Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 4

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Forks High School.
(Swara was standing under the tree n listening to music wid headphones.
Suddenly a car came. It got parked in lot which was far away from the tree. A boy got out from there n turned back. It was Sanskaar..)
Swara: ye wapas aa gaya..muzhe to lagatha bhag gaya.. (She murmurs song…. sung by Alia bhatt )
Swara: main tenu samjhawan ki… na tere bin lagata ji. Tu ki jaane pyaar
mera…. main karu intezaar tera.. tu dil tui yon jaan meri… jaan meri…..( when she was engrossed in murmuring suddenly the tree below whom she was standing started shaking. She didn’t notice it. Sanskaar noticed it.
Swara saw Sanskaar who was far way from her being tensed. She hears
some noise n draws her attention on opposite side of Sanskaar. Within a second she was pulled by someone hardly due to which the headphone wire plugged got off n song was to be heard loudly… She closes her eyes
being scared. It was none other than Sanskaar! He caught her tightly as she was about to slip. She opened her eyes n realised she was almost fallen but Sanskaar holding her around waist wid his face nearly a cm.

Away from hers… She started feeling giddy n could see his impossibly
handsome face n hear song which continued… Mere dil ne chun liya ne.. tere dil diya rahan. . Tu jo mere naal ture ta turpe meriyaan saha. .. jeena
mera .. ho ye. . Khun hain tera ki main kara… She shuts her eyes…
Sanskaar gets restless..)
Sanskaar : Get up..!! Swara…!! Hey…! ( He takes her in his arms n rushes
to clinic which was there in their campus. After some time Swara opens her eyes.. She could hear someone speaking softly.)
Swara: who is there.. N wat am I doing here…???!!I think I shall see…
(Swara gets up n walks. She peeps through windows n watches Sanskaar speaking to someone. The person notices her. Swara backs off n goes near the bed. Suddenly Sanskaar comes there.)
Sanskaar: wat were u listening…
Swara: wat..!!??
Sanskaar: don’t act smart…
Swara: whatever u both were speaking… but I didn’t even heard a word…. ( She admits innocently. Seeing her innocence Sanskaar gives up his

Sanskaar: r u fine…!?
Swara: yeah…. I wanna go home…
Sanskaar: Yes u can… I will drop u….
Swara: wat..!!? ( She gets surprised.) I’m surprised seeing ur kind gesture..
Sanskaar: shall we..??
Swara: yeah… (They leave the rest room.)
Swara: where were u since two days….
Sanskaar: do I really need to tell u??
Swara: oh!! No u don’t … so much of attitude is not healthy…
Sanskaar: I guess I’m all healthy….. ( He gets rude. While walking. Swara sees something weird on ground. She comes close to it. It was her accident spot… )
Swara: it’s where I was in ur arms…right..
Sanskaar:( becomes alert) yeah…y..
Swara: here is a cracking. ..!!

Sanskaar: a tree fell..
Swara: leaving a crack…. ( She recollects the incident. She recollects that while saving her Sanskaar had tapped his foot n a cracking.. She looks at him)
U did this…..
Sanskaar:( becomes angry) Wat. .!??
Swara: yeah.. N wait a second…… how did u ran to me… u were there ( She points) n came here within no seconds….
Sanskaar: have u lost it or wat…!! I was not so far fromantic u..
Swara: No I haven’t lost it… N I do remember it… Wat.. N how u did…
Sanskaar: it’s my mistake that I helped u idiot…
Swara: idiot!!? U r vulgar. … Let it b I will myself find out the truth…
Sanskaar: u r such a b***h…!
Swara: wat..!!?

Sanskaar: yeah..!! Firstly I helped u n saved u… Instead of thanking you r doubting….
Swara: u know wat.. u just f**k off..? ( She goes from there.)
Sanskaar:( himself) I’m sorry Swara. … I shouldn’t hv abused u… But I really didn’t mean it… I didn’t want to hurt u…
Swara:( herself) I’m sorry… I didn’t even ask u ur name.. but I shouldn’t hv abused u. But u didn’t reply me…. U r khadoos!!!
(She goes to her home, applies face pack and sits in hall. Suddenly bell rings. She opens the door)
Swara: who’s there..!?? (She sees a handsome boy wid some spikes)
Boy: a aa…????
Swara: ??? ?
Boy: who the hell r u…
Swara: Excuse me …. It’s my home n u r asking me instead …
Boy: ur home..!!? Oh hello miss, pretty humans live in this house…not a ugly witch like u…
Swara: wat the f**k!!!! Me n a witch.!!!?? Then u r a monster…!! Go to hell.. ( Sumi interrupts)
Sumi: oh..!! Stop it guyzzzz!!
Boy: thank god u came aunty…!!

Swara: mumma …..!!! Who the hell is he. .??
Sumi: u go n wash ur face first..
Swara: ok… ( She goes inside showing a victory sign to him.)
Sumi: now u cm inside…. Sit i’ll bring coffee
Boy: KK
( Swara comes. Boy looks at her. Butterflies fly in his tummy.)
Boy: (himself ) who is she.. She is so beautiful..!!
Swara:(herself) y is he looking at me… Am I still looking ugly..
Sumi: Swara come.. N hv coffee wid Kabir….(when they both hear each others names they become excited…Kabir gets up. Swara recollects her online chat wid her childhood friend. She smiles n runs to him. She hugs him tightly.. so does he… At that time Horan n Nick comes.)
Horan:( himself ) they look great.. I wish if they wid date.. I know Kabir since his birth…
Njck: such a big n tight hug….. only to Kabir. . Wat about me…!?
Kabir: oye chhotu. .. tere saath toh yeh hamesha hai.. I met her after so many years….
Swara: haa…. U hv grown up so big…
Kabir: u too… to inherit ur mom’s beauty. …..( They both hv eyelock) shall
we go out….

Swara: umm… Actually I’ve to complete my studies coz tomorrow we hv a trip to the industry…
Kabkr: oh!! Then it’s fine… We will go tomorrow…
Swara: yeah sure…
Nick: Woah. .!! Kabir not bad…!! First meeting n direct asking for date is courageous….
Swara n Kabir: shut up..!!
Swara: u concentrate on ur studies…. N who has asked u..!??
Kabir: yeah… N it’s not a date… yes uncle..!?
Horan: yeah.. its not a date ( he chuckles)( Sumi n Horan laugh.)
Swra:(raises her eyebrow ) mom.. dada a! !!!
Kabkr: I didn’t ask for a date…..
Swara: I know….. ( She goes away signing her mom dad to shut their hell
mouth.. N leaves wid mixed feelings….N expressions)

Recap:”” Maha episode”” Trip…. u r a kid!!!! Swara lost in woods… Swara sleeps in Sanskaar’s arms..!!???

N wait for the next…..

N yeah Kabir played by Karan Wahi. …

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