Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 11

Meeting u after a long week…….

N don’t worry about Season 2 story n pairs. I’ll not mould my story according to Vampire Diaries. N I hate Damon!
Swara: I’m going Sanskaar… but please accompany me…..
Sanskaar: I’m sorry… We r going to Italy….
Swara: why..!?
Sanskaar: we’ve some important work to be done… N Horan is wid u….
Swara: but u r not there…. ( She makes faces but finally agrees. Next morning itself Horan n Swara leave for Mumbai. Swara was a lil disturbed as she felt guilty of the situation of Janki… She calls Sanskaar.)
Swara: Sanskaar… I’m a bit worried….
Sanskaar: don’t worry…. Ragini did see ur future… Janki will be safe…..
Swara: talking to u really relaxes me….
Sanskaar: Thanks for the compliment. … Where r u….
Swara: I’ll reach the hospital within some minutes…..
Sanskaar: take care…
Swara: u also take care. Love you. (She kisses her phone indirectly to Sanskaar. Horan looks on.)
Sanskaar: Love you too princess….. (He hangs on. Swara learns that Horan heard her saying I love u n the kiss…..)

Swara: Ragini….. I told u…
Horan: yeah….. ( They reach the hospital. She meets Janki who was in her room. Janki was awake.)
Swara: Aap kaisi ho..!?
Janki: tu aa gayi…!! Mera sapna toh nahi hain na…
Swara: Bilkul nahi. I’m sorry Janki Maa…….(Janki looks on. So does Shekhar)
Janki: Kya bola tune!?
Swara:(hesitantly) Janki Maa…. Aap ko achha nahi laga? ?

Janki: pagli hain kya..!? Muze bahaut achha lag raha hain….
Swara: Aap bahaut strong hain.. pata hain kyun…!? (Janki shook. ) Kyun ki Aap meri maa hain….(Janki smiles n asks her to come closer n kisses her forehead…… Janki got discharged after her operation as it was successful. Till then Swara was there.)
(Swara was busy playing mobile games when suddenly someone tapped her shoulder. She turns.)
Swara: SANSKAAR!!!!???(She hugs him. She shouts actually too loud! She leans to kiss him. This time even Sanskaar carried it for longer time…. Suddenly Janki comes to see Swara as she had shouted. But to her surprise sees her daughter kissing a boy. Even Shekhar comes running to see Swara… Janki n Shekhar both were shocked to see that scene. Both Sanskaar n Swara didn’t noticed Shekhar n Janki! N secondly they were so indulged in kissing that were not ready to break it!!!!)
Shekhar: Swara!!??(Not angrily). (Sanskaar breaks off! Swara sees both of them. Sanskaar turns n she hides behind his arm. )

Swara: Shoot??!! (She mumbles)
Janki: Shona…. yeh koun hain!?
Shekhar: Aur yeh kya chal raha tha….!?
Swara: Maa… woh…. mera boyfriend hain…. Forks mein hi rehna hain…. Achha hain!
(Shekhar n Janki looks on n starts laughing. Swara feels embarrassed as well as confused.)
Janki: toh tum itni kyun dari huyi ho!?
Swara: main…ma… kyu darungi !!!
Shekhar: achha!! Shakal dekh!!

Swara: shut up!!
Janki: Stop it Shekhar!! Shona… Horan n Sumi ko pathar hain !?
Swara: (Swara n Sanskaar look at each other as both knew each others reality…?) Nahi….
Janki: to beta kab bolegi !?
Sanskaar: Aunty… We haven’t yet decided… but will confess soon…. (After some talks Janki n Shekhar leaves. …) They r cool!!
Swara: yeah… N u too.!! (Chuckles. She leans and kisses again…?. )
Leap of 5 days…….
(Swara was sleeping n tucked in Sanskaar’s Arms. She sees a dream……. {Swara n Sanskaar were talking about the recent problem which they faced. Swara had a bandage around her arm n was carrying a small oxygen cylinder. She leans n kisses Sanskaar. She sees someone behind the tree. She tells Sanskaar. They both find a rosary kept there which Swara had lost in woods n was gifted by Kabir….}Swara wakes up….)
Sanskaar: u ok!? Morning….
Swara: Morning… (When she sees her love’s innocent face she couldn’t resist n leans to kiss him…. After some time Sanskaar leaves. Swara freshens up n leaves for college. Laksh had came to pick her her up.)
Laksh: Hey hi..!
Swara: hi…. (She sits on his bike n they leave. )

Laksh: Swara, how r the Reeds!?
Sanskaar: fine…. y!?
Laksh: No just tp…… N howz Sanskaar!?
Swara: yeah he is fine…
Laksh: N Eliza n D’Arcy ……
Swara: fine…. Lucky come to the point!!! (She realises he wants to know about Ragini ) OH!!! Now I got it! Ur asking about.. Rag!! She is fine… Do u …. kinda like her!?
Laksh: Silly thought! N silly question!! (He smiles. … Swara receives Ragini’s call.)
Ragini: heyya !!!!
Swara: HI!!!!! Not a bad connection!!
Ragini: where r u !? I’m waiting for you since an hour!!!
Swara: for me or for my driver….!???
Ragini:(pretends) Driver…!? Who!?
Swara: We r on the way… (While Ragini was speaking Swara notices her bracelet shinning.) (to herself) Sanskaar. .. I know u r here…. I love u so much!!
Raginii: Swara…. come fast! Someone is even waiting for u!!! (Chuckles)
Swra:( Shocked n confused) Who!?
Ragini: don’t tell me u don’t know!? Of course Sanskaar! !

Swara: wat!? (Shocked) he is wid u!?
Ragini: r u fine!? Yes… He is wid me… wanna speak!?
Swara: No. . I’m fine! Where r u!?
Ragini: Swara! I said I’m in café! ! Dumbo, wats wrong!? (Swara hangs. She relates dream wid reality.)
Swara: (to herself) If Sanskaar is there how can my bracelet shine !!!! (Suddenly Laksh stops the bike. ) Laksh! !
Laksh: Swara be aware..!! (Tensed.)
Swara: why.. Laksh!
Laksh: I smell a vampire here! Be ware!! (He starts the bike n increases the speed.)
Swara:(to herself) Some thing’s wrong!! (Swara n Laksh reach their college. Laksh joins Ragini n Eliza while Swara wid Sanskaar. Sanskaar helds Swara near n his hand surrounding her waist. Some girls get jealous seeing their crush wid someone else…??)
Swara: so I’m dating a heartthrob ?
Sanskaar: seems so… (They smile n attend English lecture. They sit on last bench. The teacher plays a movie.)
Swara: Ummm. …!!!
Sanskaar: ur favourite! ?
Swara: Yes. . I’m somewat like her… But only difference is that she lives wid out her love…
Sanskaar: but can’t. .. right!?
Swara: yeh! ! (She rests on his shoulder while watching )
Sanskaar: do u feel like crying…

Swara: No! ! I’m used to it… her pain ……I can understand!!
Sanskaar: hmm…. (Fault in our Stars ends. Swara notices Ragini getting emotional n Signs Laksh to wipe off as her tears were blood. Laksh wipes off quickly n Ragini looks on. She feels great n so does he☺. )
{Guyz I hope I’m paying attention towards RagLak ? }
Sanskaar: wud u come to my home!?
Swara: really!!?? I will!! (Sanskaar n Swara leave. His house was in woods. It was all marvellous ?)
Swara: r u sure I shall come!? My blood won’t tempt them!? (She bits her lips.)
Sanskaar: No my princess!! N if they get I’ll handle….. (They enter the home. It was huge. Eliza came running. )
Eliza: hi Swara!!!
Swara: hey, Eliza!? Nice to meet u! Ur home’s all wonderful!!
Arianna: don’t worry u will soon be a member of it!!! (She hugs Swara.) By the way, I’m Ur boyfriend’s mom!!
D’Arcy: N ur future mother – in- law.!!!! (D’Arcy arrives. Meanwhile Ragini also comes n hugs her.)
Swara: hey, Rag!!!

Ragini: hi, bachhu !!!!!
Sanskaar: mom, teach ur daughter to Nick name!
Ragini: oh, shut up….. (She thinks for a Nick name)
Swara: Sanakii. …..(She interrupts.)
Ragini:thanks!!! (Sanskaar looks angrily to Swara. Swara holds her ears n says Sorry.)
Arianna: stop it now! ! Look even Harry came….! (Harry hugs Arianna.)
Swara: hello….
Harry: don’t be so formal!!!
Swara: yeah, sure….
Arianna: show her ur room till then I’ll prepare some pasta for her…. Rag n Eli pls help me…
Harry: Yes. . N Harry help me out to sort these papers…. N Swara don’t hesitate…
Swara: Of course!!! (Sanskaar drags her to his room. He opens the door.)
Swara:(shocked) Wat is this!??? ???????u are tedious! Such a nice room! OMG! I should learn something from u!!!
Sanskaar: thanks!!(Swara walks in n looks at his shelf which was full of books.)
Swara: u r fond of books…!? Jafrrey Chaucer, Shakespeare! Smith, J.K Rowling! ? N Joe Hart. ….. phew!!! U read so much!!! ?

Sanskaar: Since 225 years I’m doing this…. I must have read each more than crore times!! I know each n every word n it’s page!
Swara: oh! I hate reading! But after we get married, u read all for me..!!(Sanskaar smiles in his crooked way?. )
Swara: I love u… (She comes near n starts kissing him intensely. Even he starts kissing her. He drags her on bed. Both get more romantic n passionate. They both don’t end. Swara realises that Sanskaar is becoming hard on her n she felt suffocating. But she ignored as she wanted to continue. She notices cracks on his face n he stops kissing.)
Swara : r u okay!? Sanskaar!!?? (She gets worried. He was about to get up when he gets dragged back n hits the wall hardly.)
Swara:SANSKAAR!!!!? (the shelf falls down. She runs to him.)
Swara:Sanskaar, r u fine…. (Sanskaar nods n hugs her. She hugs him back.)I’m sorry…. its because of me…. I shouldn’t hv dragged u on bed….
Sanskaar: No. .. its my fault. I lost my control…. did u get hurt..!?
Swara: No. …. (She forwards to kiss him again but hesitates. He understands that she wanted to kiss n continue. He leans n drags her near n starts kissing. )
Sanskaar: we shud not make love until u get graduate…. it was our deal, right! ?
Swara: I won’t! ! N I’ll make love wid u before graduation! its my promise…
(Then Sanskaar n Swara come down in the hall room. )
Swara: Eliza… Wat is this!??
Eliza: It’s tarot cards!!
Ragini: it’s bl***y amazing!! U should try…. N it tells truth!
Swara: I’ll try. (She gets all excited.)

Sanskaar: u really believe in it!?
Swara: I’ve never tried! Don’t know!?
Arianna: till now for us its been true!

Eliza: It was written in Sanskaar’s card about u…. N it came true!
Swara: so now I trust it!! (She sits n takes one card. She hands it over to Eliza. Eliza smiles n takes it. She reads it. She shuts her eyes n opens them suddenly in shock. Swara gets tensed n so does Sanskaar. )
Sanskaar: speak up, Eli!!
Eliza: I really wish it proves wrong!!!
Ragini: Eli!!
Eliza: soon ur love will enter ur life……!! (Swara gets confused n shocked as well. Sanskaar looks on.)
Swara: but Sanskaar has already entered into my life…. Sanskaar!! (She pouts. )
Sanskaar: I told u.. its false! When I’m already in ur life how will another enter!?
Swara: Yes. …. (But Sanskaar was still worried n Swara not convinced.)
Sanskaar: it’s night… N I guess I shall drop u… Let’s go.(They leave. Sanskaar drops her home. N is disturbed. …)

Swara: hey!!! Y r u so disturbed! ? I love u!! N only u! U r the most cutest thing happened to me! N I don’t trust tarots!! Because our luv is greater than it! Our love is so strong that it wud not let anyone enter in our lives n in our hearts!! I love u!
N I will always be wid u….. I love u like hell…. I won’t afford loosing u…
Sanskaar: I love u too! (He drags her near n starts kissing her. Inside the house Horan was speaking on phone n was just passing by the window. Sanskaar cuts off the kiss.)
Sanskaar: bye!
Swara: by, my prince!! ( he was not willing to go. He comes closer n kisses her forehead . She gets passionate n kisses him. They both kiss for long. He breaks. Horan looks on n smiles!☺ Swara returns.)
Horan: u r dating him!?
Swara: whom dad!??
Horan: Sanskaar. …..

Swara: how do u know!?
Horan: I saw u both out! U make a nice pair…. but don’t forget that u r yet in school n have ur dreams. .
Swara: Yes dadda. (She hugs him n goes to room. As usual Sanskaar comes n they both go in meadow by seeing stars. )
Swara:(looks at sky n gets shocked) Sanskaar….. where is Kabir’s star!?
Sanskaar: He might have went to his girlfriend! ! ??
Swara: shut up Sanakii! ! I’m serious! ! Damn serious! !! U know 2day’s dream I saw…. (She narrates him her dream. N tells about the road incident.)
Sanskaar: chill my dumbo! It has no connection! !Sleep… N u know wat..
Swara: say..
Sanskaar: I feel as if u lied me being a insomnia patient…… coz u sleep so much like a baby! !?????
Swara: achha!!! Then go….. I’m not sleeping with you. ….?
Sanskaar: I’m just kidding my princess! !!!??
Swara: I know my prince!? love u!! (She kisses him. He lies down n she lies on him. He starts kissing her neck. Swara kisses him back.)
Swara: do u really want to….??

Sanskaar: we r in meadow… not in house.
Swara: next time…?
Sanskaar: Yes. … (She rests on him in same position…. n sleeps.) {GOD! !!!! THEY KISS SO MUCH!!?? ????. LET IT BE WE CAN UNDERSTAND !?}
Sanskaar: morning, princess! !!
Swara: morning, prince! !
Sanskaar: go n get ready.. We r going out wid Laksh to play soccer!!
Swara: really! !!!???? I’ll come! Shall I call Nick! ?
Sanskaar: wat if he knows about us!!
Swara: let it be… next time …… I’ll come!
Sanskaar: I’m waiting near my car.

Recap: SOCCER!!??????????⚽ “I’m not kachha nimboo!!!?”

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