Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 13

Twilight Diaries’?
Episode 13.

Precap – Reeds n Swara play soccer.

Ragini:they’re here! !!
Sanskaar: wat the f**k!!?
Darcy: We need to shield her! (Swara looks on.)
Swara: wats on!?? Can anyone tell me!?
Arianna: Swara leave ur hair idle…..
Swara:wa..Wat wat going on!! (Before she starts Ragini unities her plait..) But why!? (Sanskaar ignores her questions n drags her closer) Sanskaar…. wats on!?
Sanskaar: if u trust me then remain calm…. (Swara stands still. Ragini also comes closer to her n so does Laksh. Eliza n D’Arcy stand in front n Arianna n Harry surround them. )
Ragini: She is still been smelt… James has got a dog nose!
Sanskaar: don’t worry…. Trust ur powers!
Ragini: they r here! (James, Lawrence n Mia come from front. They looked good but dangerous.)
Lawrence: Morning Mr. Reed!! U all are playing game!?
Harry: Morning! Yes..

James: we wud like to join u… If u won’t mind….
Arianna: Yes sure.. (Hesitate)
Ragini:(mumbles) has mom lost it !!!
Harry: well, they’re my family.. Reeds’(Swara feels nice being included in Reeds’)
Mia: teams!?
Harry: A includes 4 n B includes 3.. Scores r equal..
James: B
Mia: B!!
Lawrence: A for sure..!
Sanskaar Rag….
Ragini: Don’t worry… I’ll surround her…(They start games. James grabs ball n moves towards goal. Swara was there standing. A strong wind passed by n Swara’s blood was smelt. James stops n Sanskaar signs Ragini n Ragini signs Laksh. Eliza runs to Swara n So does Ragini. James moved rapidly towards Swara when Laksh transformed into a WereWolf n stood in front as her shield. Ragini n Eliza threatens him by their looks. Swara gets a bit scared. Sanskaar runs to Swara N grabs her. Arianna n Harry Surround their kids n Mia n Lawrence come to James.)
Harry: Lawrence I’d informed u they’re my family. …. Ask ur friends to control. ..!
Lawrence: yeah.. (Lawrence tries to calm James. James stops.)
Sanskaar: I think we’re getting late!

Ragini : N we shud leave….
Mia: yeah, sure Ragini!! (James eyes on Swara. Sanskaar notices him. The 3 go off.)
Arianna: hurry up… We shall leave this place…!!
Eliza: I’m sure he’ll chase her…. (They all leave.)
Swara: is he a danger to me…..!?
Ragini: actually yes… but don’t worry! We Reeds ‘ r wid u.. (Swara smiles. They reach their homes n straight away run to hall room. )
Harry: Rag, tell if u see something. ..
Sanskaar: I’ve heard him planning….. (He sees Swara n shuts.)
Laksh: I think we hurry up!! He might execute his plans…..(They go to lot where all their cars were parked. )

Harry: Eliza n Arianna team up! Darcy keep a watch at her house… N Ragini n Laksh protect Swara! N Sanskaar accompany me….. (Swara was all confused….) FAST!! ( before The teams sit in their respective cars . Sanskaar comes to Swara n kisses her forehead.)
Sanskaar: don’t worry I won’t let ur heart beats stop! Take care….
Swara: why r u saying so!?
Ragini: coz he won’t accompany us to India….
Swara: wa….. Wat! ? India!?
Sanskaar: don’t ask y…. It’s for u…. bye!
Swara: He won’t harm u, will he!?
Sanskaar: No. .. I’ll drag his attention, Mom n Eliza chase him n D’Arcy will keep watch on ur home…. N u n Ragini will flee to India…. When the matter will close we’ll call u back…
Swara: bye…. Take care! (She hugs him n kisses on his cheeks. She leaves him unwillingly ??. She thinks of Sanskaar all the way. Her phone rings… )
Swara: mom!! (She was confused wat to tell her. )

Ragini: lie her!! Or else she’ll land in danger!
Swara: No, no!! She shud not! I’ll lie…( She picks up.)
Sumi: where r u Shona!? I had told u to be here, since we r going for movie!!
Swara:(Cries fake) Mom!!!!!
Sumi: Shona!! Wats wrong!?
Swara: mom, Sanskaar cheated me!! (Ragini looks on.) He never loved me!!! I’m leaving Forks!!
Sumi: Shona, r u fine!? N y r u leaving Forks!? U both fought ? Shona it’s ok in a relationship!!
Swara: No, mom!! It’s not! I’m leaving! I’m fleeing to India back!! Till the time I won’t get normal, mom pls!!! I’m having my flight after an hour… bye!
Sumi: Swara… but!
Swara: mom, pls!!?? Bye!
Sumi: take care!! Bye! (She hangs. )
Ragini: not bad!!!
Swara: thanks!! ( They take the flight n flee to India. Meanwhile Sanskaar n Harry were distracting James n Eliza n Arianna chased James. Darcy kept a look on Moore home n Mia n Lawrence. Ragini, Laksh n Swara land in Dehradun at night. They hault in lodge. Swara was busy gazing stars.)

(Sanskaar reads mind of James.)
Sanskaar: No,no,no,no,no!!!? Dad, he is running opposite!!
Harry: inform Eliza.(Sanskaar calls Eliza.)
Eliza: Sanskaar! Darcy said James had came to her home n went!
Sanskaar: wat!? I’ve learnt that he is going in opposite direction!!! Be aware. ..( He hangs.)
(Ragini shuts her eyes n sees something.)
Laksh: wats it!?
Ragini: it’s a hall….. Full of Mirrors! (She opens her eyes. ) I need to inform Sanskaar! (She calls Sanskaar.) Sanskaar! I saw a hall full of mirrors!
Sanskaar: He is in opposite direction!!! There’s something wrong… Where is Swara!?
Ragini: she’s fine!! Trust us! Sorry… She is gazing stars..
Sanskaar: Eli told he had visited Swara’s home. ..
Ragini: I’ll try to sense… bye! (Hangs. Laksh tries to calm her.)
Swara: Rag, I’m hungry!
Ragini: even I m!!

Swara: shut up!!
Laksh: I’ll get some human food!! (He leaves. Ragini looks on as if she also wanted to accompany.)
Swara: u can join him!! I’ll not complain to ur bro!!
Ragini: true!!??
Swara: ur bachhu never fakes!?
Ragini: ok! Bye, I’ll come sooner. ( She kisses her forehead n leaves. Swara sits n puts her headphones. She calls Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Hi, how r u!? Miss me!?
Swara: yeah!! Ok listen, I’ve sent u a song. Play it when I tell u…
Sanskaar: I received it. Shall I!?
Swara: wait..wait!! Ok, 1,2,3…play. (Both play at same time. The song plays n they remember all their meetings. The song was”Soch Na Sake”{{Guyz just imagine Swasan Twilight Diaries scenes while the song plays. N especially their first eyelock in music class when the lyrics play,” Kuch bhi nahi hain ye jahan tu hain to hain is mein jindagi…” enjoy the scene. .?}})
(After the song gets over.)
Sanskaar: that was really nice.. suits our situation!!
Swara: yeah! Bye… LOVE U!!

Sanskaar: love u too…! Bye. (Hangs up. She receives a call on cell. She picks an hears unusual voice.)
Voice: hello!! Hearing me after long time!? Nah!! U had heard me some hours ago…
Swara: who the hell r u!?
Voice: No!? Didn’t recognise my voice!? No problem! I will let u hear ur relatives voice!!
“AA…….. SHORU!!! PLS SAVE ME! SHORU!!”(Swara gets goosebumps when she hears her lil pooh’s voice.)
Swara: NICK!!? But he is in Forks!!
Voice: guessed right!! So u want ur bro alive!? N he is in India… He had his trip 2day, n I grabbed him!

Voice: oh, sweet heart!! So much u ask!! Just do one thing… Come to the address which I text u… N don’t tell ur friends!! I’m waiting for you sweet heart!!
Swara: don’t do anything to my Nick!!? I’m coming..! (Hangs up. She receives a message n she gets the address….
Address- Noor Banquet Hall, Near Axis bank, Dehradun. – Ur lovingly XYZ?)
Swara: shall I tell Sanskaar..?? No! Wat if he does something to Nick!? I’m sorry Sanskaar… I don’t know wat he wants.. but I want my Nick safe….? (She writes a note n keeps on table n leaves. She reaches the place. Ragini n Laksh return. They didnt find Swara n called Sanskaar.)
Ragini: Sanskaar, do u know where is Swara!?
Sanskaar: wat!? I told u to…
Ragini: I’m sorry… I’ll search her…
Sanskaar: He is there!!!

Ragini: James!?( Ragini sees a letter on table.)Sanskaar wait, there’s a letter on table, I’ll read it out.
“ I’m sorry! I know u might be fuming at me… but I’ve to go… He has my bro. I can’t leave my bro to death.. I’m sorry. Address – Noor Banquet Hall, Near Axis bank, Dehradun. Pls come…. Swara.”
Sanskaar: Pls find Swara!! I’m on the way! N even mom,Eli n D’Arcy…. find out the mirror hall!!
Ragini:Yes…. pls come fast…… (Swara enters the hall. It was full of mirrors.)
Swara: Nick!!! Nick!! (She sees someone run from back. She turns..) Nick!! (She cries)??
Voice: oh, hi sweet heart!! (She sees James in mirror. She gets scared n turns.)
Swara: James!? Where is my bro!?
James: oh. Sorry! He is in Forks…. (He points her at side. She watches there. She goes ahead n sees a player. She plays it.)
Player: AA…SHORU!!PLS SAVE ME!! SHORU!! (It plays again n again n she remembers that once when both were playing Nick shouted the same when he fell inside a pothole. She learns that she had fallen in his trap… She looks up n sees James running towards her from back. She gets up to escape but he holds her hand n bangs her hard on ground. She gets hurt. She tries to get up but he steps on her hand. She screams.)
Swara: SANSKAAR!!! (He leaves her. She gets up n tries to escape when he holds her hair n pulls her back n bangs her hard again on ground. She cries. )
Swara:(to her heart) Sanskaar!! Pls come!! Sanskaar!! (He sat down on knees n took her hand. He was about to bite her.)

Swara: No!No!!!! (When he gets pushed by someone. He was Sanskaar.) Sanskaar??
Sanskaar: SWARA!! (He looks up n sees James about to attack him when he attacks him back. ) How dare u hurt Swara!!? (He beats him harder. James bangs him on ground and holds his hand. Sanskaar made his moves n attacked him back. Suddenly Sanskaar was thrown by James. James makes Swara stand n holds her hair.)
James: u love her, right!? N see how I dare hurting her. (Swara gets scared. James throws her off. She goes n hits the mirror n falls aback. She was half unconscious when she fell off. Sanskaar saw her getting hurt in front of his eyes n got more fiery. He ran to James n held him n broke off his neck. Till then all others came. Ragini saw Swara n got angry n tore off his face. Eliza made arrangements for fire n lit James body. Swara was watching it in half giddy state. She saw Sanskaar n Ragini running to her. But she kept quite as she had no energy. She shut her eyes…………
Swara opens her eyes. It was Sumi.

Swara: mom….!!
Sumi: Shona!! U r awake!
Swara: wat is wrong…!?
Sumi: why did u hide from me….!?
Swara: mom wat!? ( She thinks that Sumi came to know about cancer.)
Sumi: that u n Sanskaar were in a relationship… ( Swara relieved.)
Swara: oh!! That…
Sumi: wat did u think!?
Swara: nothing special…..
Sumi: u were complaining about him…. look there (She points in right direction. It was Sanskaar who was sleeping on couch peacefully.) He’s here from the day u were admitted…. He really loves u..
Swara:hmmm……. I was wrong!

Sumi: well, I must say that ur choice is exceedingly superb!!
Swara(laughs) : I know.? ( Sumi kisses her forehead.)
Sumi: Shona, I’ll be back.. ( She leaves. Swara looks at Sanskaar.)
Recap: Rain kiss? N dance….



1. Twilight Diaries’? Season 2 wid entry of Parth Samthaan as Kabir. N Season 3 entry wid Tunisha Sharma n Sumedh Mudgalkar (Both from Ashoka)
2. New FF based on Swasan n Rag San. No Laksh.
3.College life of Swasan n Raglak… but mostly on Swasan….
Comment! I’m waiting….

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