waste of money. She acts like crying. But I saw your bravery in you.
Theh thirdly, I only sent that call girl to you. I thought of taking your pictures with her. But you…
Sanskar remembered when a girl approached him for 2 nights for free. He replied in soft tone,” I won’t think you cheaply. Maximum of you are pushed into this and people are making money out of you. I don’t think you wrong but I’m just sharing my wish thinking you as a sister. I expect my would be wife to be honest and loyal to me. Similarly she will expect from him. I can’t betray her. I will be for one and always will be for that one girl.”
Swara: There you took place in my heart. My frds all started to try you. I felt jealous seeing them to get you. I saw honesty, loyalty, love, care, bravery,  manliness in you. I fell for a boy first time in my life. But I thought to break you male ego and cut off your proud down. I followed to know about you. And I concluded that you are not my type. But I wished you badly. I was cent% sure you won’t accept my love. Got to know about you weakness(family). So I targetted my arrow on it. Such a obedient boy you are, never missed to listen to elders of d family. For you everything is love of family. But you know money can do anything. Money is god. I wanted you, so I purchased you. I tried with very much difficulty to act like a Indian traditional girl. But it worked out well with you mom and bade mom. Actually I felt too tough to convince your bade papa. But that too became easy. U know how.. Money. Business deal. Everyone accepted you to let stay in your saas house bcoz.. just bcoz money spoke to them.. house expenses, uttara marriage,  big business deal etc etc. My dad always got me what I wanted and that’s how I got you. I got you but still i didn’t get you. You are always keeping some distance from me. Come near.. come fill the gap i wanted you badly baba.
Saying that she fell on bed. Sanskar made her to lie properly and covered her with blanket. He went into thoughts.

Swara woke up with hang over. She find relieved to see lemom tea beside her. She couldn’t recollect last night. Her head is spinning. She ran into washroom, when about to vomit, she felt to hands holding either side of her head. She overwhelmed by his concern. They didn’t speak. Kept silent throughout the day in office too. Whenever she wantedly hurt him and disturb him, he didn’t pay heed to her. She too fed up and left.
After they returned to home shekar informed them about RagLak marriage the day follwing the day after tomorrow. Asked them to prepare for sangeet mehandi and Marriage.
Swara : (he is not at all noticing me)
Sanskar : so you want me to notice you
Swara shocked and suprised  : (did I said it loudly)
Sanskar : No
Swara : (How is he replying to my thoughts in mind)
Sanskar : Not in mind but in heart.
Swara widened her eyes in suprise.
Sanskar, “Don’t use logical thinking”, saying this he left.
Shekar receives a phone call and urged all to go to sanskar’s house. Laksh met an accident and had head injury. It’s just a simple accident where he didn’t get hurt anywhere but got on head. He didn’t wear helmet that too on rainy day. He slipped and got hurt severely on his head. Doctor informed them that his right hand and left leg is paralysed. Ragini cried hard. Shekar worried seeing ragini crying, “I want him to get soon in just two days. I ll give you crores and crores of money. No matter what. I am ready to send him to foreign countries even. Money is no matter to me”. Doctor with simple smile,”Sir money doesn’t matter to us. It’s not easy to cure paralysis attack. It will takes month or years of time. Physiotherapists will make you clear. If you want to make that magic happen, believe in god and in you all”. Shekar is feeling down, (being rich then what is the use). Sanskar mildly which is audible only to swara, “Being rich alone ll not give away all happiness. Now what is the use of money then??”. Swara is disturbed by doctor and sanskar’s words.
Ragini, AP, Sujatha, Uttara prayed, fasted with full trust in god. Ragini didn’t forget to give him medicines in time. If it’s late night also she calls either him or AP to remind. Daily after physiotherapist leave, ragini made him to exercise morning and evening. Swara noticed ragini’s care for him and felt guilt. She never fought with sanskar thereafter showing her attitude or in proud of her richness. Shekar thenafter learn to respect people than money (he didn’t change all of a sudden. It took time. Shomi changed his thoughts showing laksh as example). Laksh got cured in 9 months. Laksh changed his wicked mind,(“I thought money will get us everything. Money just got me medicines and appointmented me a doctor. But family stood with me. Ragini didn’t go aways seeing me paralysed. She could have left me and found very rich well good looking boy of her status. But she supported me and never complained to help me. Ragini my initial motive would have been bad. But from now… no lucky no… better show it in actions).
RagLak got married. Laksh took incharge of DP’s shop.
Shekar to swasan, “4 tickets to Shimla”. Sanskar, “but dad raglak only newly married. Why for us too”. Shekar smiled and patted swara’s cheek,”Even you guyz didn’t go for honeymoon”. Shomi lovingly ordered them, “you are going. Dot”. SwaSan looked at each other blank expression.

Precap : Last episode. 

Credit to: Tara

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  1. Nice tara! but why last episode pls write some romance between swasan and also raglak.. u r story is good and dfferent pls continue!

    1. Thank you lucky. Ya last epi will have some romance,very less. Thanks for d suprt dr. It’s alrdy planned dr

    1. Thank you sravya

  2. Nice episode

    1. Thank you devi

  3. Why dr last episode it is only 3 rd episode

    1. Haan dr I alrdy said nah it s a vry shrt ff

  4. Why so soon dear only 4 episode
    But superb

    1. Thanks a lot surbhi.. I felt like it’s enough to convey my idea

  5. Why are stopping it so soon!! You really write very well and I am a fan of your heart beat freee. It’s hurting me dear. Please continue writing. The current fiction is really good.

    1. Thank you so much Harini. Thanks a lot. Dear actually this what I planned. This is a very short fiction. Sorry dear I ll come with little long ff later. Thank you veryy much for the love ??

    1. Thanks a lot jiya ?

  6. Ending that to so soon
    Nice episode

    1. Thank you shanya ☺☺ as I mentioned in last epi, it’s a very short ff dr

  7. woow…..seems like all happening in realy life

    1. Most of us giving importance and respect to money than people dr. Bitter truth

  8. woow…..seems like all happening in real life

  9. nice super y r u making this soon ended up plz do more episode plz dr

    1. Sorry sorry dear. I alrdy completed 4 episodes. Posted each/day. I ll come up with new ff ?? thanks a lot

  10. Plz don’t end it show some swasan moments

    1. Sure dr. Next epi ll have their scene.

  11. plz don’t end dear

    1. Sorry dear. I completed it b4 posting my 1st epi itself. Thank you so much for d luv ☺

  12. wow superb.. bt y so soon u ending

    1. Thank you very much meghs ☺☺ felt 4 epis s enough to convey my thought dr

  13. Nice but why are you ending it??

    1. Thank you shabrin. My thought conveyed dr. That’s y.

  14. Why are u ending such a nice story ???

    1. Thank you for encouraging shagun ☺☺ it’s actually a very short strt dr as I said n last epi

  15. Don’t end plzzz continue

    1. Thank you esha ☺☺I try to entertain u al wid some othr plot

  16. U can continue the story plz, by showing love and concern for each other..the outline of ur story is very good, plz continue itit.

    1. Thanks a lotttt tania. Thanks 4 liking d stry plot. Core idea of tis ff s diff. I ll come up wid completely new ff and try 2 entertain u all

  17. Y last epi dr dnt stp so early plzz

    1. I ll come wid diff stry line dear. Surely I ll try my best 2 make some interesting plot

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