Swaragini Twinkling Love ( Last Star-4)


I dedicate this last episode to Chennai, Cuddalore Flood Victims and it’s a tribute to the Volunteers. Hats off volunteers and Indian Army All scenes before confession in Kolkata had happened in real.

Only a little change. Trip is not to shimla but to Azhapuzha in Kerala.

Previous epi : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-twinkling-love-star-3/

SwaSan RagLak got into the flight. RagLak share some cute moments. Sanskar lovingly,”Do you wish to have something”. Swara,”No I’m neither hungry nor thirsty”. Swara continued watching floating clouds forming different structures. No white scares could be seen above the flight. Waves of Bay of Bengal is still invisible under the foaming clouds. It2a silent journey. Ragini rested on laksh’s shoulders. The calmness in the journey is disturbed by the voice of air hostess. Not only disturbed but annoyed and worried the passengers.

Air hostess : Due to bad weather we can’t continue travelling and have paused this flight for time being. This flight will be landed in chennai airport in few minutes. We kindly request the passengers to fasten their seat belts.  We sincerely apologise you for the inconvenience.
Passengers started to murmur but convinced themselves it will be an hour delay.
Swara closed her eyes and held sanskar’s hand which is placed on the arms of seat while landing. Passengers went restless due to over delay. They were all escorted to inside the airport.
Swara lost patience : How long will they take? It’s already night 8.
Sanskar : It raining heavily outside. They won’t get signals and also run way is flooded with water
After sometime
Ragini : They announced flights are cancelled. We will stay in some hotel here.
Laksh : Do you have any idea how it’s outside? We can’t step out anywhere. We have to stay in airport.
Swara shocked : What ??? In airport?? How will we stay here? Don’t talk stupidly.
Sanskar : Laksh is right. Swara you have to adjust in these type of situations. I will lay the towel U lie on it.
Swara : What ??? I have to lie on the floor? No way. Laksh hire some taxi. We will go out.
Ragini : Try to understand. Atleast sit and rest. Swara is annoyed to thr core.
It’s next day.
Swara : I can’t adjust anymore. I ready to pay lakhs. Don’t want to stay here anymore.
Sanskar : you can’t even imagine how it’s outside. After 30hrs of continuous rain chennai is completely flooded. You know what ? It didn’t even stop or reduced its intensity in these 30 hrs. Flights, trains have been completely stopped. Road transports is totally blocked.
Swara : I don’t care.
Sanskar in very much anger : Ok fine. All take your bags and come out. We will do somethings.
4 are walking in 4 feet water carrying their bags.

Swara : yuck.. dirty water.
Ragini : enough di. Look all others. They are also suffering.
They see a shop nearby and ask for drinking water and bread.
Shop owner : Sorry mam, we don’t have any stock.
Swara : see I will give the money you ask. I need now.
Shop owner : Mam I’m really sorry. Roads are completely blocked. All shops are closed. They is no way to bring stuffs to shops.
Ragini : Laksh make call to papa and inform him. He will arrange something.
Laksh : Communication is NIL. No towers are working. I can’t make or receive calls or msgs.

Swara : oh god….
Still they are standing in 4 feet water. They come across a boat.
Sanskar : Bhaiya is there any place to go and stay here.
Fisher man : Beta all areas are flooded. It’s still drizzling. You can’t go anywhere.  Take shelter under some shop’s entrance. Those two streets are flooded with 8 feet deep water. Snakes and rats are also surviving in this water. Please go from here as soon as possible.
Sanskar : Bhaiya can you leave us in some dry place. Atleast these two girls.
A volunteer in the boat : Choti we will leave you in a nearby house. It’s small but they have ample of food and they have posted in fb that they are ready to accompany. Swara unwillingly got into the boat and ragini worried for sanskar and laksh.
SanLak : Don’t worry about us. Take these bags with you. We will reach you soon.
Ragini : Bhaiya why it is crowded there ?

Volunteer : there are all group of volunteers from different parts if tamilnadu choti. 1000s of youngsters came up to help the victims. Many are longing for food especially children. FB, Twitter are jammed with helping and need posts.
Swaragini went to that house. It’s really a small house but three woman with big heart.  They thought to help the needy without expecting in return.
Though swara initially disliked but latter swaragini mingled with them. They are overwhelmed by their love to unknown faces. They soon became very close. Swaragini felt them as their relatives. Pregnant woman in that house got delivery pain. She is shouting in pain. For the first time swaragini are seeing someone close to them in pain with no light of rescue. Swaragini are sweating. Doing their best to get her well.
Swara : Ragini get hot water.

Ragini : It’s a severe pain. We need her to take yo hospital. It’s a matter of two lives
Swara : How will we ?? Who will volunteer to help in this situation? All will be caring for themselves. They won’t take effort to come in this flood.
Grandma : Don’t think like that beta. You go upstairs and call them for help.
Swara : they don’t know. How will they help? I ll try. She is very sure that no one will pay heed to her. On terrace she called a man in next building.
Swara : bhaiya plz help us. Pregnant lady got her labor pain.

The man soon got down, swimmed in the 7 feet water, rushed to call the boat in next street and reached them. They took the lady to a nearby high building apartment surrounded by 11 feet water. All the people went to the terrace along with the lady and called for help. They made many posts in twitter and fb. Army helicopter reached there, all signed with thier hands to sign. Helicopter brought to lower level and army men got down and took her with them. She delivered a hindu girl baby and they named her the name of muslim armyman who saved mother and the child, Younus.
Swara who is dumbstruck by the love of people who helped though they don’t know each other : where intolerance is existing?? She smiled

Grandma to Swaragini : you know beta… we have lakhs of money but it’s of no use now. We are ready to spend  so much but couldn’t do anything. Always nature is powerful than human and humanity is powerful than money. Government hospital is sinked in water. How many births, deaths occur in this 3 days? What will they do now? we can atleast pray for them.
Swaragini is very emotional and disturbed. SanLak reached there next day.
Swara got tears in eyes and hugged him as soon as he entered.
Swara : Sanskar I was very afraid. She touches him everywhere to make sure he is alright.
Swara : you were safe right?? How you both managed?  Why didn’t you come here yest?
Sanskar is happy seeing her concern : nothing happened swara. We say many volunteers from different cities working together. So we thought of helping them. We resided in their camp.
Laksh : Ragini these 3 days is really a lesson for us. Many have lost lives and their living. Lacs of people are going to start their life from scratch. Belongings of riverbank people is completely taken away by the flood. All helped without hesitation. We don’t know other before but we all became friends now. I got soo many friends now. Seriously ragini we are all nothing. I saw many deaths infront of my eyes. I saw very rich people fighting for food.

Sanskar : yes swara. We never helped fishermen before but they are the one who came forward to help many victims. People lost their houses who all paid only 2 months EMI for 20 lacs house. Many lost their identity proofs.
Laksh : atleast after this, people should not be tempted by real-estate business ad and buy house anywhere without knowing its history,  whether it was built on a lake or river. We went against nature. Now nature showed its anger.
Sanskar : Actually sanskar chennai again came with bang just coz of humanity. Unknown people helped each other without thinking their own benefit.
Swaragini : yeah you are right. We saw it.

Next day swasan raglak gone to Kolkata.
In RagLak room :
Laksh lying on his bed : you know I understood what is life after this experience. I saw people worrying for their relatives, helping each other without selfishness, rich became poor within a day, many sufferings. I have never seen life this much serious before.
Ragini sitting beside him caressing his forehead : Atlast love and humanity won. We should teach our children to respect people than money.
Laksh: yes not like me. But ragini.. he turns towards her side and balance himself on his arm : for that we must have children right??
Ragini took her hand, leave to get out from bed. Laksh pulls her over him  and they get intimate ??.

@Shekar Gadodia’s Bungalow.
SwaSan with their bags
Swara : papa plzzz ..
Shekar : but how will I be able….
Shomi stops him : Girls always lighten the place they are. Now it’s her turn to light up her new house.
Shekar Sharmishtha bless swasan with tears.
Swasan reached sanskar’s house. All welcomed them happily.
@swasan room
Sanskar is setting his bed on floor.
Swara : It’s your house. Then also why.
Sanskar : you thought I slept in couch coz that’s ur house. No swara. We needed time. So why.
Swara turning to other side : Sanskar I’m really sorry for what I have done to you previously. I only thought to cut down your male ego but I did many. After chennai trip,  I understood there are many things beyond money. Love, respect, humanity, selfishlessness. I dishonoured you and your family many times. But you always supported me infront of all. I don’t deserve you but I love you whole heartedly. Will you give a second chance ???
Sanskar smiled, hugged her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder.
Sanskar : I know swara. You said this when u were drunk. U are also not less. U took stand 4 me when arguing with madhav. You said my family accepted our marriage bcoz of money. You were wrong. Shekar uncle promised my bade papa and dad that I will be given rich life and future. Bade ma and mom liked your traditional and cultured behaviour, of course you acted. They agreed only for my goodness not for their benefit. Don’t request me swara. Since our wedding I’m loving you. I wished to say it after changing your attitude. When I was confused how to make you realise, nature did it. God did it.
She turned to look him.
Swara with smile : I love you Sanskar
Sanskar: I love you swara. I love you so much.
Both shared a tight hug not giving way for air to pass through. Their hug tightened and broke after few minutes. He is holding around her waist. They were staring each other eyes deeply. Only inches gap between their lips. He moved forward and waited for her acceptance. She understood, she stood on her toes, holding him around his neck, closed her eyes accepting their relation. Both shared a passionate kiss, tasting each others lips. Her fingers running through his hairs. He took her in his arms, placed her on his single cot bed, took his placed beside her,  without breaking the liplock. He took of her apron, caressed her face, neck with his lips. He pulled blanket over them and began their love. ❤??

Thanks for the support. I know many of you didn’t like this FF. Now you may have got why I chose this plot. I just want you all to know what happened in chennai , Cuddalore (affected worst than chennai) which national media didn’t cover much as they covered intolerance. Sad part is many of those who prayed for paris didn’t even know about this natural disaster where number of people lost their lives and livelihood is more than paris. Wished to share my thought that love and humanity is priceless and have more value than money. Of course only swasan raglak characters can portray importance of love very well. Thanks for reading and sorry for disppointing with a boring track.

Many times I don’t get time to reply in comments but I promise I’m reading all the FF. Really writers you are do very very well. Limitless love, choti si pyar, dreamed a dream, swaragini love forever, path hate to love, teenage love, journey frm revenge to love, best friends, solace of love, passionate love, love happens, unexpected time, swasan season-2, swaragini nd geet, love happens, fairy tale, pain of love, heart wants what it wants etc etc…. (sorry guyz I remember only tes many , memory week) I read all tes and you are all talented than swaragini script writers really. Keep on entertaining us.

Thank you all ??

Credit to: Tara

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  1. super

    1. Thank you snehahari ☺

  2. Awesome dear!
    hatts off to volunteers and indian army for their work!
    Thank u for this wonderful story which explain us abt humanity!

    1. And thank u so much for encouraging other writers 🙂

    2. Thank you very veryyy much lucky. To be frank, only humanity brought Chennai, Cuddalore back. This is more a real incident than a story dear.
      You need not say thanks dr. It’s our duty to appreciate d ones who are entertaining us.

  3. Thank u so much tara giving such wonderful epi and ff ur didecation to chennai cuddalore is to hatsoff to u
    I am from tamilnadu cuddalore district and tittakudi taluk in my taluk nearby trichy and boder of cuddalore so rain was less when went to cuddalore i saw disaster i felt bad

    This also because of real estisate business man who make agri field to real estate

    Form here onwands we could encourge a youngters todo agri for improving all std and lives

    1. Ohhhh u are frm cuddalore district ?? Okk dr. Cuddalore is the most flood hit place but media didn’t cover that much. Tis place is prone to heavy rain every yr but still no measures have been taken. National media didn’t give 5% importance they gave to intolerance. Even state media didn’t cover as it covered chennai. Hope cuddalore people return back to their normal life soon.

      Of course dear. 100% we can blame on government and real estate business. Buildings are built illegally occupying river and lake area. In chennai, government buildings are built in such areas. Government itself doing mistake then how will they stop others from doing mistakes.

      Yes its time for youngsters to rise against these corrupt politicians. I know how many buses lorries carried goods basic needs of people from southern districts. 1000s of volunteers came up to help inspite of those sticker boys. Hope something good happen.

  4. Superb thought dear hatts of u

    1. Thanks a lot surbhi. Ur compliments are deserved only by volunteers and Indian Army dear. They did such a gr8 job dear. We can’t even imagine

  5. Very impressive and heart touching story dear.
    Thank you so much for giving us a very valuable lesson of life.
    thank you so much

    1. Thankkkksss a lot dr. I learnt this lesson from nature and from the effects of the disaster. Even during tsunami only sea shore areas got affected. But this time… v r all nothing b4 nature. That’s what I tried to convey and thanks for liking it

  6. each nd every line u mentioed r true yaar….i have experiance it personally……

    1. Thank you leher dear. I can’t think even how it have impacted in lives of people. R u frm chn dr ??

  7. Increduble.i am speechless
    U r ff is really very different and it covered a social issue that too so beautifully.i just loved it.u just rocked.i will miss your ff

    1. I couldn’t even express how much I’m happy. Thank you sooo soo much dear. Thanks a lot needhi. I was worried how will u all take this plot. But …. thank you dr thankk youu

  8. awesome.

    1. Thank you akku ??

  9. Awesome tara miss u

    1. Thank you dear for ur throughout suprt ??

  10. Rlly vry nce epi awsm yar i ws jst in a shck aftr chenais incident bczzz I.am lvng in Karnataka i cn thnk feel bad 4 thm bt i cnt exprc wt actly hppnd ur jst awsm yar vry vry nce…

    1. Thank you so much for liking this ff akshatha. Dear it’s really gr8 that u have known it and felt bad. Many didn’t even know it. Your prayers are enough dr. ??

  11. It was not a boring track it was very interesting track you showed how army man and voluenteers helped the people and also another people

    1. I didn’t expect this much response dear. Since it’s about a social msg, I thought I ll not get that much cmnts nd u ll all feel boring. But I’m totally wrong. U liked this and cmnted suprtng me. Thank you riha

  12. omg..Tara..after reading u r going to dedicate this to Chennai flood victims..i was very happy but i thought u wi show 1-2 moments of that..but i can’t believe yar the way u show..selfless people helping victims..disaster..loss of lives..struggle of people..help of people..mindbloing Tara..i got tears in my eyes..i hv literally pray god for keeping 2 min mum for people who died in this natural disaster after reading ur ff ..n also prayed for people who loss their shelters..its true we can do nothing against nature..

    apart form this swasan raglak moments were very nice yar..i wish u could have continued ur ff yar..at least send them on honeymoon..any ways very good job..after this epi i can say that u r blessed with beautiful an kind heart..tc dear

    1. Love you loads niti. I didn’t expect this much response. I’m dumbstruck dear coz of too much happiness. Thanks a lott.
      Actually dear I couldn’t bring many incidents. Chennai and cuddalore were like totally isolated. They was no way of communicating with them. I couldn’t contact any of relatives there. They totally lost communication for 3 days. They starved. Even if they want help they cudn’t contact like they were in island. No mobile communication, air rail road transport. Old man kept hanging on ceiling fan in one hand and held his dead wife with another hand for 72 hrs. Water was touching to the ceiling. In many area water flooded over to second floor. Politicians didn’t come till water started to deduce. They fed up waiting for officians and started to volunteer themselves. Unknown faces helped each other even in their diff situation. Only humanity survived. If we start talking about this flood, we can continue for 4 days. I saw 10+ crore worth building completely flooded. They were ready to spend money for food, but there was no availability of food. No means of bringing it. Money lost its value completely. They ignored d fact ancient people knowing built those lakes and rivers in those places where there will be heavy rainfall. Buildings were built in its path. Thn where will it flow. It flowed in all places where it can. Whole chennai sank. High bridges completly sank under river. Such a disaster. Govt didn’t officially announce d no. of deaths to save their name. But it exceeded 250.

      Dear ur tears and prayers worth a crore. This needed a big heart. You have it dear. Ur true worry and prayer is valueless. Helly shah prayed for paris but didn’t even post anything about chn floods. People wry 4 forgn country but not for our own. But u cried. That’s more than enough dear.

      Thank you sooo much yaar. I ll try to add it in new ff. Thanks a lot. Luv i loads ?

  13. Heart touching epi.. im only 8th std student n I got tears in my eyes when read it…. I… I am speechless… in our school tradition of speech giving in free period is there..next time.. I will speak on flood of chennai n coddalcore…dont end it plzzz…. plzz dear….

    1. Awe… dear u proved youngsters are the future of India. D way u give importance 2 social cause is……hats off. Thank you soooo much for feeling it more than just reading. Thanks a lot ☺☺ I ll come wid diff ff dear.

  14. Really awesome. ..I want to say that I am not an Indian and it will be simple word but I want to say my whole heartedly support and sympathy towards them who have gone through that phase and may Allah bless them and it’s really nice of u that u described it so nicely…really superb…hats off to u☺

    1. Thank you soooo much shabrin. U may not be Indian but really u r a true human being dear. We owe to u for ur true prayers and blessings. There were people who tried to loot flood relief fund. We can’t even call them as animal. Even animals helped each other. Dog caught kitten in its mouth in d flooded street and safely took it to dry place. Photographs came in paper. Ur true prayers are our blessings. Thanks for liking dear

  15. I am also frm tamilnadu….my neighbour youths all went to Chennai fr the camps…yaar…really these days we felt very emotional ? ….this is called unity in diversity ? luv my india

    1. Many of my frnz too volunteered dr. Though youngsters are blamed fighting for their fav stars, wasting time in fb…. they are the one who helped.. v rock ☺

  16. Hats off to the INDIAN ARMY and the people of CHENNAI AND CUDDDALORE .

    1. Yeah shagun they need a standing ovation and bow. They are really gr8.
      Thanks a lot dr ☺

    1. Thanq vry much jiya ☺

  17. omg..Tara i am from gujarat..i was not having this much of information about this disaster..i hv just read this in news papers..i was very sad after reading the events u specified in ur ff..

    right now..i cant explain u much feelings dear..i was unaware about the events u hv mentioned in ur comment..i was literally shivering while reading ur comment..my tears are not stopping till now..i am feeling myself a poor helpless sole who can not do anything for victims..i want to do something for them but what i can Do is just prey for them..may god give all the strength to the people who r suffering..n send some angels in form of volunteers and donaters romantic help the needy people..

    i hates those people from core who live in India..earn from India but don’t respect our country n just do show off…like srk nd amir khan lso commented about India..mad people still give love them.. helly should also share something on our nations’s problem..

    any ways thank u so much Tara for giving me this much of information regarding this disaster..i am happy that i have communicated nd shared my thoughts with person like u..lots of love to u dear..

    1. n i want to thanks all the people who hv took initiative to help the needy peoples..i am proud of our Indian army and all the volunteers n donaters..may god pay them for their good deeds..

    2. Niti darlng… omgggg.. I’m out of words. Don’t know how to thank you and appreciate you. Dear plz don’t blame yourself. It’s the media that didn’t project these type of news. They focus on nonsense issues instead. Tey want high TRP just by telecasting actors/actresses issue. But dear, u know everything is nothing infront of your love and concern for this people. You don’t know them, u haven’t seen their suffering but still crying for them. I am not exaggerating but it’s true people like you are above god. Your prayers and blessings will support and help many to start their life from scratch dear.. i have just mentioned few out of 1000 incidents like this. Your precious time that u have spnt to read my ff, my cmnts relating these floods and spnt to share ur feelings is chanceless. I don’t know how to express my feelings dear. To be frank maximum of south indians always think north-indians never care about us and national media don’t give imp to us. But still HUMANS like you are only binding our country together. I bow down to you dear

      I completely agree with you niti. Why now those people are fighting for nirbhaya’s justice. They only know to earn money, fool their fans by fake love and cmnt bad about their own country. Still mad fans fight for then. Till people don’t come out of their ignorance nothing will be changed.

      Please pleaseeee don’t say thanks for it. I should actually thank you for taking time to read it. If someone else in ur place, I don’t knw wthr they ll read it r nt. But u shared ur feelings and grief too.

      1 or 2 volunteers lost their lives in helping people dr. May their family blessed with immense happiness for their sacrifice. Thank you so much dear. Love you loads.. luv u dear ?????

  18. Wow
    Very nice description about chennai floods , about love,selfless,helping natures of people ..
    Hope victims recover soin

    1. God will answer our prayers dear. Thajks for liking it. I never know this ff will get this much response. Thank you vry much

  19. Bidding u a goodbye and nice journey ahead.may god bless the souls who lost lives in chennai flood.i am a north indian from uttar pradesh.i really like aamir khan but after the incident of intolerance i have began to hate him.tara even i feel that somewhere the other south indians are being ignored .when cloud burst out in uttarakhand so many celebrities came together and even so many charity shows were organised by them .my school even all schools of u.p. asked students to donate money and even i did but in case of chennai flood no one talked about it charity or help was a far thing but i am really happy to see your efforts to make people aware of what people had gone through.i dont about others but i truly love south indians and i have always prayed for whole indias safety whether south north east or west.big thank u for your ff.hope u will soon come up with new ff and this bond of ours will continue through ff.

    1. Thanks for your wishes dear. I means a lot 2 me. I too liked him when he did satyameve jayate prgm. I thought he s too patriotic. But when he didn’t deny his wife’s opinion and acted like suprtng, I started to hate him. I’m really astonished to know many of northen part of india are ready to help. I’m very veryyyyy happy dear. I’m soooooo happy. I’m going to change my opinion from 2day. Only our love for each other didn’t get exposed till date. But v always care for each others. Proud to be Indian ???? thank you so much for d wishes dear. Thanks a lot for sharing ur love too ?☺?

  20. Tara you are amazing… i dont have words to describe….
    Thank you so much for this FF….
    This flood bring out the humanity of peoples, unity of ppls…
    None is waited for our govt… Many youngsters does volunteer services with their own willing…

    Todays Youth India’s Future.!!
    It was proved…

    Yep.. Harini you’re Right UNITY IN DIVERSITY…
    Volunteers from different region,  indian army, and also some navy helped chennai. Some of volunters died, eventhough no one stop their services… They rescue so many ppls, donate foods…  and also after rain they help us to clean wastages, sewges in many places… many ppl provide shelters and basic needs…

    Group of Hindu boys done delivery of a pregnant Muslim woman at christ place…

    Many Hindu Peoples including women, were allowed to stay in mosques… oncr my muslim frnd told, as per there religious womens are not allowed in mosque… even they allowed hindu womens… likewise in other religious are also allowed people to stay in thr temple…

    No one sae religion, caste, lang, region to help…

    “Madham mozhi jadhigalai kadanthu varuvadhea kadhal…” its a tamil film dialogue…
    Not oly for love it s suitable for humanity…

    I would like to thanks each and everyone for ther help and prayers…

    1. and a big salute to all the volunteers…

    2. Thanks a ton for d appreciation dear. Thanks a lottt ?

      Yes dear. Always i have heard people will run away for their own safety when problems come. They never help each other. But during the flood days and recovering days.. but awe how people helped each other risking their own lives. Youngsters instead of simply sitting and surfing, watching movies came up to help. Not only chennai but many youngsters from othrs parts of TN.
      Sure APJ sir’s soul will be happy to see youth working and helping toghr.

      Your right. I wondered where intolerance existed. Muslim men were preparing food inside the temples, they stood near idols, all mosques kept open for providing shelters, many posted in fb twitter that they can provide shelter for from 2 to 100. They mentioned about the capacity they ll b able to help and mentioned amt of food availability. They acted very selfless. Ya u know very well dear about the Volunteers.
      Religion, selfishness, ego, hatred were disappeared. No religion rituals were followed. They saw each other just as humans.

      I loved the quote or saying u mentioned dear. Humanity and love share it in common.

      Ya along nive, I also mention tons of thankzzzz to all. Thanks a lotttt dear dearrrr frnzzz

  21. hey!!!!! tara r u on fb??????
    n tq fr including my ffs name in urs

    1. U r one of the talented writers dear. Plz don’t mention thanks. Ya I’m using dr

  22. tara..it is simply awesome dear…. u r a gud writrr. .

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