Swaragini Twinkling Love (Star-1)

Its me Tara back with a new Fan Fiction. Thank you so much my dear swaraginianzz for liking and supporting me throughout my last FF. I got an idea and thought to write short story. I don’t have any idea how it gonna be continued but it ll be with lesser no. of epis. Fan fiction writers you are really doing a good job. Bringing all fun love emotion everything as an entertainment package. U all entertain more than actual serial. Superb guyz…
Dear teja, I don’t know whether you read this or not. U commented on saba’s FF and I replied there but here also I say. Many of FF writers here are so talented. You know I read mostly all while travelling or while walking. So I find hard to cmnt if I like also. Even if I don’t cmnt also I read all FFs here. But I assure that I try to cmnt on all ffs. Thanks dear for mentioning me there..

GUYZ … chars are same as serial but intensity, dimensions differ. It will be same characters but with different character. Hope you get my point frnz.. I ll start directly.

Dazzling room with mini lights handing all over the ceiling above his head. Can’t find these many kinds of flowers in bouquet shop even. White marbles below his feet didn’t allow him to touch it as blue carpet got that chance. Creamy paint over the walls make it more romantic. Baby pink couch to his left has red heart pillows in penta group. Brown cupboards attached to the wall though didn’t get his attention, glass window touching from ceiling to floor attracted him to view the entire city at night. Bright light of the room is in off mode but the orange lamp is made to iluminate the room. He wished to take a nap on the bed without even noticing it’s grandness.. a sky blue bed cover having navy blue pillows at it’s head is carrying rose petals. He doesn’t want to pay attention to this. He is not mesmeried with the elegancy of the room. It’s not because of his tiredness but of his nature. Simple family loving guy. His thoughts is all about missing his family. He barely think where he is. When he step towards the decorated bed surrounded by hanging flowers from ceiling he looks up to hear the voice of girl, “How about tonight ???” with the wicked victorious smile. He doesn’t wana utter anything to her. He is about touch the pillow but paused by same voice, “If you don’t want to share my bed with me ,MY BED WITH ME, you can rest on this couch. It doesn’t matter to me much”. HE with teasing fake smile, “You though I am gonna lay on this. Actually I was about to pick this pillow and lay on ground. But thanks for permitting to bed on this couch”. She doesn’t show any interest to his talk. She picked clothes, went to washroom, had put herself into a white sleeveless night dress. All while he set his bed for him and lied to rest making himself in a comfortable position. She gave a victorious look at him and went under her blanket.
Though it’s not a happy night but peaceful night.

Next day morning sun woke up so early to see newly wedded couple but got disappointed to see them asleep. They both were disturbed by the voice of outsider and the knocking sound ,”Didi, Jiju come out. All are waiting for you. Wake up and get ready.Didiiiii… jijuuuuu”. Shouting sound irritated and made them to get up. When he went to open washroom, she held its handle. He is annoyed. “This is my house. My room. My washroom. You should be always behind me. Got it ??”. Saying it she entered. He sat on the couch thinking about his family. In mind, “Bade papa nd papa would have gone to shop. Don’t know whether they checked the stock. Today it must have reached from Khurana textiles. Bade ma should have taken tablet by now. Mom will be behind uttara to make her eat. And this la..”. He is interrupted by opening door sound. She with bath dress sitting in front of mirror says, “You may go now”. He quietly went to take bath and got ready. She is wearing a long pink orange anarkali chudi with grand work. He is wearing a blue jean and white t-shirt with blue stripes. “You must groom yourself. This look will not suit the face of GADODIA GARMENTS’ CEO.” “I will be what I’m”. “Uff”. Both head towards dinning table in ground floor.
“Hiii shekar” She hugged him. “Haa my darling princess swara beta”. He too hugged her. “Atleast now call him as papa”. Shekar,”Shomi…” Swara,”before 10 yrs also ok . After 10 yrs also ok. Now also ok. He is my dad. I’m his daughter Nothing gonna be changed. I ll call him as usual”. Shomi, “atleast infront of your husband”. “It’s ok mom. Nothing wrong. It’s their bond and love.” He bends down to take their blessings. Shekar and Shomi keeps their hand on his head, “May you both be blessed with immense happiness sanskar beta”. Shomi, “learn from him atleast”. Swara is not interested to rly her. Shekar,”Sanskar I informed manager to introduce you to all staffs. Evening we have party to launch you in this business market.” Swara,”Shekar No need such grand intro to his face”. Shomi angrily, “Swara be quiet”. Shekar,” why are you scolding her. She is not wrong. As he is also not from such background, he will be uncomfortable in such parties. That’s what she meant to say”. Shomi,”Stop supporting her for wrong things”. She goes. Sanskar, “Shall I call my family also ?”. Shekar after thinking, “Ok. Teach them how to behave in such parties. I have work now. U have to go alone or ask swara to accompany you as it’s ur first day in office”. Sanskar, “Thank you uncle. By the way, I need not teach them how to behave in parties because they have basic manners of knowing how to respect others and not to do anything to hurt others.” He smiles. Shekar swara look at each other. Shekar,” All the best. For your first day”. He leaves. Sanskar,”I can manage alone”. Swara,”I didn’t ask your opinion. Just accompany me”

At entrance of the office :
Swara with proud, “Close your mouth. This is just one of our branch. The smallest of all” . Sanskar with teasing smile, ‘I never wonder at height and width of buildings’. Swara, “Your 20×20 shop is less than our watchman’s room.” Sanskar, “Our shop is not your watchman”. Swara, “Do you think you can manage our big business all of sudden”. Sanskar, ” Its not about size. It’s al about idea and work”. Swara, “it’s a challenge. I ll make you lose in every atmpt”. Sanskar, “I love challenges. If not it ll be boring. But you forgot it’s not my loss. Your so called business loss. Its ok. Now as I am going to handle, I ll never let it down.” Swara, “I ll prove I’m the best”. Sanskar, “Very good. All the best.”. They both head towards their cabins after his intro to staffs.

Precap : Evening Party.

Credit to: Tara


  1. Akshatha

    Hyyyyyy y u did ths plzzz swara shld b alwys nce 4 evry1 nd 4 my fav sanky plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. aashi

    it seems like u hav changed the financial status of both families…bt it appears like shekhar is taunting sanskaar for his family…..hope so some hidden past nahh!!!!! swara got some attitude…. sanskaar a good business person. …sharmishtha was like a wise mom n good wife…bt a nice start ….well dear can uhh tell me which was your previous ff…. I dont know about it as m new over hear….confused btw all ff…bt yr starting was really very good. ..how u describe a pleasant night…..eagerly waiting for next part

    • Tara

      Thank you so much aashi. Yeah exactly it’s d content. This will be a vry short fiction. Soon I will reveal. My past ff is Swaragini Heart beatz Freeze. Thanks a lot dear once again

  3. TEJA

    Don’t take me bad dear. I just felt like if you comment then they get boosted by it. That’s all. I really didn’t mean to hurt you.

    • Tara

      No dear not at all. I really like it actually. I loved that you mentioned me there. U guyz and ur cmnts will never hurt me ?? I understand dear

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