Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 7

Wat is wrong with Swara will be disclosed soon…. N yes the sentences inside [….]
Are spoken in mind.. don’t get confused n enjoy reading…
( Swara gets up after a weepy night. She looked like a red tomato… )
Swara: NO!! U can’t carry on any relations…..! You just cannot…. But I cannot get rid off relations… mom,dad,bro,Kabir…… N Sanskaar…. I can’t carry on wid him…. I’m sorry.. I’ve a reason… !! ( Swara n Nick were dropped to school by Horan. Sanskaar meets Swara..)
Sanskaar: Good morning… All fine.!?
Swara: all fine.. Morning!! Wat if I say I cannot handle u..
Sanskaar: I can handle myself! !

Swara: wat if I cannot carry on..
Sanskaar: I trust u…
Swara: wat if I’m not the healthy friend!! But a diseased one…
Sanskaar: we both can tackle insomnia….
Swara:wat if I leave u alone…..
Sanskaar: I’ll bring u back..!!
Swara: N wat if I’m hiding something wid u…..
Sanskaar: even do I hide……(Sanskaar notices a bandage o Swara’s neck..!!?)
Swara: nothing…!!( She says confusingly. She feels unusual throat… As if she is thirsty….) ( She goes in café where all her friends including Reeds ‘ were there.)
Ragini: hey.. hi!!
Swara: hi!! Howz u..!!???
Ragini: Fine.. N u say..!!
Swara: all fine…. (Laksh eyes at bandage. He asks nothing about it… They sit.)
Janny: guyz do u know we hv to attend prom in next week!!
Oliver: so….
Angie: so we wanna go shopping..
Swara: hey, I luv shopping! ! I’ll join u… who else would..!?( Ragini was about to but Sanskaar signs her to keep quite. Laksh thinks….)

Laksh: Y today…!? Today it’s full moon! Don’t know if dad wud allow… certainly not.. shoot! ( They decide n go… Swara buys some of clothes n hands it over to Ben. She goes to another shop rather Crossword to buy books….. Swara buys a book which was based on history of Forks… it was night.. She had never been to La Push. So she on her GPS. She got a call from Angie telling her to return soon. Swara finds a route through woods again! She decides to enter n does enter… While walking she heard someone..)
Voice: Prey…prey….prey…. ( She got goosebumps n turned to see some beings in black hood. They headed towards her…. She tried to run away.. but realised a dozen of eye balls ahead her. Again wolves.. She got all scared she took back steps… Suddenly someone caught her from back… She turned n realised it to be the black hooded. She screamed.. She saw reflection of herself in one wolf’s eyes. The wolf didn’t seemed harmful. He headed. She closed her eyes n opened after a while…. All those hooded beings were vanished she found one wolf standing. She got shivered but realised it was the same one. She found something unusual in it. The wolf stared at her…. She noticed that she had seen being’s logo earlier. She wanted to recollect but all that incident didn’t allow her. She ran from there. She exited the woods at once. She called Angie. But got to know that they had already left La Push! ! She was helpless so started walking idle. She felt the place unsafe n thought to back off but the goons chased her. They said all cheap lines n jokes. One of them even held her arm.)
Goon: where r u going dear…..( Swara doesn’t pay attention but tried to escape but another one got hold of her. She was all helpless n was shattered as she never had experienced such situation. She mustered courage.)
Swara: leave me…..!!!!

Goons: oh so you feel we wud leave u… wid out a gift. … ( They left her. She was about to run but goon held her tightly. Her arm started paining… )
Swara : SANSKAAR!! (She yelled. N she was left..! She turned back n saw Sanskaar! But he seemed angry n fiery eyed. His eyes colour was all red. He caught her wrist n dragged to his car.)
Swara: u can’t even contact me?!!! (He was all angry…) Why do u put ur self in danger,huh!?? First that forest those black hooded n now these.. u can’t stand on ur own….!? ( She kept on looking.)
Swara: Hold on how do u know about woods incident!!!! U were not there n how do u know black hooded were there….Sanskaar…!
Sanskaar: I don’t feel like answering you… Sit! ( He sits inside. She still stands out with hands folded. She looks at him who was ignoring her. She finally gives up n sits. He starts car n drives too fast… Too fast…)

Swara: You wanna take me to trip inside bars!!
Sanskaar: try to cool my anger…. Or else I will seriously do so……
Swara (Gulps. She thinks. ): ok…… put on ur seat belts! !
Sanskaar: ( evil smile) u made me more angry…!!!
Swara: sorry….!!!! (She thinks. Then she gets an idea n looks at him. Gulps.) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!? ( He gets amazed n looks at her n Meanwhile the speed ba comes normal.Swara saw the speed n smiled) Yes I did!! I pacified ur anger!!!
Sanskaar:( confused) oh yeah!!I thought….
Swara: u think too much…!!! ( She forgets everything n gets happy as Sanakii helped her today. He drops her home n leaves. She goes home. But couldn’t sleep. N in morning comes in balcony. Kabir was standing.)
Kabir: will u join me in trek…..!!??

Sqara: where!?
Kabir: in woods…..We’ll have fun…
Swara: well till now I never experienced such in woods….
Kabir: I’m there… Of course u will..
Swara: ok I’ll change… 20 mins. ..
Kabir: not more than that…! ( She changes n comes down. They leave on his bike. They enter the forest n starts walking on mountain.)
Swara: Kabir.. If u don’t mind can I catch ur hand…!?
Kabir: sure. . Why not… ( She catches his hand n walks. They reach their prime destination. Kabir removes something from his pocket.)
Kabir: I want u to wear this….( She turns. He puts the rosary around her neck.)
Swara: Rosary!!! Thanks!
Kabir: U said u had strange encounters here.. This wud surely help…( They leave the place.)
Forks High School.
( Ragini was passing by and slips off. Laksh rescues her. He catches her on time. )
Ragini: ( to herself ) how can he hold me so easily!!?
Laksh:( to himself ) why is she so heavy…?
Ragini: hey, where have u been yesterday!?

Laksh: I was…. home! (Mumbles) tell ur bro to back off!!
Ragini: u said something!? Anyways… y do u want my bro to stay away from Swara…!?
Laksh: coz I’m jealous… (To himself.) Coz she is human… I’ve to protect her…..
Ragini:(to herself) No, there’s something else…. who r u…. N yesterday y did u mumbled that u saw Sanskaar n Swara in woods….. I will have to find who u r…( Kabir drops Swara in school n leaves. Swara goes in library. She starts reading ‘Venom – a dark secret of Forks’ which she bought last night. She reads some pages when gets interrupted…)
Laksh: Hey… Wass up!?
Swara: Laksh!! Tune to muzhe daraa hi diya tha…..Nothing just reading a book…
Laksh: Which. ..!?
Swara: Venom…… ( When she uttered the name Laksh got scared. He made some weird faces, but Swara didn’t notice…) Hey, listen… y don’t u join me… It’s informative!
Laksh: I can’t. .. but I will read some other….
Swara: yeah sure!!!! Sit… ( He sits besides her. Meanwhile Ragini arrives n watches Laksh peeping secretly in the book. She doubts him n hides behind a shelf to see his actions. Swara was all engaged in reading when Laksh purposely drops her cellphone down… She bends to pick it up…)
Laksh:(to himself.) Wat was the page……!!????Yeah! 150-200..!! ( Quickly he removes page 150 n tears 50-60 pages from 50 pages novel n hides them. Meanwhile Ragini gets shocked. Swara picks up her phone. Bell rings n Swara shuts the book n leaves to her classroom. Laksh hides pages in his bag. Ragini observes. He slides away n Ragini follows him. Swara sits on 3rd bench n continues reading… Laksh goes in café while Ragini n Sanskaar enter class. They head towards Swara.)
Ragini: hi Swara…!
Swara: oh hi! Morning Sanskaar! ( he smiles.)
Sanskaar: reading n all huh!

Swara: yeah… Venom!!! ( Sanskaar looks on shocked n so does Ragini. Both bro sis look at each other. Ragini remembers Laksh tearing pages…… N doubts more… Sanskaar n Ragini leave from there.)
Ragini: Sanskaar how can she…..
Sanskaar: we shud be careful…. The book describes us n our enemies….
Ragini: strange…! Y did Laksh tear pages…..
Sanskaar: wat!?
Ragini: yeah…!! I saw him… He did purposely! !
Sanskaar: Yes…last night… None of them did anything to her…. there’s something big hiding from us!!!
Ragini: I think we should make her enter it again today night.. to know the truth..
Sanskaar:NO! We can’t risk her for knowing truth…
Ragini: yeah… I’m sorry….. but we shud do something…. shall I ask her to lend me
Sanskaar: No, she wud doubt u… as the pages r tore… ( Swara puts book in bag when teacher arrives. She feels pain in her throat again…. She rushes in washroom after lectures. Ragini follows her. Swara sees Ragini )

Ragini:(to herself) Wats problem..??( Swara asks Ragini to catch her bag. She does n enters. She coughs hard n even coughs blood again!! Meanwhile Ragini takes the book n hides it. Swara starts weeping again but wipes her eyes n gets out. Ragini returns her bag. Swara leaves… Ragini smiles n takes out book n handles it to Sanskaar. Laksh hides n looks Ragini giving book to Sanskaar n doubts her. Sanskaar takes it. Swara returns home n searches for her book.)
Swara: shoot!! I forgot it on my desk!! I will get tomorrow!!N yes… I had read that the mystery lies in woods. N days before n after new moon r great hints…. Shall I go….!!?? No!! But Kabir has given me rosary… no worries!! I will go….

(Meanwhile Sanskaar n Ragini decides to find out truth at night. Clock strikes 6 n Swara leaves home. She enters the woods. Ragini n Sanskaar are also there. They burn the book n leave… Swara smells burning smell n rushes to see. She sees a book. She manages to vanish fire. )
Sanskaar:(Sanskaar n Ragini stops while running speedily.) She got it!!
Ragini: wat!?????
Sanskaar: Yes.. She is here!!! We should protect her…….
Ragini: Let’s go fast… It’s 8!!! ( They return to the spot. Swara sees the same book which she thought had forgotten.)
Swara: yeh to meri book hain…. yahan pe kaise! ! N who burned it.!? (Ragini stops again. Sanskaar turns to her in worry.)
Sanskaar: Wat did u see….!!???
Ragini: (shocked) They r heading to us both!!! We shouldn’t have….
Sanskaar: No no no, no! !!!!! They can’t! ! She is a human!!
Ragini: Sanskaar it’s a day after new moon!! !! They don’t care!!!
Sanskaar: so now. ..!!!?

Ragini: I would run I opposite direction of hers… N they wud chase me… u handle her n run….
Sanskaar: r u on ur senses!!! (He shouts) It’s our enemy’s territory! They can harm u!!
Ragini: No one is now in their territory n all wud chase… U know my speed I will jump off cliff…… GO!!!! ( Sanskaar runs unwillingly helplessly. Ragini also runs. Swara gets up n sees eyes rolling….)
Swara: not again!!!! (She yells. Werewolf come out… She gazes at him. Sanskaar runs to her.)
Sanskaar: Swara!!! (Swara turns n sees Sanskaar . She runs to him n hugs him. Sanskaar the wolf look angrily at each other. Sanskaar doubts on the wolf…Swara tucks in totally. It seemed as if Sanskaar was confused l

[(In mind…..)
Sanskaar: Ragini!!! Only one is here!!
Ragini:(in mind )Wat! ? No they were 7 to 8!!!!
Sanskaar: ur in danger!! Run!! They’ve trapped u!!
Ragini: Yes. .. Take care of Swara n u…… ]
( Ragini runs with full speed beating the wind n normal human speed…..The wolf backs off leaving Sanskaar confused…)

Sanskaar:(to himself ) Y didn’t he attack!!! Somethings fishy!!! Is he not…..!?
( Werewolves almost were near her. Laksh was supposed to be there. He was also running in speed. Ragini fell off while running n werewolves came ear. Laksh went to her rescue…)
Laksh:(to wolves ) stop this!!!! She is human!! Don’t dare do this Jake!! ( Ragini was all confused listening to their conversation)
Ragini:(in mind) how can he talk to werewolves!!!
Laksh: ok then…. I’m ready!!! (Laksh gets fiery and runs towards them n suddenly turns into an animal!!Ragini gets a huge shock n scared. She watches Laksh transformation into a WereWolf!!!?? She got up n ran away… )

{{ I’m sorry guyz I’m disturbing u but I just wanna tell that All ur comments encouraged me a lot… N all ur best wishes made me strong.. n i wud write my bsst i promise…? N yeah ANNIE, LIKHITA,BELLA,MSD N TARA u guyz made my day…!!???? Ok now continue reading…Sorry once again…}}

Ragini: He is not a human!! Bhai said right!! He is a werewolf!! Our enemy! ! N saved me!! (She was shocked as well as developing feelings for him. He too was developing feelings for her.)
Sanskaar: wat makes u come here?
Swara: it’s applicable to u too….
Sanskaar: let’s leave now!!
Swara: ok! ( Being with Swara he couldn’t run in speed. Laksh returned into human form n chased Ragini. Ragini arrives in front of Sanskaar. Sanskaar gets relived seeing her sis safe.)
Swara: Rag! ! Aren’t you guys having a picnic here!?( Sanskaar ignores her comment as he sees Ragini all worried.)
[ (In mind)

Sanskaar : fine!!??
Ragini: No! ! Laksh is werewolf!!N they have surrounded us!!
Sanskaar: wat!!??Swara!!
Ragini: we’re in danger!! She would know the truth!!]
( They three here werewolves growling again…..)
Swara: strange…. I’ve read in Venom that werewolves growl when vampires are near!! ( Both bro sis get tensed n shocked after heating vampires……)
Sanskaar : (in mind) She knows!!!
Swara: guyz we r in great trouble… Let’s go…!! (Ragini nods n leaves…)
(Laksh n others follow them. ) (Ragini shuts her eyes n opens wid shocking expressions.)
[(In mind..)

Ragini: Sanskaar!!!! The Thomas’ are here to hunt!!!! I recognised them!!
Sanskaar:shoot!! We are all trapped!!!
Ragini: be calm… We have to protect her….!
Sanskaar: Ragini… I wud go in another direction… u take care of Swara… control urself…. The secret is in ur hands… N don’t let her fall..
Ragini: Yes, …. she’s my duty… I will protect her… u vanish…
Sanskaar: yeah…! “”TAKE CARE OF MY HEART….. I’VE LEFT IT WID YOU””??]
(Sanskaar tactfully vanishes from behind wid out Swara’s attention. Swara notices Sanskaar’s absence)

Swara: Rag!!Where is Sanskaar! !?
Raginj: don’t worry!! He will be safe….
Swara: r u sure..!?(Ragini nods. Laksh senses presence of Swara. While running Swara slips n falls down..)
Swara: Ouch!!!! ( She tries to cool her wound on hand. Her hand hit on rock n got scratched badly. Ragini hears her n turns back.)
Ragini: u fine..!?? ( She gazes at her wound. Blood bleeds. Ragini looks on. Swara finds her weird.
(Sanskaar recognises that Ragini is becoming harmful to Swara…)
[(In mind )
Sanskaar: Rag no!!!! Control ur breathe!! Don’t even breathe!!!!
Ragini: yeah..I’m moving away.. I’m unable to control… She is bleeding a lot..!!
Sanskaar:No!! Be wid her!! F**K!!!

Ragini: now wat!!?
Sanskaar: Thomas’ r not chasing me….. They r chasing u!!!!!Shoot!!
Ragini: wat!!?But I saw them in another direction..
Sanskaar: they’ve played tactfully….. now its our turn…. I’m coming…
(Sanskaar realised that Ragini was loosing her control n heads back to them.)]

( Ragini gets up n turns back.Sher eyes grow dark n wild. She opened her mouth n 5th teeth from back n up n down grew sharper…. Suddenly she saw Thomas’ in front of her. They were 2… Ragini looked angrily n opened her mouth with sharp teeth….Swara saw them…. Swara got up n went to Ragini. Ragini quickly shuts her mouth.)
Swara: Rag….

Ragini: don’t worry I’m there….
Swara: I have this rosary…. take it.. u need protection. … (Ragini became more shocked after learning Swara has rosary..!!?? Ragini moves away when Swara removes the rosary…)
Swara: Rag kya hua!!??
Ragini: Swara I can’t do it…..(Swara notices One of Thomas coming closer to Ragini n she shouts)
Swara:RAGINI!!! (Ragini gets scared n turns around. She sees Sanskaar standing at back n Thomas falling down due piercing of iron rod. She gets shocked.)
[(In mind )
Ragini: Sanskaar ur hand! ! U holder an iron!!!
Sanskaar: Don’t worry! I’ve this cloth tied around my hand.. I didn’t touched iron..]
(Sanskaar moves towards Swara. Thomas looks on his companion fallen dead. Ragini also moves to Swara. Sanskaar ties cloth around wound courageously. Alive Thomas was ready to seek revenge…..Laksh came there. Sanskaar holds Swara closer when he sees Laksh knowing that he is a werewolf. Swara looks on..She feels all secured when closer to Sanskaar.)
Swara: Laksh!!!!(Laksh is followed by other werewolves. Sanskaar worries. Thomas tries to attack Ragini which Laksh senses n runs to her rescue. While running he gets transformed into werewolf. SwaSan look on. He kills the vampire into two pieces.. Swara shuts her eyes. Sanskaar n Ragini looks fiery at those werewolves n so do they like enemies…. Swara opens her eyes n sees Laksh as werewolf)
Swara:Laksh!!!! (She realises that he was the same one who protected her once…)
Swara: Sanskaar, he had protected me… I felt that u were different… but I didn’t knew u were my best friend…… (She is all shocked. Sanskaar tries to console her. )
Ragini: let’s go from here… (They 3 leave. Swara notices watch in Thomas hand. She bends to pick it up… She looks at it.)
Swara:(shocked ) It’s Kabir’s!!!!!!!! (She shouts)
Sanskaar:Who is he!???

Swara: my bestie… how can he have Kabir’s watch!!! (She starts crying..)
Ragini: don’t cry Swara!!!He must be all fine… Trust me!
Sanskaar: Yes. . Don’t cry… ( Swara stops crying n leaves. Sanskaar n Ragini drops her at home. Swara rings the bell. No one opens the door. She switches on her phone n calls dad. )
Horan: Hello..! (He sounds serious)
Swara: hey, dadda all fine!? I’m home.. no one’s there!?
Horan: Swara…. I’m sorry..
Swara: Dadda why….!? (Sanskaar n Ragini looks on… She speaks wid Horan n after some time freezes. Sanskaar worries )
Sanskaar : hey… All fine..!?
Ragini: Swara! !?? (Swara collapses down wid tears rolling down. Sanskaar n Ragini asks her but she doesn’t reply. Sanskaar picks up the phone.)
Sanskaar: hello…
Horan: how is Shona? ?? She’s fine…
Sanskaar: She is crying hard..( After listening to him Sanskaar also worries. They leave. They head on to church…She runs inside. All the guests watch her. Sanskaar n Ragini chase her.)
Ragini:Sanskaar no!! Its a church!!! Back off!
Sanskaar: But Swara..!
Ragini: She has her family to support her. She loves them most…..She needs them to console her…N I guess not u…. (She speaks practically wid out harsh words)
(She runs inside.She sees her best friend lying in coffin…. She starts weeping. Kabir had died. She hears someone speaking.)
Voice1:I’ve heard that he died because of vampire bite…
Voice2: oh is it!?

Voice1: Yes. . N even heard that he had went in woods to search his friend..
Voice2: poor he…may he rest in peace.. (Listening to them she starts weeping more. She turns n sees Sanskaar outside church n runs to him… )
Ragini: (in mind) I was wrong.. She needs u..
(Even Horan n Sumi looks on. She runs n hugs him tightly…
Swara: I’m responsible for his demise. ..! I did this!! I shouldn’t have went into woods… I’m culprit!!
Sanskaar:No! ! Don’t be so harsh to urself!! It’s not because of u… N see Laksh killed Thomas…..
Swara: I lost him forever……( To herself) Muzhe bolte the ki u wud go nowhere.. I won’t let u… N now u urself went.!?? Y!!
( Flashblack:
Swara: Kabir…. jab me marungi na, tab tum muzhe aasmaan mein dekhna !
Kabir: Shut up!! Ka hi nahi jaaogi tum! Hamesha mere saath rahogi. Aur main hoon na company dene ke liye..
Swara: achha. …..!? Ok… )

(Swara wipes her tears. N decides not to cry.)
Swara: I’m angry wid u Kabir..! I know u r fine… U will meet me…
Sanskaar: He is dead,Swara! !!!!!
Swara:No he is not….. He is not. (Sanskaar hugs her n she starts again.After some time Sanskaar brings her home. She straight away goes to her room n sits idle. Sanskaar walks in through balcony.)
Sanskaar: Swara!!??
Swara: Sanskaar????!!! U here!?
Sanskaar: don’t shout… Come with me…
Swara: where…
Sanskaar: U trust me..?!(Swara nods. She follows him to meadow. Sanskaar signs her to lay down on grass. She does n he he also lies down parallel to her.)
Sanskaar: U know y I called u here!?
Swara: No. …

Sanskaar:(points in sky.) Look at that star, the one which is shinning bright….It’s ur Kabir…..(Swara smiles.) He had promised u right?! He will always watch u… Don’t worry.. N he really loves his childhood bestie a lot. … (Swara keeps smiling n looks at Sanskaar happily.)
Swara: Yes. ..(She rests on his chest. She was so engrossed in stars n Sanskaar’s presence that she didn’t realise that she had rested on Sanskaar’s chest…….. N was unable to feel n hear Sanskaar’s hearbeats??!! She falls asleep thrice..only when Sanskaar was with her….)

So guyz!! I hope u liked it!! Yes!?Then comment…! Ur comments boost me n encourage me to write well…
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N 2day’s episode’s best part for me was When Sanskaar Says,”TAKE CARE OF MY HEART. …..I’VE LEFT IT WID YOU ” Agree!??????
Recap: Christmas….. “Ur Hilarious!!” “aaaaaaa…..”

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