Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 12

(Swara gets ready n comes down. Sanskaar n Swara leave. They reach the ground which was near to the woods. All Reeds’ were present including Lucky. )
Swara: Morning, everyone! (Every one smiles)
D’Arcy: so shall we!?
Eliza: teams!?
Ragini: I’ve made these chits. Pick 1 n go hell to ur team! A n B.
(Every pick up a chit. Arianna doesn’t as she wanted to be referee.They announce their team name. )
Darcy: A
Eliza: A!
Harry: B!
Ragini: A!! (She gets excited as she will compere against Laksh?)
Swara: um….. It’s …. A!(Ragini hugs her.)
Sanskaar: I’m against u! (Sanskaar smiles crookedly. Swara is already damn excited to play!)
Arianna: Guyz… captains!? (A n B team team up n plan the captain .)
Swara: I guess it should be D’Arcy
Ragini: worst choice!!
D’Arcy: as if ur God of soccer!?
Ragini: Did u mean Goddess! ??
Eliza: shut up yaar!!D’Arcy u be…
Darcy: No. . Swara u be!
Ragini: look. . Look!!?? (taunts. As in Dekho Dekho! !)
Swara: wat!? I’ve never even played !!(Sanskaar who secretly hers Swara laughs out loud!???)
Swara:(angry young girl!?) achha bachhu!!! Muzpe has rahe ho!! Ok! I’ll be the captain!
Ragini n Eliza: Sure!? (Hesitantly)(Sanskaar laughs again!??)
Swara: of course dumbos!! ( A team leader – Swara, B team leader -Sanskaar!!⚽⚽ Sanskaar comes to Swara.)
Sanskaar: hey, princess r u sure u know to play!?
Swara: actually no… but I’ll learn! (She replies immediately wid out knowing that he is also her enemy in game.)
Sanskaar: best luck kachha nimboo !!!
Swara: kachha nimboo!? Wats that!?
Sanskaar: ur bro told me that whoever is unimportant or doesn’t know the game is called as kachha nimboo means raw lemon!?? (He taps her shoulder.)

Swara: huh!!! Till night I was ur princess n now I’m ur kachha nimboo! ?? How mean!! I hate u!
Sanskaar:(drags her) but I luv u …….. my princess kachha nimboo ???!!
Swara: Sanskaar. …… We r rivals only till this game! After game we r only each other’s ….
Sanskaar: lives…… I know! I love u..
Swara: love u too…(Ragini drags her to ground.Both the captains come at centre n referee throws the soccer ball. Sanskaar grabs it n runs… Swara looks on n gets angry. Sanskaar passes it to Laksh n Laksh goals it beating A. )
Ragini: don’t fly high We’ll pull u down the harder!!
(Next Ragini grabs the ball n through her vampire gift sees the opponent’s future actions. But even Sanskaar could read minds n play. Ragini threw it to Swara n Swara grabbed it. Sanskaar with his vampire skills tries to read her but couldn’t. N Ragini assisted her his future moves. He was about to grab the ball when Swara Winks cutely at him n he looks on.. She runs n makes goal!)
Arianna: it’s 1 n 1! Go girls beat them!
(Swara smiles n winks again at Sanskaar. Laksh grabbed the ball n started running while Eliza n Ragini chased him. Ragini grabbed the football n moved in opposite direction. Laksh was about to grab. Ragini had a plan. Sanskaar read it .)
Sanskaar: Lucky, NO!!! SHE’S LYING!!
Ragini:(whispers) I love u!! (Laksh stares with mouth opened n Ragini runs fast n makes a goal!Sanskaar comes and pats him.
Sanskaar: oh! Mr. Day Dreamer! I shouted she is lying u didn’t listen!?
Laksh: Sorry…. 1 minute y sorry! !?? (Laksh’s serial background music plays.) Tu to aise bol raha hain jaise tune Swara ko beat kiya ho!! Wink se haare!!

Sanskaar: Wat did u do!! (Boys didn’t notice that girls were already to the final n gonna goal.)
Arianna: Sanskaar! ! Go!! (Sanskaar runs n so does Laksh. Laksh holds Ragini from behind making b the freezed. Sanskaar comes across Swara n smiles crookedly of which Swara is fond n looks on his killer n s*xy looks??. Sanskaar grabs ball n runs opposite direction n makes a goal. Ragini n Laksh were still freezed.? )
Sansksar: yahooooooo !!?? (Raglak hear him n separate. )
Ragini: Swara! Y didn’t u stop him!
Swara: oh, Miss.Frizzy !! Wat the hell were u doing!!? Freezed wid lucky! !!
Ragini: Yes! It’s because of this Lucky! !!?
Arianna: 2 n 2! Girls go!! It’s last chance!! (All get ready. Sanskaar grabs n runs. Ragini chased him. While the game was on Ragini suddenly stopped n shut her eyes. Sanskaar sees her n runs to her. All others also run to her. Ragini opens her eyes wid disbelief.?)
Harry: wats it!?
Ragini: they’re here!! James, Lawrence n Mia are here!!!!
Sanskaar: wat the f**k!!?
Darcy: We need to shield her! (Swara looks on.)
Swara: wats on!?? Can anyone tell me!??

Recap- Nick!!!

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