Swaragini (TWILIGHT DIARIES SEASON 2) PROMO 3,4,5 and 6

Twilight Diaries’? Season 2.
Promo No. 3

Forks city…….. The city wid low temperature…. beautiful parks, citizens,responsible cops n investigators…..
But every coin has two sides? Forks…. A city of dead…. City of vampires n werewolves.. In this city there lived two soul mates. .. Sanskaar n Swara…. SWASAN!!??
Swara running n Sanskaar chasing her…. “Swara stop!!” “No my prince!” She smiles n runs. Sanskaar seems worried. She runs ahead n realises she entered into woods. She turns to see Sanskaar….”SANSKAAR!!” She searches him… She hears growl of WereWolf… She gets scared n runs……. “SHONAA! “, she hears. She hears towards the voice n sees Sanskaar, with his back to her. “Sanskaar!!” She runs to him n hugs him from back. He murmurs,” Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake…..” Swara thinks,”But how does Sanskaar know that my Nick name is even Shona!? He is aware of Shoru!” She gets scared n looks on. Camera rolls towards his face. With a evil smile he looks up. ??????????It was a boy with a evil smile. (Parth Samthaan)


Promo 4

Sanskaar n Swara were walking in college.
Swara: Sanskaar……
Sanskaa: say….
Swara: Wat if we revive all r memories back!! I mean all! Like u holding me first time…. Our sweet nokjhoks!!
Sanskaar: We’ll see….. (He smiles.)

Next scene.
Swara standing under tree as usual n reads novel…… She hears some noise n looks for sound source. She looks up n realises the tree about to fall on her.
Swara: (Shouts) SANSKAAR!!!!? (Someone drags her n she shuts her eyes)
Sanskaar: Sanskaar…. I knew u wud save me! I love u so much!!
Sanskaar: Swara!! (She hears Sanskaar’s voice from far away. She opens her eyes n gets shocked to learn that the boy was not Sanskaar! She notices that her bracelet was shinning. She gets up n leaves confused. She keeps staring at Sanskaar.)
Swara:(To herself) I wanted all memories to be re experienced wid Sanskaar! Wats going on!? (She turns n looks at the boy.)
(Boy is Parth Samthaan.)

Promo 5

A boy was standing in front of mirror. His back was seen.

Boy: Yes I’m back! To take my revenge….. I won’t leave u…. But I need to be away wid those Reeds n Special Shona…… I’m coming… be ready! (He smiles evilly n shows his vampire teeth.) (Parth Samthaan.)


Promo 6

Sanskaar: Let’s play hide n seek!
Sanskaar: R u a kid! ?
Swara: Pls Sanakii! !!
Sanskaar:Lol.. k… (She hides in woods n he searches.. She sees someone running speedily n follows. She stands still.)
Swara: was that a vampire!? Or a werewolf!? (Some guy comes in front. He was Parth Samthaan.) Who r u!? I asked who r u!? (He steps ahead. She she backs off. Some other boy comes n holds her from back.Swara feels his cold hand surrounding her waist. She looks at her shinning bracelet n understands that Sanskaar was there.)
Sanskaar : don’t worry…. I’m wid u! (He gives a strong look to The guy. Swara feels better. She looks at the guy. The guy turns n leaves. Swara cuddles him.)
I’m always there for u Shona……. (He turns again n gives an avid smile to Sanskaar. He was Kabir! (Now Karan Wahi. Sanskaar gets shocked on learning that Kabir is roaming wid different face n identity…)
{Guys don’t get confused! Kabir is only one person. .. essayed by 2 Parth n karan. Swara is unaware of The new guy ie Parth to be her Kabir ie. Karan.}

So wud Swara know he is !?n not Sanskaar…!??? Wud she accept him back in her life!? Wud she love him back!? Read to know wat happens… TWILIGHT DIARIES SEASON 2..From 28th March onwards…..N pls read my new short ff
“Swasan – Expecting Baby ?” ☺?

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