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Twilight Diaries’?
Episode 14

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Swara opens her eyes. It was Sumi.
Swara: mom….!!
Sumi: Shona!! U r awake!
Swara: wat is wrong…!?
Sumi: why did u hide from me….!?
Swara: mom wat!? ( She thinks that Sumi came to know about cancer.)
Sumi: that u n Sanskaar were in a relationship… ( Swara relieved.)
Swara: oh!! That…
Sumi: wat did u think!?
Swara: nothing special…..
Sumi: u were complaining about him…. look there (She points in right direction. It was Sanskaar who was sleeping on couch peacefully.) He’s here from the day u were admitted…. He really loves u..
Swara:hmmm……. I was wrong!
Sumi: well, I must say that ur choice is exceedingly superb!!
Swara(laughs) : I know.? ( Sumi kisses her forehead.)
Sumi: Shona, I’ll be back.. ( She leaves. Swara looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar opens his eyes n comes near Swara.)
Swara: u were awake… I knew…
Sanskaar: I’m sorry….. It’s because of me that u r here….
Swara:that’s wat! It’s because of u I’m here….. otherwise I wud have been in church for my funeral!!
Sanskaar: stop it!! Don’t speak about ur death! I have promised u to save… I will never let u die….. It’s my promise..! Do remember it…
Swara: (smiles, who has no hopes of living.) So…. how much did I sleep!?
Sanskaar: for.. 2 days…
Swara: wat!? 2 days I slept!!! Like seriously! !? I’m all surprised now.. but I wud leave u all surprised when ill sleep forever!!
Sanskaar: Not again!!!…… But promise me one thing, u wud never talk of ur illness or about ur death…
Swara:umm…… OK!Provided u promise me to make love before I die!!!
Sanskaar:( to himself) She won’t promise until I do. But I can’t do this, before marriage…. (To Swara ) ok…. but after our graduation…
Swara: but wat if I’ll ….. sorry… I mean ok! (They smile.)
After few days.
(Swara was wearing denim jeans wid white ganji top n denim jacket.)
Swara: ok!?
Sumi: Shona!! We’re going for party!! Not for sports! Be casual!! N not sporty…
Swara: mom; I don’t have any!!! I need to do shopping! I’ve scarcity of clothes. ..
Sumi: scarcity. ….!??? (She gets up n opens her wardrobe room’s door. There were so many clothes. It had all kinds of clothes. From shorts to gowns! She had all brands!?) Is this wat u call scarcity!?? It’s so expensive n so much!!! Wait, I’ll get u something for u. (She enters the closet n comes out wid clothes.)
Swara: pretty! !! I’ll change n come! Thanks mom!! (Swara gets ready n comes. She had wore a silver crop top wid a long skirt of blue colour. She had tied a french braid n long ear rings wid stilettos ?. She looked like a vampire princess?. On the other hand Sanskaar had wore a white shirt n on it was black blazer n had a qatch on wrist⌚?e. Laksh had wore shirt with some text n Ragini flaunted her figure wid a strapless black one piece. Reeds arrived early n then Moore. Sanskaar was mesmerised seeing Swara’s Indian Avatar! He looked heartthrob. Almost all girls were trying to impress him but he was already impressed.)
Eliza: Swara!! Look there! There is a tarot card reader! She is master like me! Let’s go!
Sanskaar: don’t steal her! I’m speaking to her….
Eliza: then speak to urself! Swara let’s go! (She grabs her to the reader. Swara sits n picks a card. The lady gazes it.)
Lady: Ur love will hate u! But… another love will enter n love u the most… Love him back or get ur previous love back…. If u try to get him u will land in danger.. If u move on u r the winner! Choice is yours.. Be prepared!! (Swara hears it n gets shocked. )
Swara : (to herself ) My love will hate me!? N another!? I don’t want options!!! I’m happy wid Sanskaar!!
(She gets up n thinks to tell Sanskaar but stops as she watches him smiling crookedly to her. She melted n her heart beats faster. She forgets everything.)
Swara: ( to herself ) It’s all fake! Tarots r fake! I love u n will always love u! (She smiles n goes to him. Her mom dad gets happy seeing them together. Laksh asks Ragini for dance n she agrees.) Now, it’s all perfect!! Mom, dadda n Nick! Laksh n Rag wud express soon!! Eliza n D’Arcy r always happy n Harry n Arianna r beautiful! Sanskaar loves me so much! So do I !! All is so nice! Like a fairytale! All bads r gone! I won’t die as Sanskaar has promised, n Rag won’t let me die! (Sanskaar reads her smiles.)
Swara: I’m swear prince, if u smile in ur crooked way.. I won’t wait until graduation!! I’ll grab u onto bed! U look impossibly handsome! I’m lucky to have u!!
Sanskaar: Princess, control ur hormones! Mine r in damn control!
Swara: I love u!! (He grabs her closer to kiss but Nick bumps in.)
Nick: Shoru!!
Swara: now wat pooh!?
Nick: u didn’t introduce ur boyfriend to me or me to him!!
Swara: (laughs) ok!! So, Sanskaar, he is Nick. My bro n my 1st boyfriend!! N lil pooh! (She pulls his cheeks) N Nick, he is my boyfriend! Sanskaar Reed n Prince! (She kisses him on his cheeks)
Nick: not fair! 1st bf ko cheeks pull kiya! N 2nd ko kiss!!
Swara: Awww!!! ( She sits on knee n kisses tightly on his cheeks.) Love u!!
Nick: love u!! Ok now I’ll leave! N Samskaar continue…… I know u both were..
Swara: don’t tell mom dadda!! N it’s Sanskaar!! Not Samskaar! (He leaves.)
Sanskaar: He is really sweet….
Swara: hmmm…. even u r!!
Sanskaar: y r u getting so romantic 2day!?
Swara: bas yuhi….( She comes closer n hugs him. ) U will always love me!? Won’t get bored of me!?
Sanskaar: umm….. u r right!
Swara: wat do u mean!?
Sanskaar: just kidding! ( he comes closet n gives her a kiss on lips. She blushes. N hugs him again.)
Swara: love u sooooooooo much! ( After some time she thinks somethingto do for Sanskaar. She goes on stage wid out anyone’s notice.)
Swara: hey ladies n gentlemen!! I’m Swara. ..Swara Horan Moore. Some of u guyz came here n did something for someone…it was nice! N I felt of thanking someone! Yes, the person is the most important part of my life! My soul mate! I wanna tell him wat his existence means to me…. (She looks at Sanskaar.) Sorry girls!! I really don’t know who’s heart I’m gonna hurt….. (to Sanskaar) I love u! (She gives him a flying kiss. He smiles. She takes a guitar n sits. Everyone cheers her. She starts).
Swara: sapna jahan dastak na de, chaukat thi woh aankhein meri…. baton se thi tadaat mein.. khamoshiyan jyadaa meri… Jabse pade tere kadam…. chalne lagi duniya meri… Mere dil mein jagah khali thi… dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hain…. main bhatak ta huaa sa ek badaal hoon…… Jo tere asmaan pe aake thehra hain….. (She looks at Sanskaar.) Tu rooh hain to mein kaaya banu… taa umrah mein teri sayaan banu… Tu saaz hain.. main Ragini… (Ragini smiles.) Tu raat hain mein chandni… Mere dil mein jagah khuda ki khali thi. Dekha wahan pe aaj tere chehra hain….. Main bhatak ta huaa sa ek badaal hoon….. jo tere asmaan pe aake thehra hain…. ( She ends. Everyone applauds her. ) I know the song was Hindi… coz I’m not so fond of English songs… Thanks!!☺ Now u can continue! Ragini… Laksh.. continue!! (She taunts playfully. Ragini blushes.)
Laksh: continue…!?
Ragini: sure!! (Sanskaar signs Swara to come out. He moves out n so does she. Sanskaar stops. Swara comes in front.)
Swara: u called me!?
Sanskaar: u love hindi songs..!??
Swara: Yes. ..
Sanskaar: that was really nice…!?☺ Now it’s my turn! But I’ll play song ..! (She nods. He keeps his phone on a table n plays…. He comes near n asks her for dance. She holds his hand n nods. He grabs her near n they dance. )
Song: Tenu Itna main pyaar kara… ek pal vich 100 bar kara… tu jaye je mainu chhad ke.. maut da intezaar kara.. ke tere liye duniya chhod di hain tujh pe hi saans aake ruke main tujh ko kitna chahta hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake…(It starts raining. Swara gets happy n catches his hand n drags him in rain. She dances like a kid. He keeps looking at his princess ….)
Song: kuch bhi nahi hain ye jahan tu.. hain to hain is mein zindagi. … (She asks him to dance.) Ab muzhko jaana hain kahan ke.. tu hi safari hain akhari… Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin (Swara does lipsing) na dena kabhi muzhko tu fasale. Main tujh ko kitna chahti hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake… (Sanskaar gets happy n drags her near. They share eyelock. He picks up her in bridal style. Swara does lipsing.)
Aankhon ke hain ye khwahishein … Ke.. chehra se tere na hatein ….. (She rubs her nose to his in childish manner , still in his arms. Both of them r wet.) Neendon mein meri bas tere…khwaabon ne li hain karwatein ..
( Sanskaar sings. Swara rests on his shoulder while still in his arms.)
Sanskaar: ki teri ore muzhko leke Chale ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste main tujhko kitna chahta hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake….Tere liye duniya chhod di hain tujhpe hi saans aake ruke. Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake…. (Music plays n he puts her down. He drags her more closer n presses his lips against her. She holds her hands on his neck n his hands around her waist. He pulls her more near n so does she. None of both were ready to break off the kiss.They were all indulged though it’s raining ! !??)

Someone was standing on a cliff n watching both of them.
Person: main tujhko kitna chahta hoon ye tu kabhi soch na sake…
He turns around n scene freezes…..
Here our Season 1 ends guys!!! Hope u liked it! The journey was awesome! Meet u next month on same date at night wid season 2 episode 1…. Wish me best luck for my boards.. N best luck to u too?.
N I wud post another 2 FFs. Currently I’m posting one more ff Swasan – Expecting Baby ?. DO read it. The plot of one ff wud be Past n present life of RagSan n Swasan… In which Swara might be negative n No Laksh!? N second ff wud be based on Swasan n Raglak, their married life while college life! ? So bye… I’ll miss u!???

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