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Hii it’s Duggu..I’m writing a FF on the serial Swaragini. The story is all fiction and set in Forks,Washington,US. Yes u guessed right….. It’s inspired from Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire series. I will post One part each week. Don’t bash it’s my 10th….. I will give the intro first….
She is beautiful n a sweetheart. She is daughter of divorced parents Shekhar’s n Sumi (Elena). She suffers insomnia. She hates Shekhar’s wife Janki….
LAKSH (LUCKY): He is handsome and cool guy.. Lives in Mumbai alone n his Granny in Forks.

SANSKAAR (AARON REED): He is charming n too hot to handle! He is irked wid girls except his sis n mom. He is a mysterious guy.N heartthrob of college.
RAGINI (JANE REED): She is gorgeous n elder sis of Aaron. She too is mysterious n single..
UTTARA (ELIZA): She is sis of A ron n Jane. She is sweet but even short tempered at times.
ADARSH (DARCY): He is boyfriend of Eliza n a Reed.
NICK MOORE: He is 7 n bro of Irina who is 17.. He loves his sis a lot n can do anything for her. He is naughty n calls her Shoru n is huge fan of Sherlock Holmes.
HORAN: A big industrials of Washington. He loves his daughter Irina a lot. He wants a guy who would would make her dream dreams?.
ELENA (SUMI): wife of HORAN n mom of Nick n Irina.
ARIANNA (SUJATA):She is beautiful n Second head of Reed family.
HARRY (R.P): He handsome n head of Reed. He is doctor by profession n visits his kid’s high school often.
KEVIN:He is best ie of Irina. Handsome n 16.

Credit to: Duggu

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  1. Wowww yaar nice

    1. Thanks a lot. N do read the 1st part of Twilight Diaries Season1chp1.Pls keep commenting n if any doubts or querries comment or send me a friend request onFB n message me.
      Loads of love- Duggu♥

  2. Hey duggu nice start but don’t use these name Irina nd Jane Aaron it will be too confusing so plz use serial name nd from what disease swara is suffering I don’t know about that disease

    1. Insomnia is a disease in which people dont sleep or sleep less.
      Loads of love-Duggu♥

  3. Wowwwwwwwww… Don’t have words to explain my happinesssss…. Plzzzzz upload regularly…. Plzzzz

    1. Thnks well that was also my condition when this story hit my mind.
      Loads of love-Duggu♥

  4. Nice and ya don’t use Elena becoz it will create confusion otherwise its nice

  5. Quite different! Really nice but I think I will get confused in future because of names

    1. Thanks for commenting I will clear ur doubts in part1
      Loads of love-Duggu♥

  6. Superb yr

  7. I read more than 2 times to remember the names… plzz give their own name… and story is awesome go on..

    1. I know the r difficult. But Indian names in Forks doesnt suits…… And I will introduce the new names in each part…. thanks.
      Loads of love-Duggu♥

  8. Introduction superb

    1. It’s just an intro n real story is pending!!!!
      Loads of love – Duggu ♡

  9. Really nice but can u please write the serial names coz it will be confusing later otherwise it seems really interesting

    1. Thank you??

  10. wow its too nice

    1. Thank youMSD

  11. It’s superb. Well I don’t this Moor and jane. But the story is very nice. I’m very excited for the next epsiode.

    1. Thanks
      Loads of love- Duggu ♡

  12. Nice story….it’s really good. Keep up the work and best of luck ??

    1. Thas a lot. .
      Loads of love -Duggu♡

  13. Its ny Duggu i think like u

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