Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 8

Yipeeeeeee!! I’m damn happy today! Know why!? I saw instagram post of DR n Vin!! I’m happy about DO working in XXX wid Vin!??
I hope u wud like this short n sweet episode. This episode has a part which is related to Vampire Diaries’ Elena’s fall n Stefan’s catch…. Enjoy…
Morning, Meadow.
(Sanskaar is already woke up. Swara was still asleep on his chest. Swara got up. She realise she was sleeping.)
Swara: I slept…!?
Sanskaar: Yes. … U r fine now. …
Swara: Yes almost…
Sanskaar: Ok.. bye I shall go…..
Swara: Bye.. SHE smiles in his crooked way which makes her heart beat fast. She comes in her home.)
Horan: where were u…!?
Swara: Dadda… I’m all fine..! I was in our meadow… I slept n Sanskaar was wid me.
Sumi: ok.. u go n freshen up…. Nick is ready……
( Some days pass… Swara feels now perfect. One day when she was in her room she noticed a bracelet)
Swara: who’s is this!?? (She picks up n realises it’s the same one which had fallen on her first day. She finds a logo on that….)
Swara: I’ve seen this logo somewhere…!!Yes… On the hoods of those black hooded beings!!!! But this is Sanskaar’s!!! (She suspects a bit. …)
Come on Swara!! He is Sanskaar! U trust him a lot. … He won’t hide anything unless it’s too serious…. ( Horan calls her.)
Horan: Shona… It’s 24th December…
Swara: I know so….
Sumi: Shona 2moro it’s Christmas
Nick: Christmas!!! Shoru u will come wid us..!?
Nick: Sanskaar is also coming…
Swara: Yes. .. I will come… (She smiles. Next day arrives.)

(Sujata- Arianna &R.P-Harry.)
Arianna- Sanskaar how can u lose ur bracelet!!!
Harry: it is so very important…!
Sanskaar : I didn’t did purposely!!
Ragini: Mom, dad… don’t worry.. We will try to get it back….
(It’s night. The party was arranged on beach. There was a church near beach which had about 100 stairs.All guests arrive at the party. Swara, Sanskaar,Ragini n Laksh sit near bar. All of them have drinks. )
Anchor: So ladies n gentlemen…. It’s 8:45! N as u might know 9 is really special..
Swara: Ragini, wat is so special at 9!??
Ragini: it’s a belief that if u stay close or rather closer to someone n when it strikes 9 it’s said that the same person wud be wid us forever…
Swara: it’s like 12 at New Year…. I believe it…. (Swara looks at Sanskaar. Laksh asks Ragini to dance wid him. She agrees willingly. They have dance.)
Swara: It’s 8:50….
Sanskaar: so…. I think I shud go to my sis…
Swara: u stay here…..
Sanskaar: but I don’t want to stay wid u forever…..(Swara gets angry n disheartened. She gets up asks for beer bottle. She takes the bottle n moves out in anger. Sanskaar, Ragini n Laksh watch that. They rush to her. No on e else notice her. She climbs the stairs n sits on the top stair. She starts drinking. Sanskaar shouts.)
Sanskaar: SWARA!!? Get down!!Ur drunk.
Swara: I don’t wanna come…..
Ragini: Swara… pls come down…
Laksh: Or else I’ll come up!!!
Swara: Please don’t. …. (She stands up n was unable to balance herself. She was all drunken. She catches the side wall. Sanskaar gets restless .)
Sanskaar: I said come down… I wanna spend all my life wid u…. ( While he was speaking she sat on the sidewall. She was not on her senses. She was about to fall off. But balances.)
Sanskaar: Swara!!!…..
Swara:I’m fine…!!! I wanna jump off…. shall I! ?
Sanskaar: ur bl**dy hilarious!!!
Swara: thank you….. ( She slips n falls off.)
Swara: Aaaaaaa aaaaaaa. ………. ( She shuts her eyes.)
Sanskaar: Swara….. ( She was able to hear him….)
Swara:(to herself) I’m alive..!?? (She realises she is in someone’s arms. She opens her eyes n clock strikes 9!!!)
Anchor: it’s 9!! ( She comes on her senses.)
Swara: thanks. ..(He puts her down.She was all confused and walks…. Meanwhile Laksh stares shockingly at Sanskaar. Swara reaches the point where Sanskaar was standing while she fell. She realised it took almost a min to reach there….)
Swara: wat!? I fell off within hardly seconds. When I walked normally I took 1 min. If I had ran maximum half min…. So how did Sanskaar caught me!!???? How did he reach me so early!! It’s impossible!! (She turns back to him.She watches him shockingly…Ragini runs to Sanskaar.)
Ragini: She understood..!!

Sanskaar: I know. … even Laksh did….We r all gone…To the bro sis move to Swara. )
Swara: Sanskaar…. how did u do it!?(Sanskaar was all shattered n confused…. Ragini was also a bit confused.)
Laksh: Sanskaar u r a……
Ragini: Saviour of Swara.. (Ragini cuts off Laksh.) U always protect her. Swara, didn’t I had told that Sanskaar is an athlete! He is a great runner!
Swara: is it….!? (Swara showed to believe. But she didn’t. To herself ) She is trying to fool u…. Swara not now…. After u reach at home…. Swara not even a single word.. (Swara leaves n joins the party.)

(N YES, don’t forget there two things, it wud be hints for the question which wud be really difficult to solve n wud leave u in suspense…
1)Swara’s bracelet shines only when she is wid 2 people. … (Sanskaar n Kabir)
2)In 2day’s episode, Swara was wid Sanskaar at 9. But she even below the stars… N star is…Kabir. Shattered!? Nah!! So think.. who wud be forever wid her…? or she alone…☺COMMENT!! COMMENT!! COMMENT!!
Recap (Next Weekends): Search. … Rose… “I hate myself…how can I love u….!?”………A kiss? ?✌N Swara’s bitter truth out….Wat’s the truth…!???

Credit to: Duggu


  1. Bella

    The episode was amazing… why do you keep us in so much suspense??..can’t wait omg…you write so well..today’s update was marvelous and fabulous..bye and take care

  2. Annie

    I too loved vampire diaries actually I am crazy about vampires and I have read all the famous ones and the vampire diaries are one of them by the way whom u liked more Stefan or Damon

  3. advikaa

    in d original series elena and stefan break up! but pls dont seprate swasan pls
    and ur story is going good! waiting for nxt update

  4. Likhitha

    Hey!!! Today I just reached home a few minutes back after a long outing this weekend…. And the first thing that I did after coming home was reading this ff…..Seriously I’m addicted to it…..U drive me crazy with this ff……I just loved it…..u r an amazing writer…….Damn amazing writer……U know ? I just go into some other imaginary world while reading this…and come back to my senses when I see that precap thing…hahaha…Epi was fantastic….

  5. Likhitha

    And from all that I know till now, I guess swara is going to be with sanskar….Becoz swara’s true love is sanskar only( two reasons- bracelet shines and she was with him at 9) and coming to kabir… yes that bracelet shined may be bcoz he might have loved her truly also he gave her the rosary….but he is dead now…And I think he is a werewolf too like laksh…..And may be he was dead becoz sanskar hit him….don’t know exactly…Waiting for the secrets to be revealed….And I have no idea regarding swara’s bitter truth(as u said) 😉 Have to wait till next week… 🙁

  6. Likhitha

    Wait!!!!! Bitter truth as in her disease ????????????? (I’m shocked now) So I guess inorder to save her they would turn her into a vampire!!!!!!!!!! Is that so ??????? God I cannot wait…See Even after commenting twice today I am still thinking about this only…..What to do!! Ur story is that awesome!!

  7. Your ff is just superb dear….till now i was a silent reader but see your ff’s magic…i m here to comment…i loved to read stories and fictions about vampires…your ff is my fav. one…keep writing and stay happy dear….luv u 🙂

  8. Misha

    The episode was really good…read your story the first time and it’s bl**dy amazing…I’m already addicted to it..take care and if you want you can check out my ff hope you will like it its ” the masquerade”…bye and take care dear

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