Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 6

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( all Moore members were happy in the morning coz Swara slept… That too like a baby..!! Swara was developing feelings for Sanskaar at the same time Kabir was getting fond of Swara. That morning he visited Swara.)
Kabir: hey, Swara…. ( Swara runs to her bestie n hugs him. Kabir got sparks like Swara did when Sanskaar touched her 1st time.)
Swara: I’m so happy…..!!!
Kabir: y??!
Swara: U know wat… I slept n dreamt…!!!!!
Kabir: really!??That’s great! !
Swara: yeah….. Oh f**k!!!! I’m sorry!!!!
Kabir: why?!??
Swara: u forgot that I didn’t came yesterday!!!
Kabir: No it’s absolutely fine…!! ( Swara goes to hug her dadda when he was leaving.)
Kabir: ( gulped ) Swara..
Swara: ha say…..

Kabir: would u accompany me to coffee!? (Horan smiled. )
Horan: coffee or…. date…!? (Playful)
Kabir: No uncle!! Only coffee!
Horan: Yes sure… (Horan leaves. Swara doesn’t reply Kabir n goes in her roo to change clothes for school. Kabir is nervous about the reply which she will give. Swara comes down.)
Swara:Kabir will u pls drop us in school….?!!
Kabir: yup..why not!! ( They Leave. She sits in front. Kabir doesn’t drive well when he becomes nervous. He was doing the same thing. )
Swara: Kabir pls drive safely…. N who gave u licence. …
Kabir: ur dad!
Swara: ur 16!!!
Kabir: u know!??
Kabir: u know!?
Swara: come on! !! Behave like Kabir yaar! !
Kabir: why I’m not be having like Kabir or wat!? ( Kabir looked so cute n innocent that Swara couldn’t control kissing her childhood bestie on cheeks. She didn’t knew the kiss would make matter worse…! A huge electric power sparked through Kabir. Somehow he managed to drive. On the other hand Ragini makes a plan. Laksh was harassed by the same first day girl. Ragini saw it n went to sort it out.)
Ragini: all ok..?!
Laksh:do u rely feel so! That crazy is harassing me.

Ragini:(laughed) ur so lame..!!
Laksh: n u a witch!
Ragini: really! ? But my bhai calls me Rag! !
Laksh: u n ur bhai…. Just tell him to stay away from Swara..
Ragini: (herself ) no Ragz !!! U can’t let him know that u want them together! Be at his side n flop the plan he makes!!! ( to Laksh ) U also feel that Sanskaar n Swara should not get closer?!
Laksh: wat do u mean!?
Ragini: U mean I also don’t want….. She is clumsy!
Laksh: Don’t dare badmouth her! Waise bhi tum hare bhai ne kal haad par kar di thi… as if I was gonna hurt her.. (he says softly. )
Ragini: wat..!? Leave it… sorry.. so wat shall we do….
Laksh: u don’t allow him sit besides her today….. After that I’ll handle! !!! ( in mind) Yesterday he had really crossed his limits… how can he pick up her!! I can’t even speak up their reality.. I’m forced not to do so n secondly she wud understand about us n wud endanger herself…!!)

Ragini: done!! ( They give a high5.)(Sanskaar was waiting outside for Swara. Swara arrived in Kabir’s car. She got down. Kabir too. Swara gave a smile to Sanskaar. Sanskaar headed towards her. Nick saw Sanskaar n kept recollecting where he had seen him. Swara went a step ahead.)
Kabjr: b—bye…. ( he mumbled. She remembered something, reversed n caught his hand n whispered.)
Swara: I know u asked for date…. I’ll come… ( He smiled, Sanskaar irked! Sanskaar forwarded his hand to catch Swara’s. Swara went ahead n caught Sanskaar’s hand n left Kabir’s hand. They moved on. Suddenly Nick stopped them.)
Nick: wait Shoru! !
Swara: now wat pooh!?
Sanskaar: Shoru!!!
Nick: U had pushed my Shoru right!!!

Sanskaar: me… when!?
Swara: Nick!!
Nick: I swear Shoru! Ur bracelet shined for the first time. …….
Swara: yeah!!!
Sanskaar : hold on… wats this bracelet n shinning…..
Swara: NOTHING!! ( She didn’t want him to know)
Sanskaar: ok! I’ll go then..( he left.)
Nick: Shoru; u don’t know one thing… that day when u slipped off before Laksh Sammskaar had caught u from back. But u didn’t realise it as u were mesmerised! ! It’s Sammskaar Shoru !!
Swara: 1st of all its Sanskaar n not Sammskaar! ! Spell it properly!! N how do u know! !
Nick: I bunked History… ( he said innocently. )

Swar: it’s ok.. One or three r ok!! ( She gets all excited. She runs to her classroom. She meets Ragini n Laksh. Laksh signs Ragini to execute their plan. But Ragini executes her own’s..!! She had to make the girl, Wini talk to Sanskaar, n jealous Swara would sit away. But Ragini made a situation in which Wini will taunt Swara n end up being looser n Swara will sit wid Sanskaar. Wini also came.)
Swara: hey, Swara!!
Swara: hi ( pretty confused )
Wini: u might got to know that all boys are back of me…. so pls don’t be jealous… If Sanskaar …..
Swara: No I won’t! !(smiles) Im not the low price for which customers run after…… I’m the higher price so only few r back of me…… ( She chuckled) ( Ragini giggles ) N Sanskaar hates low prices!( Wini goes away fiery… )
Ragini: u r f***ing amazing!!
Swara: thanks… (Laksh gets angry n Swara sits with Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: hey, Shoru! !!!

Swara :that’s Swara….Sanakii!
Sanskaar: ok.. If u call me Sanskaar then…..
Swara: (pouts) ok…… Friends…..
Sanskaar: I’m not worth it ….
Swara: I don’t hv any friends list….
Sanskaar: Swara. .. Wat if I’m not the good guy! If I’m a bad guy..
Swara: It doesn’t suits u… u r good guy…… at least I believe j don’t care about others…..
Sanskaar: let it be…..
Swara: Friends…..!?
Sanskaar: I’ve already have replied. ……..( Swara gets angry n leaves class. Sanskaar follows her. Swara was feeling giddy. She was about to collapse but he gets hold of her. …)
Sanskaar: Swara..! U fine..
Swara: yeah… leave me…! Only my friends can hold me….
( She leaves. She coughs a bit causing pain to her throat. Swara enters cafe’. She picks up an orange which falls down n bounces back in Sanskaar’s hands….! )
Sanskaar: I’m sorry….
Swara: answer me….. N thanks…
Sanskaar: Well I’ve heard.. We should not be thankful or sorry in friendship…
( Swara smiles n turns…..)
Sanskaar: but u hv to handle this idiot….
Swara: I will….
( On the other hand Kabir texts Swara to arrive near her home at 5…. She reads it n reaches on time. Kabir also comes n gets mesmerised seeing her in denims one piece…. He was also looking great.. She sat behind him on bike.)

Kabir: ready…!?
Swara: Yes. …! ( He starts driving. She surrounds her arms on his waist n smiles. He also smiles. Both looked great!?)
Swara: stop, stop,!!!!
Kabir: ok!! ( He stops.) Wat!???( She gets down n plays a song…. She starts dancing like a kid on between road. Kabir tries to control her but instead she makes his state quiet helpless. Even he enjoys her madness. The song gets over n they get back to their bike. He rides her to Renaissance…. They have coffee n leave wid chit chatting…. Swara starts coughing again badly…. )
Swara: Wait… I’ll be back….
Kabir: where r u going…!?
Swara: washroom….. I’ll come sooner. … ( She finds her cough helpless n so leaves her alone… She starts coughing a lot n finally ends up vomiting. … With blood..!! She gets shocked.. )
Swara: It might be because of changed whether…. I’m all fine!! ( She smiles n joins Kabir. Kabir was explaining her about climate while walking. She started feeling giddy… She collapsed but he caught her. )
Kabir: Swara..!??? Swara!!?? ( He rushes to nearby clinic. The doctor checks her n asks Kabir to come I his cabin…)
Doctor: I know it would be hard….. ( He explains him Swara’s condition. Kabir gets shocked n even teary eyed. He leaves the cabin n finds Swara standing in front of him. She too was shocked. Kabir gave a fake smile….)

Kabir: hey…! U got up!! I thought that now I have to take u home in arms… All ok!? ( Swara doesn’t replies him… ) U fine.?.! U heard it…..!?? ( She collapses down. Kabir rushes to her. )
Kabur: Swara,!!! Swara! !!!??? Swara!! Say something! !!! ( He yells at her. She sits idle like a Rag doll. It was unable for him to look at his bestie’s n crush’s state. He cuddles her n starts weeping.) I’m there wid u Shona….! U r all fine…. (Tears roll down Swara’s face. She looks at him. He was hardly an inch away. She notices her bracelet shine n looks again at him. He was still weeping wid eyes closed n cuddled her tightly. Seeing his concern she came on her senses n starts weeping a lot… She cries a lot. For over 15 mins. …. Kabir wipes her eyes.) Please don’t cry…!!!
Swara: Kabir!!! Y only me!!?? ( She starts again…. She couldn’t control her state… After some time Kabir himself takes her home. Swara takes a promise that it would remain a secret.. not even her mom n dadda.. He agrees but in return takes another promise from her that she would always remain happy no matter wat is the situation…….)

Recap-( Special) La Push …. prey… prey….. trek…… !!!☺?

Hope u guyz liked it.. Again I’m telling.. I’m giving my boards so only I’ll be writing only on Saturday n Sundays…. But I promise to write long n entertain u all. … Just comment n wish me best luck.. love u all☺

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  3. Hi duggu , nice update
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