Swaragini Twinkling Love (Star-2)

Guyz this is a short fiction. I will turn all chars good in 2 episodes. Thanks for encouraging me with this new concept. I just thought everywhere swara is shown very good, in all fictions mostly. SanRagLak are shown bad but no swara. That’s why I tried.

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Sanskar,”Mom….”. He hugs her and is emotional. Sanskar,”Bade ma, Bade pa..”. “Annapurna, Sujatha don’t make him emotional”. “Namaste DurgaPrasad ji”, shekar welcomed him though not like his usual type. “Bless me aunty ji, uncle ji”. Sujatha, AP, DP, RP blessed her, “Wish you get a loving husband soon. May god bless you ragini beta”. She is looking so traditional and cute. Sujatha eagerly asked, “Where is my bahu?”. Sanskar is upset. “I’m here aunty ji”. All are shocked to see her in yellow tees and blue 3/4th jean with ponytail. Though they don’t like they didn’t show and hurt her. Shomi comes and asks her to get blessings frm them. Swara,”it’s not my kind ma”. Ap,” it’s ok Sharmishtha ji.” Towards swara, “may all ur wishes come true and soon make us happy by giving us promotion” Ap, SJ, Shomi laughs. Swara confused, “what promotion ? Are you going to join along with your son in my company? “. Shomi hits her head and takes her from there. Shomi, “Atleast be obedient today. Look sanskar. How nice he is”. Swara looking at the mobile, “Not necessary”. In mind (I ll vanish your good boy look today. From morg mom is comparing me with you. I ll c u).

“Darling, sweet heart…”. Ragini, “Laksh ji leave me. Anyone will come”. Laksh hugging her from behind, “let them also know about us and get us married soon. I ll also come soon here then… then with u.. he hugs her tight”. Ragini leaving from his arms,’ only after marriage. Laksh ji I want to come to your house like a normal bahu. We don’t want to say here after marg”. Laksh is disappointed and angry but didn’t show, “you are a rich girl. You can’t manage in my house. See ur didi and my bhai..” she cuts him, “I ll manage. U ll be with me nah.. ok mom is calling v ll meet later”. She goes. Laksh with angry look, “this girl is spoiling my plan”.

Shekar pointing his hands to sanskar who is smiling and looking smart in white shirt, black pant and baby pink blazer. “He is my Son-in-Law Sanskar Maheshwari. I am launching him in our Garments Industry world. I’m handing over my Gadodia Garments’ responsibility to him. I have full faith in him that he will bring our business to peak. I assure and guarantee that our bond will not change and will remain as strong as now. Thank you”. He gives mic to sanskar.  He clears his throat and starts to speak but mic is not working. Swara smirks.  He started to speak loudly, “Even if our circumstances bring many hindrances,  I will make sure our promise and trust doesn’t break. Thank you”. All clap. Swara is angry. Waiter goes to give him juice. Sanskar holding the glass is about to drink but he is interrupted by his mom. Sujatha,”Come with me. Are these people treating you badly?? Why swara is behaving like this? Can’t she wear a saree or atleast a salwar for these kind of parties? She is so different. When she came on that day…”.

Sanskar cuts her,” Mom she did her graduation in UK. She ll be modern and of course your dress can judge your character. All girls wearing salwar/saree are not good. All girls wearing jeans and tees are not bad. Change your thought mom”. Sujatha,”but…”. Sanskar, “She is good mom”. Swara is surprised to hear him supporting her. She smiles a little but wants him to make that drink somehow. When she is searching for him, someone pats her shoulder from behind. Swara turnes and excited to see him,”Hey madhav, how are you? When did you come to India? You didn’t inform me”. Madhav, “Surprise”. He winked at her. Madhav continued, “So how is your hubby? Where is he? The one who says I will never marry are the one getting married very soon. You cheated me”. Swara, “You know how we got married nah.” Madhav,”Ya I know about your adamant mind”. She laughs. Madhav, “So what is that petty shop boy doing here? Ask him to gemme a glass of wine”. Swara,” it’s better you go nd get. It seems like you had alrdy drunk”. Madhav, “Ya it’s doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take another glass. Ask your petty boy to serve me. Let’s start dance. You never allowed me to touch you. Atleast now lemme. Who is gonna know whose child it is. That petty guy will give his initial. Come on swara. Ask him to get drinks for both of us. We will enjoy tonight”. She gave him a tight slap. As DJ is playing songs loudly no one could hear it and also room is dim with button lights. Swara in hyper anger,”Just shut up madhav.

If you continue speaking like this then my sandal will answer your cheek. Don’t you feel ashamed to speak like this to me. We did graduation together and have been family friends. That doesn’t mean you can take advantage in me. Coz of my modern thoughts don’t take me in that way. And by the way, Ya I had told you about sanskar. He is not a petty guy. He is my husband. I, only I have full rights in him to speak or treat him in anyway. Though I don’t love him, you are not given right to talk anything against him or anything cheap about him. I won’t spare you if you speak anything against him. This is my last warning”. Sanskar who was about to cross them, stopped to listen them when madhav asked wine. He is completely overwhelmed seeing her taking his stand. Sanskar (in his mind), “She is not that bad. This is enough for a me. The day I took pheras with you, it’s my oath to love you whole heartedly. But somewhere my mind was in dilemma whether you take this marriage seriously. I got answer for my question swara. Very soon I will open out my love to you”. Swara started to search him to make him drink his class.

She is moving backwards turning her head left to right and right to left. She is stopped by a wall but it was soft. “So you are searching to make him drink”. Swara still searching, “Yes. He must drink it and dance on…”. She realised and turned in shock that who came to know her plan. Obviously it’s sanskar. Shocked swara don’t know what to reply. She makes child faces and about to run. Sanskar holds her hand,”I was thinking why this cat is hiding like it drank protected milk”. Swara is showing her teeth. I saw you when you were asking the waiter to make me second glass of cocktail”. Swara pointing behind him,”your mom is calling”. Sanskar, “Good trick but didn’t work now. Better luck next time.  She is turning her wrist to make him lose his grip. “Jiju, didi why don’t you go to your room and romance. Swasan embarrassed seeing RagLak. Sanskar left her. She ran like a rat released from it trap cage. Laksh, “Bhai I want to say you something. I and ragini are in love. Plz get permission from papa and ma. Plzz plzz bhai”. He pleaded like a school boy. Ragini stood shyingly. Sanskar started to laugh, “We all know this in our marriage itself. All are ready to get you both married. We paused its discussion till you both say it to us”. Laksh hugged in happiness. “You are the Best Bhai in the whole world”. Sanskar, “This is December month baba. Already it’s chill. I can’t bear more ice”. Laksh pinching his throat, “No bhai. True”. “I’m seeing you from birth baba”. Laksh smiles and look down.

Swara : You have to implement my idea coz it is my…..
Sanskar : You said it enough number of times.
Swara : Still you didn’t get
Sanskar : Ok fine then you take charge of it. I ll handover this to you
Swara (I can’t let him go away like this. I have to win my challenge and prove myself superior than him) : I will prove you are not that much worthy and let you down
Sanskar smiling: Thank you. Swara with frustration go to her cabin. “I have to go to ria’s cabin and change the ideas and quotations”. She secretly enters her room and look into system files. She is suprised too see a tabular document which points out boon and bane of both swasan ideas. All advantages are noted separated and made as new idea. Swara with smile, “He is ok”. She turns and bumps to sanskar. She nervously looked down the floor. Sanskar. “So madam what are you doing her”. Swara,”I I I am ch checking whether all files are right”. Sanskar with smile, “I believed. Seriously”. She looked at him like a baby did mistakes (no smile). Swara,”Gimme way. I have to go”. Sanskar, “why are you gonna bump into this wall”. By saying it he moved and showed behind him. It is wall of the cabin. “Move to your right and go out”. Swara,”haan haan I know I was just checking whether you go to know about architecture of the building. Hhhmm”. Sanskar smiled at her when she left the room.

Sanskar: So shall we have lunch?? Sit here
Swara: Do you think I will have lunch with a person like you. I’m Swara Gadodia. Owner of MNC. Not a 20×20 petty shop.
Sanskar : Over??? U sit or stand. I don’t care. I am going to eat.
When sanskar stood to take the box of channa masala, swara moved his chair back. Swara (when he sits he will fall down) laughs. Sanskar after putting it in his plate, sat. Actually he is sitting in air like assuming that there is chair. Swara shocked and bent down to check how he is in sitting position. She stood up and made faces. Sanskar,”Now can you drag that chair?”. She dragged, placed it to make him sit. She left upset. Sanskar laughed,”I know what all you will do”.

@RagLak engagement
Swara fuming in alone,”I will show you who I am”. Sanskar, “Get a mirror to show. What’s the big deal?”. Swara, “Hahaa.. very funny”. Sanskar, “Thank you thank you..”. Both left in opp direction. In hall all are preparing for the engagement. Sujatha,”Sanskar have tea”. Swara stops sujatha and gives her cup,”He likes only my preparation aunty ji”. Sankar drank it and spit it immediately. Sujatha worried and asked,”what happened sanskar?”. Swara,”He is such a sweet person nah aunty ji. So I gave him more sugar(salt)”. Sanskar is angry and swara left smiling wickedly.
Ragini and Laksh make each other to wear their rings. Laksh with wicked smile:(soon I’m a multi millionaire). Ragini with happy smile :(Gonna be with laksh always).
Swara by mistake drank cocktail instead of mocktail. She asked DJ to play Chikini chameli and started to dance without senses. Maheshwari family felt awkward. Sujatha,”I never wanted this kind of bahu”. Ap,”Sujatha calm down”. Sujatha,”jiji but see her..”. Sanskar feels the tense of his family.

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  1. aswesome, being swara fan, I always wanted to see her in this role and u did this.. tq,, I enjoyed a lot… swara, she is just perfect in every character.. arrogant.. proud.. love her and ur ff..

    1. Thanks a lot sumi. Yeah swara is tooo cute. She can take up any character.

  2. Omg swaras character no it’s nt at all gd bt i hp u wll change it soon nd hy is laksh is a bad gy???

    1. Both will change in next chapter

    1. Thank you devi

    1. Thank you akku

  3. I like swasan nok-jok it’s awesome but lucky intention is nt good
    Plz don’t separate raglak

    1. RagLak will be united in next epi dr. Thank you ☺

    1. Thank you jiya ☺

  4. awesome one yar..honestly speaking i don’t like ur 1st ch that much..but i was a fan of ur previous ff so thought to read atleast 2-3 epi n then decide whether to follow or not..but after this epi..my point of view has changed..i am surly going to read ur this ff also..superb epi..keep it up dear

    1. Thank you soooo much niti. Thanks a lot for keeping hope in me. Just thought to swara in different angle dear. We have seen all others in negative role. That’s y for a change ☺ this is a vry short ff dear. Only 2 more episodes

  5. wts laksh wants

    bt i liked swara character so much..

    1. He wants a luxurious lavish life.
      Thank you so much. Many hated her in tis way. Bt u liked. Thanks a lot

  6. Happy to see you Tara. I was a silent reader and big fan of your previous fiction. You really write so well. Love you loads and all the best for your fiction.

    1. Aweee ? thank you sooooo much harini. Thanks for liking my last ff also. I’m so overwhelmed ???? thanks a lot. Luv u loads dear.

  7. Really nice…I liked your previous ff also and in this ff swara is damn cute..

    1. Thank you soo much shabrin. Thanks a lot 4 ur suprt throughout my writing

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