Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 10

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(Swara was about to move out when..)
Sanskaar: Swara!! I love you…. Yes, I will spend all my life wid you… I was living ..though dead… without any goals… but u entered my life n I fell for u.! My only goal was to protect u from each n every problem… U r the reason for whom I want to live.. But I feel guilty that I cannot protect u from cancer… but I will…. I will save u…Swara.. I wanna laugh wid u, sing songs wid u, attain all classes wid u, romance wid u!! I want u to sleep in my arms every night n dream… I want to give u all happiness n love u like anything….. Damn I love u so much…!! (She smiles n runs to him n hugs him.)
Swara: I knew it.. I love u too…. U r the best thing happened to me….. (Swara gazed at Sanskaar. She came closer to him n pressed her lips against his. He wanted to cut off but Swara didn’t allow him!!? But finally he won! He cuts off the kiss.)
Sanskaar: when will u tell about ur disease to parents. .. I know u n Kabir haven’t told it yet….
Swara: how do u know….
Sanskaar: gifts… I can read minds..
Swara: REALLY!!!!??? How!?
Sanskaar: I read everything. But yours some times…. coz u hardly think anything!
Swara: N Ragini!?
Sanskaar: She can see future n change a person’s feelings….
Swara: oh. …N Eliza!?
Sanskaar: nothing special… but she is fond of kids… N ur bro… They r friends..
Swara: I didn’t knew it!!! Anyways… I’m not gonna tell mom n dad… my death wud be sudden n surprise for them!
Sanskaar: U r kidding me!!! N wat if u don’t die…..
Swara : yeah.. If ur love is so strong….
Sanskaar: any doubts…. wanna clear it of..!? (He comes near.)
Swara: I have many doubts. .. It wud take a long time.. might be till morning!!
Sanskaar: shut up! U r still 17! N too small to make love!
Swara: when did I say so! And as if u r mature!!Wats ur age!!??
Sanskaar: 225…
Swara:(gulped) Wat! !??? F**k u r 225!!??
Sanskaar: 225 as a vampire. . N 18 as normal…!
Swara:Seriously!! U r f*****g amazing!! ?
Sanskaar: well, u r dad is coming… I’ll leave.. (Swara makes faces.)
Swara: No!!! Pls… Hide somewhere!! N wat if u r kidding!?
Sanskaar: I can sense him… N he will be asking u to accompany him in his visit to ur industry… bye.. (She pouts. Horan knocks door. Swara gets confused. She goes to open.)
Sankaar: Hey! (She turns n he drags her closer n kisses her.) Bye! Love u!
Swara: go other wise ill drag u into the bed!! (Chuckles)( He leaves. She opens the door.) Hey, dadda! !?
Horan: hi. Do u have some time…!? If yes then pls accompany me in our industry.. (She remembers her boyfriend’s prediction n nods. She gets ready n goes wid Horan.)

(After returning from Industry Swara has her dinner n comes to her room. She changes her clothes n sits on couch for reading book. She feels his presence n turns around.. Sanskaar was there.)
Swara: I knew u r here..! (She hugs him n leans to kiss him.) R u not interested in kissing me…
Sanskaar: I’m dying to do it since a month!
Swara: then y do u cut off early..
Sanskaar: if don’t cut off… I wud kill u!
Swara: why!? N how! ?
Sanskaar: My force is too much. ..N u r a human being..
Swara: do u mean I’m lame!?
Sanskaar: When I feel I wud kiss u for long….
Swara: ok then.. I’ll wait till then! Wat made u come here…!?
Sanskaar: I wanna take u out…
Swara: it’s 11!!
Sanskaar: who cares!!?? U trust me! ?
Swara: more than myself!!
Sanskaar: let’s go then…( Suddenly Sumi calls her)

Swara: Yes coming…. Sanskaar I’ll come… (She goes down. ) Mom.. I’m sorry if u r gonna ask me to do something….. I’m going out for a walk… bye….
Sumi: Yes sure! But take ur cellphone…
Swara: it’s off…. No worries I’ll take yours… (Swara picks up Sumi’s cell while Sumi n Horan look at each other helplessly. Swara walks off. She searches for Sanskaar….. Sanskaar drags her near him…)
Sanskaar: can’t stay wid out me, huh!!??
Swara: Yes. … (They start walking…)Sanskaar where r we going!? Will we reach there on time!?
Sanskaar: don’t worry my princess!!(He picks her in bridal style. )
Swara: seems like my prince wanna lose his weight..!!
Sanskaar: u r not even a ant weight for a vampire…..
Swara: how dare u call me an ant!! So u mean u vampires r the strongest!?
Sanskaar: Yes. . N even fastest!! Wanna see how much fast!?
Swara: sure!!
Sanskaar: close ur eyes or else u will feel giddy! (She shuts her eyes….. He runs swiftly n fast. Swara was able to feel the breeze….)
Swara: it’s so cool! !!
Sanskaar: princess don’t open ur eyes!! (They reach the destination.) Now open. (She opens her eyes n was able to see the entire Forks! They were standing on the clock which was very high. ) so princess, scared! ?

Swara: No! When my prince is wid me I’m not afraid of anyone.. even death!
Sanskaar: hold me tightly…. or else u will fall
Swara: if I fall u wud catch me…
Sanskaar: u know me well!!??
Swara: more than u urself!! ( ‘tum hi ho plays. ….. They sit down.) When I saw u for the 1st time u sang a song… Can u sing now..!?
Sanskaar: if u accompany me! Start…
Swara: but Hindi!! I luv hindi ones.. U start….
Sanskaar: Ok… (He starts) Tere bin…tere bin… (×2) tere bina marne nahi.. jeena nahi tere bin…
Swara: tere bin.. tere bin (×2) Tere bina marne nahi.. jeena nahi tere bin… (They end. Swara rests in Sanskaar’s chest…) Sanskaar! Y ur heart doesn’t beat!? U don’t have it!?
Sanskaar: I do… but my heart is concerned about ur heart beats not its own…. Vampires don’t breathe… no beats… We r dead… well how do u feel upon dating a dead…!?
Swara: shut up!! Don’t dare call my prince dead… even I’m diseased. ..
Sanskaar: N u dare call my princess diseased!!!
Swara: where do you live!?
Sanskaar: we’ve a house in woods..
Swara: Don’t u feel thirsty when I’m wid u… I still remember our first music class.
Sanskaar: yeah I do……. but I love u…. I’ve controlled myself.. For everything….
(Sumi’s phone rings.)

Swara: unknown no.!?
Sanskaar: pick up…..(Before Swara could speak the voice spoke.)
Voice: hello mishti, it’s Shekhar…. (Swara was surprised)
Shekhar: I’m sorry for calling u at night…. but I’m helples… Janki is serious n wants to meet Swara.. I hope u would send her…. pls send her!! I promise u that I wud tell Swara the reality soon…. pls Mishti send her. .. Janki wants her daughter!
Swara: Papa!! Which reality…..
Shekhar: Swara! !?? Mishti kahan hain…. (SHE was confused. She hangs up)
Sanskaar: hey, who was he!?
Swara: Shekhar, my biological father…. He says his wife is ill n wants me… N wanna tell me some reality…… Sanskaar I’m worried… (Sanskaar calms her n drops her home quickly.)
Sanskaar: don’t worry… bye…
Swara: pls don’t go!! I need u! ( She holds him tightly.)
Sanskaar: ok.. I’m waiting for you in ur room…. (Swara enters… She hears her mom n dad having talks.)
Sumi: I think we shall tell her…
Horan: She wud be disheartened…. If she knows that Janki is her surrogate mother!! (When Swara learns this she gets a huge shock.)
Sumi: but we have to… The circumstances were such that Janki had to….
Horan: ok. I’ll drop her India as soon as possible…. Janki needs her…..(Swara drops a vase n Horan sees her. She comes out n starts crying….)
Swara: y did hide this from me mom!! Pls tell me!!
Sumi: Swara!!!!
Swara: PLS TELL ME!! (She yells.)

Horan: Tell her. ..
Sumi: Pls be calm Shona!!! Listen… I n Horan dated from 18…. We had decided to get married. Even had planned… but my mom n dad forcefully made me marry Shekhar, even same was the case wid Shekhar…. He loved Janki.. Before a day of marriage I became pregnant wid Horan child … I told Horan… He insisted me to inform Shekhar. I did… Shekhar’s dad was alive n suffer from heart attacks. If we divorced he wud have passed away… N if we tell him about me being pregnant he wud have doubted…. So we decided to do surrogacy n Janki agreed to be a surrogate mother so that no one wud doubt… She gave u birth n we told others that we have adopted u… After that u started considering Shekhar as ur dad n Janki as ur enemy….. I tried to explain but Shekhar n Janki stopped me.. U became 7 n Shekhar’s dad died… We filed divorce n he won over ur custody as Janki had surrogacy certificate.She loved u a lot. .. Still loves u…. when u came here she got ill. Shekhar didn’t even tell us. N now she is serious n needs u…. PLS go!! She needs you..!! (Swara cries n remembers all her bad deeds against Janki n Shekhar.)
Swara: I did so wrong wid Janki!!! I’m sorry mom dadda!! (She runs to Horan n hugs him tightly. After some time she sits out idle. Horan comes.)
Swara: so I’m not ur adoptive child…..
Horan: Yes… I’m sorry…
Swara: I’m happy to be ur daughter…. N u my biological dad!!! That’s y I felt comfort with u n not so much wid Shekhar n Janki……
Horan: hmm. ……
Swwra: look.. my eyes r like u! So big!
Horan: N even ur nose!
Swara: yeah! Even Im stubborn like u!
Horan: hmm…
Swara: I wanna celebrate being ur biological daughter!! N Nick’s real sister!! I’m ur daughter!
Horan: not only our daughter but cute incident happened coz of Sumi n mine love……. (She hugs him)
Horan: r u going to India…!?
Swara: don’t know. .!!! (She goes in her room.)
Swara: u r still here!? I thought u might have went
Sanskaar: r u going to India..!? I think u should….

Recap: Janki ma!! ……. Reeds ‘ home….. ?

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