Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 5

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Forks High School.
Swara: hey lucky…!!! ( She hugs Laksh)
Laksh: looking nice, huh…. ( She was wearing black spaghetti on it was black n red shirt wid jeans.)
Swara: so all ready for trip..!?
Laksh: yeah….
Jenny: Shona…Shona…..
Swara: Yes. . Speak..
Jenny: howz u..!?
Swara: fine n u?
Jenny: where r others n Oliver..?
Laksh: not coming… Let’s go now.. or else we will not get seat.)
Swara: yeah sure…. I guess we should go in bus 2.
Jenny: No ways. …
Laksh: y?
Jenny: u don’t have any idea who is heading towards that bus…. ( She
points towards one group.) They r the Reeds’.She is Ragini the eldest, Eliza n D’Arcy her bf n Sanskaar… The hunk of our school. ….
Swara: hunk…!!??
Laksh: Don’t hv a crush on him….!!
Swara: oh really!! (They give a high5. The Reeds’ were looking all fabulous)
Swara: so wat..!?
Jenny: No I’m not coming… They r too much…
Swara: yeah I had an experience… Let it be so which bus shall we head..!?
Jenny: I think 1…
Laksh: let’s go then.. ( Swalak n Jenny sit. They reach the place which was
an industry…. Swara was fortunately wearing the bracelet. Sanskaar got out n was passing by bus 1 while Swra was about to exit

when they both collide each other??. Swara looks at Sanskaar n so does he…. Laksh watches them n gets furious while other Reeds’ get happy… N again as usual the bracelet began to shine…!! This time even Sanskaar noticed the bracelet shinning. He makes her stand n goes away before she starts her queries. Swara looks on. Ragini comes to her.)
Ragini: hey hi….!!
Swara: hi… u..
Rgini: I’m Ragini..! Sanskaar’s sis..
Swara: oh!! Don’t u think ur bro shud learn manners….
Ragini: No. .. He is a bit weird that’s it …..
Swara: any ways.. I’m Swara. ..
Ragini: I know u..
Swara: yeah right… Ur bro must hv told u..
Ragini: hey, u need not hv to talk wid me rudely…. I know my bro is rude wid u..But that doesn’t mean that I am rude or u shud be
rude wid me… ( Swara thinks n forwards her hand.)
Swara: sorry ….. friends…!☺

Ragini : yeah. ( They shake hands) Acchha ok I will hv to leave now…
Swara: meet u soon…. ( Ragini goes a few steps ahead n reverses n whispers in Swara’s ear)
Ragini: well….. my bro is not hard… u r the one who would melt him
easily…( She leaves. Swara gives a cute smile. She goes inside the factory wid Laksh. Their teacher asks them to form line according to roll no. They stood n realised that Swara was just before Sanskaar…. They all started walking n observing the details
one by one. While walking. Swara decided to break silence when she remembered Ragini’s words)
Swara: so u followed me to the trip huh..!
Sanskaar: the question is applicable to u too……
Swara: ur name is Sanskaar Reed, right..
Sanskaar: yeah….
Swara: so I’m thinking to call u Sanakii (??)
Sanskaar: I hate nicknames

Swara: but when did I say it’s a nickname!!! It’s just to tease u Sanakii! !( She Wynnstay at him playfully. Sanskaar is left wid aww!! )
Swara: I guess all the good genes went into ur sis n bad ones in u..!
Sanskaar: not as much as u hv….
Swara: they overcome by good ones! !
Sanskaar: I think I need to meet ur mom n dad…
Swara: y..!? (Confused. Sanskaar melts up n gives his charming crooked smile. Swara look surprisingly towards him.)
Sanslaar: I wanna ask them how they can create such multi talented daughter….( In mind) n beatiful. ..

Swara: well that was a compliment I guess. … N I liked ur smile….. ( Both were engaged in each others eyes when Swara didn’t relive that steps were near. She was about to fall off when her prince charming caught her n pulled her closer to him…)
Sanskaar:( He looses his temper..)U cannot see n walk or what??!! Just stop gazing the sky n me… N look forward…
Swara: how mean….! Sanakii…..!!
Sanskaar: u r really an idiot..!! (She fumes n leaves in anger. Meanwhile Ragini n her sis were planning to bring Swasan together n Laksh n Jenny planning to break Swasan.. It was 5 now. . Swara didn’t tell anyone n went into woods.. )
Swara: don’t know what does he thinks about himself. … Sanakii!! Khadoos!! Idiot! Sometimes praises me n next time abuses me….. I’m not a Rag doll. ….?…
( Meanwhile Sanskaar gets worried. )

Sanskaar: I said too much I guess. .. oh no Swara! ! I always make u angry.. It’s always u who break the ice… still… I just hate
myself. .. ( he was feeling gu it for Swara been lost. He searched for her.. He entered the woods. … He saw an ear ring fallen on ground n picks it up. Blood was dropping through it… Sanskaar noticed the blood n the smell hit his brain hard…. His face grew dark angry. His eyes widened n became red….)
Sanskaar: No Sanskaar…!!! Stop this!! Wat if she learns the truth… She will hate me.. A lot..!! ( (He opened his mouth n his four teeth were sharpened like that of a tiger… He shut his mouth closed his eyes n opened again after a minute. A were wolf growled loudly

scaring both at the same time…)
Swara: Oh no!! Wolves…. I need ur help…pls search me if u care a bit for me pls… ( She shuts her eyes n pleads Sanskaar to search n savery her by heart… On the other hand Sanskaar feels as if Swara was calling him…)
Sanskaar: I’m coming Swara…… ( Swara feels some wat relieved when Sanskaar soothes her by heart…?? Swara gets scared to
see some eyes behind a tree.? She realised that they were wolves. They came out. They were huge almost of her heights)
Saara:so huge. ..!! They r not wolves for sure….. They r someone else….. but who..?! ( She got. Scared. To herself) Sanskaar pls find me… my heart tells u r here somewhere… SANSKAAR!!!! Sanskaar stops suddenly when he hears her voice by heart…. He remembers past… Fashback: Swara was facing back to Sanskaar Sanskaar: No stop ur self u can not hurt her….. The scene was when Swara gets lost in woods 1st time n a person none other than Sanskaar stops himself…… The werewolves were coming

closer n their eyes getting darker….. Swara closed her eyes n got ready for death while she felt hands surrounding her waist tightly, which made sparks fly through her body. She slowly opened her eyes n saw her bracelet shinning n smiled.)
Swara: u came..!! ( wid out even looking at him she turned around n hugged him tightly… Sanskaar hugged her tightly in return n his eyes became darker n red. She felt his breathe n looked upwards. She saw him n felt as if he was having conversation with them… She turned towards wolves still closer to him n saw the were wolves gazing continuously on Sanskaar n vice versa. Suddenly they

backed off. Swara kept gazing at him n he too…. Swara feels comfort n soothing in his hug…)
Swara: ( to herself) y am I feeling so ease in ur arms…. Are u mine……. Are we the same. …
Sanskaar: ( to himself ) No Swara!!!! We can never be the same… coz we r so different… u r an innocent princess while I am a rude devil…… Pls get away from me… Or else we both will… ( Swara comes more near to him.. even he gets freeze n comes close. They were an inch away n about to kiss when Sanskaar’s tube lights up n he breaks the closeness…)
Swara: sorry.. Thanks,,
Sanskaar: it’s fine.. But don’t do it again… Don’t grow fancy over me….
( Sanskaar walks forward n Swara also but looses her balance coz she steps on stone. )
Swara: Sanskaar..!!! ( She yells. Sanskaar turns around n runs to her rescue. He holds her. Swara couldn’t get her eyes off Sanskaar)
Sanskaar: Swara… get ur eyes off me… U would fall for me..
Swara: wat if I say I’ve already fallen. .??
Sanskaar: Swara! !!!! ( Swara comes to her senses n blushes)
Swara: I mean I’ve already fallen down but u caught me.. ThaN ks again…
(Sanskaar makes her stand. Her leg had an cramp n she was unable to walk. She pouts. Sanskaar looks at her innocence n picks her up bridal style.. Swara feels like she is on cloud nine… After some time..)

Sanskaar: tomorrow be ready in morning…
Swara: y..!??
Sanskaar: we will go to gym…
Swara: gym…!?
Sanskaar: yeah… Bcoz u always slip n I’ve to catch u now I’ve to literally pick u…
Swara: do u mean I’m heavy .!?
Sanskaar: u admitted… ( He laughs…. She gazes at him.)
Swara: so Sanakii can even laugh huh…
Sanskaar: yeah….. ( While walking Swara felt sleepy….. N she slept……!!!?? Insomnia patient slept!! Sanskaar reaches her home. Don’t know how??!? Rings bell n Nick opens the door. ..)
Nick: Shoru…!!!
Sanskaar: speak slowly she is sleeping…! ( Nick was shocked. Sumi n Horan came hearing Nick’s scream…)

Sumi: Nick wat happened? ?? ( Nickpoints at door. They see Swara n assumes her to b fainted…)
Horan : Shona. ….. ( Both sound worried.)
Sumi: Shona ko kya a hua hain..!? Y is she fainted…!?
Sanskaar: She is not fainted… She has just slept…!( Moores’ look at each other surprisingly)
Horan: She wat…!?
Sanskaar: slept……( Sumi n Horan start crying n smiling. )
Nick: mom dad! Shoru slept!!!….
Horan: that’s miracle!!!
Sanskaar: well wats miracle? ?
Sumi: I will tell u later 1st put her on bed. It’s upstairs.
Sanskaar: ok… ( he puts her gently on bed. While he was about to leave Swara caught his wrist tightly. Sanskaar tried to remove)
Horan: let it be…. don’t disturb her sleep..!!
Sanskaar: ok. He sat besides her.
Sumk: She is insomnia patient……

Sanskaar: really..!? I didn’t knew….( They all left. Sanskaar switched off lights n saw her sleeping like a baby…. She looked innocent. Swara dreamt a dream…. Swara was wearing a black gown n was wandering in woods…. She heard werewolves growling. She got scared n the werewolf came close to her. Her heart beats raised. Suddenly the beats became normal when soothing cool hands catch her hands from back. She turns to her sides. On right was Sanskaar in black v-neck shirt n on left was Kabir. …. She caught Sanskaar’s hand tightly while sleeping. She got up wid horror. )
Sanskaar: wat happened? ?! U okay…. ( She was so scared that she hugged him tightly n literally tucked in. )

Sanskaar: wat happened…?
Swara: I saw a bad dream….. ( Swara realised that she dreamt! !!She smiles n giggles n forgets dream!!)
F**k!!! I saw a dream!!!!!! I slept!!!!! ( She starts dancing n jumping. While hopping she slipped off but her hero caught her on time….☺)
Sanskaar: Miss Swara Moore! Gym…..
Swara: shut up Sanakii! !!!! Thanku!!!!
Sanskaar: for wat….
Swara: for dropping me home….
Sanskaar: bye… ( he leaves. She watches him from balcony. )
Swara: if he likes me he’ll turn……turn…..Turn. ….(but he doesn’t ) Chalo not yet…..!( She goes inside. He turns..??!!)

Recap: FRIENDS!!? La Push…”SANSKAAR!”…. A trek wid Kabir…sleep again wid a dream….

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