Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 3

Hey guyz thanks for comments. Horan is played by Sameer Dharmadhikari n Kabir played by Karan Wahi.
Forks, High School.
( In music classroom. )
Teacher : U r late Sanskaar……………………

Sanskaar : I’m sorry. . . . . .
Teacher: Sit on the first bench….( Sanskaar sits as said arrogantly.Swalak r on way to classroom.)
Teacher : let’s not waste time n start our first music lesson…..Sanskaar y don’t u play guitar n sing a song. …..?( without uttering a word he gets up
brings guitar n sits on chair to play it. He starts playing guitar. Swalak come. Swara sees a boy sitting on chair wid guitar n looking down. He starts singing)
Sanskaar : Woah oooh ohh. . . . . . ( She looks on…He looks up in style n sings. . )
Sanskaar : Kyu aaj kal neend kam khwaab zyada hain, Lagta khuda ka koi neek irada hain. …. kal tha faker aaj dil shehzada hain. ..Lagta khuda ka koi neek irada hain. ….. Kya muze pyaar hain. …Kaisa khumar hain. …. (
She looks at him..Teacher signs Swalak to enter. Swara walks n all attention towards Sanskaar…He plays music. Suddenly her scarf which she had tied on waist gets entangled in Sanskaar’s guitar.But it doesn’t
affect the music. She sits down on knees n tries to remove off the scarf. They share strong eyelock )
Sanskaar : pathar ke in raston pe phuloon ki ek Chadar hain.. jabse mile ho humko badla har ek manzar hain… Dekho jahan mein neele neele asmaan
thale. ….rang naye naye hain jaise ghulte huwe. ..soye se khwaab mere jage tere waaste tere khayalon se he bheegey mere raste..Kya muze pyaar hain. ….. Kaisa khumar hain. …. (Swara realise that her bracelet was shinning too much..N that Sanskaar was wearing a black jacket..!.) tum kyun Chale aate ho… har roz in khwaabon me..chhupke se aa bhi jao ek din meri bahon mein… tere he sapne andheron mein ujalon mein. ..koi nasha hain tere aankhon ke pyaalon mein..tu mere khwaabon mein jawabon mein sawaalon mein. ..har din chura tumhe mein laata hoon
khayalon mein…. Kya muze pyaar hain. ..Kaisa khumar hain..( She gets up. Ragini was smiling widely being seated on last seat. Sanskaar still plays the guitar.Swara sits on first seat. Sanskaar ends up the song. )
Teacher : U really sing good. Though I didn’t know the lyrics but the emotions n feelings were clear. (Sanskaar gets up n walks towards seats. He sees Swara sitting besides his seat. Swara was still in her own world. )
Swara: how can anyone b so beautiful. ..! He is impossibly handsome..like that of Greek God!(Teacher saw her n got angry as she was not paying attention.)
Teacher: Excuse me Miss. Swara….
Swara: yeah mam…..
Teacher: what are musical notes..?
Swara: musical notes..!? (She gets puzzled)Don’t know..
Teacher: Yeah of course. . For that u shud b paying attention in class..
Swara: I’m sorry..
Teacher: How much did u score in entrance exam?? Or got in here wid out exams just bcoz ur dad is trustee…
Swara: From where did dadda came in between?? (She also lost her temper but controlled ) I did gave entrance exam u can check in office if u want… N I have scored 195 on 200…
Teacher: oh! So u r proud of the same.???
Swara: yeah…. Musical notes are signs used in musical notations to represent the relative duration n pitch of sound…
Teacher: ( surprised.) Ok sit…
Ragini : (to herself ) She is perfect… I guess she is stubborn….
(Swara notices that the impossibly handsome was besides her. But she found him to b arrogant in behaviour. He was behaving as if Swara was repulsive for him. He had strong n strange look as if irritated by odour. Swara got puzzled )
Swara: Am I repulsive? ! Really? ! No I’m not. …!!!!! ( She turned to him but he had same rectos. .. She got fiery. Bell rang. He got up suddenly banging it hardly. She also got up angrily. They both started to move out but came in front of each other. She gave him an evil look n went away…. Laksh saw her. )
Laksh: r u ok?? Wat happened?
Swara: nothing….
Laksh: so now which class??
Swara: I’m not attending others. I’m bored n going home.
Laksh: alone???
Swara: No. .. my bro is there wid me…
Laksh: ok… bye. .. meet u tomorrow…
Swara: bye…. ( then Swara picks up Nick. While Laksh is thinking..)
Laksh: shall I tell her..?? I think I shud… I shud not keep her anymore in dark…( Flashback. Swara slips Laksh notices her. Not only Laksh but even Someone else does. Both run ending up wid the other holding her first from back n then Laksh. Swara was so engaged in thinking about bracelet n Laksh the she didn’t realise it was some other who actually holder her first n firmly. )( Meanwhile Ragini also see a flash black. Ragini goes near a the sme boy who helped Swara.
Ragini: y didn’t u show ur face…????? ( he doesn’t reply.) Sanskaar tell me. …… ( It was none other than Sanskaar!!??Sanskaar was the one who had held ed Swara first! He was the boy who slightly pushed her outside the building n Nick saw him. The guy with black jacket n no hood having dashing face was Sanskaar…. The bracelet shined due to Sanskaar’s presence n not Laksh’s…)
( Swara n Nick were wlking)
Nick: Did u see him..?
Swara: who? Oh he yeah.. They were 2!
Nick: wat..!!? 2 !!
Swara: I don’t wanna believe my bracelet n that’s y I even removed it off…
Nick: y..
Swara: the one who finds me to be repulsive n hates my presence how can he be true love!!??
Nick: Shoru but he was perfect..,
Swara: u r too small for all this… Concentrate on ur studies ..
Nick: ( to himself.) Mr. Holmes u hv another task… finding out Shoru’s true love….. ( They both reach home. Swara was so tired that she threw her bag on couch. The buckle opened n Sanskaar’s bracelet fell off. The bracelet which Swara had picked out of building… was Sanskaar’s. Both were unaware that bracelet was with Swara.)
Swara: I will never see his face again. Though he looks like Greek God… A handsome is wat handsome does… U can’t even act to b kind… U r repulsive… Just hate u khadoos! !!??
(The next day she attended school. But didn’t notice khamos anywhere. Sanskaar n even Ragini were not seen anywhere though Swara had never seen her. Swara, Laksh,Jenny,Oliver,Annie,Ben n Angie became friends till then. Swara was unaware of the twists n turns she would be facing later…..)

Recap: Swara standing under tree n tree falls off……. “How did u do this…??! N y??” ……. …U r such a b****h!!!! Oh! It’s u!!!

Pls comment if u liked the episode. N hope that ur query about pairs is clear?? N be ready for Kabir’s entry (Karan Wahi).

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  1. Priya tripathi

    Nice episode i think sanskar save swara

    1. Thanks a lot ??

  2. it was like twilight story line. but its good

    1. Yeah I’ve mentioned that it is inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire series ☺☺

  3. Okay that’s interesting…but does sanskar have any kind of powers that he runs so fast…?!!

    1. Actually he was back of her n ran like normal…..

  4. Hey can u brief me with your story?? Just read it first tym…seems quite interested.. Keep it up

    1. Swara is an insomnia patient n comes to live wid her mom n step dad. She encounters Laksh n Sanskaar. She gets stuck between them thinking who might be her true love. But reality is its Sanskaar… N Recap. .

  5. Hey …today’s episode was amazing…waiting for the next one

    1. Yeah…. I’m too excited to post it…???

  6. it wz awezom epi… sanskar reminds me of ma crush.. robert pattinson♥♥♥… n de clasroom scn.. wen sanskar wz feeling irritatd wen swara wz around him.. reminded me of de same kinda scn in twilight.. tysm duggu.. fo recreatin anothe twilight saga.. r u lyk gonna update an epi per day o so… y dnt u mak it 2 o evn 3 epis a day… m so excitd n waitin fo ua nxt update..

  7. these days i am reading many twilight-swaragini combo. 1st [email protected] forever then swasan an epic love story and now this. but i must say all of them are different, interesting and good. waiting for next part.

  8. Interesting …..plx upload next part
    ….soon….can’t wait …plzzzz

  9. I think sawera saved by sanskar in next

    1. That’s Swara..?

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