Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 1

Hey guys I read ur comments. I’m glad u loved it. N I will clear ur confusion. In this part1 of episode1 characters like Irina (Swara), (Sumi )Elena, Would b introduced….
Mumbai, Bose house
Shekhar: kahan???

Irina: Forks, Washington, US
Shekhar: Akeli ??
Irina: No… dadda is coming…..
Shekhar: par kyu? ?
Irina: I’m 17 n passed out HSC… N as per conviction of court I can take my own decision about where to live… N I chose Mum….N dadda. .
Shekhar: ok….

Lucky’s home.
Lucky: Yes nani… I’ve packed all stuff …
Nani: wat about ur dad!?
Luky: all fine. He is still in Baghdad.
Nani: ok.. come fast
Lucky: Yes. . I’ll be there bye. (To himself) get ready Forks I’m coming….

Forks, Moore house
Elena: took the tickets??
Horan: Yes. …. shall I leave now!??
Nick: of course! !!! Go n bring my Shoru back!!!!!
Horan: bye….
After one day…….
Mumbai, Bose house.

Irina: hi dadda..!!!!!! ( She hugs him)
Horan: hi Shona…. howz u??
Irina: how am I looking..??
Horan: Like my princess…..?
Irina: How’s mom n Nick?
Horan: fine.. where is Shekhar n Janki?
Irina: I never pay attention to them….
Horan: y you’ve been rude to them?
Irina: I spent 10 yrs wid out my mum n u bcoz of them….
Horan: let it be… Smile.. (She smiles n hugs him again)
Irina: Dadda it’s 12…. Our flight is at 5….. I think we shudder leave… I’m sorry u came now n asking to leave…. but wat shall I do?? I just hate these Bose!!! Let it be…. I just wanna enjoy being a Moore!! Irina Horan Moore..
Horan: Yes. … (They leave after baying goodbye to Bose.)

Forks, Washington.
(Lucky arrives Forks in morning n goes at his granny’s residence. Irina n Horan arrive in night. Car stops in middle while going home)
Irina: wat happened!!???
Horan: I’ll see. Don’t get out!!!!!
Irina: yeah
(Horan gets out. Checks n comes in)

Wat happened??
Horan : I’ll cm in a minute…. There is a mechanic over here. … don’t get out!!!!!!!!
Irina:yes……. (Horan goes to re mechanic. Irina was peeping out n watching the woods. She saw something mOving very fast… )
Kya tha yeh.!? I’ll check out.. (She gets out. She walks in woods.)
Arey….. there’s nothing here! ! Illusion Shona!! Let’s go or else dadda will growl!! (She tries to go but finds no road) oh f**k!!!! Where’s the road?!! I came from here….. no there…. ( She gets lost. While she was engrossed in finding out route someone ran in full force with a strong wind. She noticed that n got scared..) someone just passed. ………. but so fast!????? ( She noticed something fallen down)wats that???? ( She picks up. It was a compass!! N it had highlighted N) means I need to go to north! !!! (She became glad. She was unaware of person who was behind her watching her wid evil eyes….)
Person: (to himself) No!!!!!! Stop ur self! U cannot harm her!!! U have helped her by dropping compass… No… just back of!!!! ( he goes away like a wind! Irina walks n finds road. Horan also came)
Horan : y did u came out??
Irina: Dadda relax!!!! I just got out!!!
Horan : sit inside!! ( the mechanist repairs. They leave.)
(Irina notices her dadda n sees him worried)
Irina: U ok??
Horan: yup
Irina: Dadda there’s something in this woods!!
Horan: ( looks more tensed) no its absolutely not!!!forget it…..
Irina:( she finds something fishy n looks at woods. To herself) I will find out the secret n mystery… It’s my promise!!! (She gives an evil smile)

Recap: Irina’s arrival at home. Shopping for Moore kids . Jane n Aaron see Irina n get shocked……

Guys pls comment howz it……..

Credit to: Duggu


  1. Likhitha

    It takes time to get used to the names…hahahaha…But its nice…Quite different story…. 🙂 (y)

  2. Bella

    Hey….duggu…it’s awesome…I am big fan of Twilight and this story is really good…I appreciate your writing skills….you write really good. Lots of love duggu… if you have time can you check out my story…probably you will like it. My story is
    ” backfire”. If you want to read it make sure you read it from the start…bye. and remember your story is really fabulous..I love it . Take care

    • Duggu

      Thanks a lot Bella……? It rely means a lot to me! I will definitely read ur Story but after my boards……
      Loads of love – Duggu ♡

  3. pratiksha

    duggu plz use the serial name I’m not understanding bcoz its really bit hard to keep those names in mind its my request…… other than story line is awesom

    • Duggu

      Yes… Shekhar is her biological father n ex husband of Elena. Horan is present husband of Elena
      Loads of love – Duggu ♡

  4. Sahima

    Hey duggu. It’s very hard. Who’s irina and jane. I can’t understand anyone. Plz. I can’t understand any name. I had saw the intro part. But I don’t remember

    • Duggu

      B coz Indian names won’t fit Forks n it’s story which matters n not the names I guess??
      Loads of love – Duggu ♡

  5. kristina

    Hey duggu …I love your ff very much …its awsome …waiting for your next update .. plx update it soon ….plzzzzzzzzz………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.