Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 2

Hey guyz I thought of replacing the names of the characters on ur saying……… I hope it won’t create a chaos again!! I will make it clear. { Irina- Swara, Elena- Sumi , Jane-Ragini, Aaron – Sanskaar ) I will add their serial names. … but all story will b same…. Special episodes on SundaysN season 1 would end on 28th February. N season 2 will start on 28th March n it will be a continuing of season 1…..

( Swara rings the bell of house n Sumi opens…. )
Sumi: Swara…..!!!!! (She cuddles )
Irina: I luv u mumma….. (She wipes Sumi’s tears . Suddenly a boy came running. )
Nick: Shoru……….. (He hugs her legs as he is small in height.he a catches her tightly..)
Horan: Y hv u caught her so tightly…??!
Nick: Bcoz I don’t wanna leave my Shoru again….
Swara: (sits down)I love u so much….. ( She hugs him tightly. She starts crying n Nick wipes them cutely )
Nick : No crying…..
Irina: ok my pooh..!!! ( They all have a dinner. All sleep except Swara…Horan comes to her room…)
Swara : Dadda u here now…??
Horan: Yes….

Swars: y didn’t u sleep? ?
Horan: coz u r awake….
Swara: I never sleep…..Insomnia
Horan: I know…. (Swara becomes teary eyed as she cannot dream dreams. ….) Wat happened..?? ( looking his concern she hugged him. )
Swara: Wed I ever dream….??? I want to….I m the only one wid this defect….. In millions only I suffer this …….
Horan: No it’s not so… look at me.. (She looks up) millions sleep in night. .. but u don’t. .. It’s benefit. .u can go out n chat wid star limitlessly. … u r one of a kind! !!! U r different from others! Coz ur my princes….
Swara: being a step dad u care for me so much. …..
Horan: hmm….
Swars: but still. … Ur best dadda in world…. (Horan goes. In morning all Moores’ go for shopping… They were doing shopping when Horan had an idea n went to manager n explained him… Manager agreed. Swara was changing.. N Ragini n Sanskaar were there in shop. She came out wearing a gown to show Nick while the lights turned off)
Ragini: wat the f**k!!!y did this lights went off…??
Sanskaar : how am I supposed to know Rag. .???? (Spotlights were on
Swara n she hide her face actually protecting from the lights. Sanskaar saw her. She removed off her hand from face. Sanskaar saw her face… He was all mesmerised. She was like a princess sent by god to him. Ragini also looked on. Song played’ the girl has everything. ……’ Staff ask her to
dance n she does, She passes by Sanskaar while dancing and didn’t notice him.)
Ragini : Did u see he? ?????;!!!!!!!
Sanskaar : yeah…
Ragini : howz it possible…!!! (They became shocked….)
Sanskaar : I’m not interested to wait here r u!??? I’m going
Ragini: yeah… I will come…. (They leave. Sanskaar turns back n looks at Swara again. Ragini also turns n gives an evil smile. Swara finishes dance)
Swara : u did this dadda…..

Horan : Yes. …. u liked it..
Swara : of course. …
( The next day was the first day of high school n primary school. Horan dropped both of them.)
Swara : by dadda…
Horan : don’t b nervous..!! U r the daughter of u r school’s trustee
Nick: bye…..
Swara : I will keep it in mind….
Nick: pls drop me to my class Shoru…
Swara : Yes. ……..
( They head on. While A boy came from back engaged in his cellphone.)
Nick: hey Shoru don’t u hv a bf? ???
Swara: is it necessary well I had been asked to hang out but that’s horrible!
Nick: for whom r u waiting..??!
Swara: for the Mr.Perfect…. ( The boy pushes her slightly unknowingly at the same time.) Ouch…..!!! ( the boy doesn’t pay attention n leaves.)
Nick: Shoru r u fine..??
Swara: It didn’t hurt much…. Hold on … ( She bends down to pick up something when the boy turns n Nick notices him. But neither he nor Swara look at each other. Swara picks up the thing. It was bracelet. )
Swara: kaisa ladka hain….
Nick: Shoru…!!!!
Swara : bolo…
Nick: ur bracelet……
Swara : No Nick it’s not mine it’s that brat’s
Nick: Shoru!!!!! Look at ur own bracelet..!! ( She looks at bracelet which was on her wrist. It was shinning brightly..)
Irina:( surprised. Looks again up to see the boy but he vanishes) Nick…. It is shinning!! U know…. (Flash black. 10 yrs ago.)
Sumi: Shona this is magical bracelet..
Swara: magical…!!!!??
Sumi: Yes. … it shines where there is true luv… N if shined too brightly mean’s the person loves u more than anything…. (Back to present.)
Nick: so it’s magical…
Swara : Yes but has baby fireflies.

Nick: So he is ur true love….
Swara: u know him..??
Nick: but I saw him.. He was really dashing…. He had no bag n wore a jacket wid hood….
Swara: I will find him out….. ( She drops him. Meanwhile a girl gets attracted to wrist Laksh… But Laksh shows no interest. Laksh was walking n searching his class while Swara was also doing the same thing. Swara slips due to water. Laksh sees her. He runs to her to catch her…. He catches her hand… She sees Laksh n notices her bracelet shinning again too brightly…)
Swara : (to herself) He has his hood on head n wearing black jacket wid no bag pack. …!!! ( She blushes) Is he the one who pushed me some time ago…!!!????
Laksh (to himself): Lucky..!! Man mein laddoo fut rahe hain kya….?? But she is damn gorgeous… She is my first crush..!!!! ( he comes on his senses n makes her stand.)( They still share an eye lock. Ragini was there nearby but was a lil confused n fumed…)
Swara : thanks err…
Laksh: Laksh…. Lucky..

Swara : me..?? Y am I lucky…??
Laksh: No I mean my name is lucky
Swara : oh..!!! Friends..??
Laksh: ( to himself) Abey soch kya raha hain..??! Ladki khud haat badha rahi hain…. (to Swara ) oh yeah. …
(Laksh still holding her hand tightly.. His mind speaks: Lucky ladki ne sirf dosti ke liye hath badhaya hain shadi ke liye nahi??..!!! Chhod de.. Sirf hath chhod apne dil se nahi!!?? ) ( he leaves her hand. Swara blushes. )
Laksh: Which class?
Swara: I guess I have to attend Music class now…. N u??
Laksh : so I will join u… Let’s go..??
Swara : sure…. ( They both leave…)

Recap : Music teacher asks Sanskaar to play guitar n sing a song…
” Am I repulsive..!!!???? ??No am not!!!!?
Reply if u want me to continue season 2 in March….

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