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Hello, guys, this is Lovely from Broken Trust! I want to share with you all this SS! It’s a story which I dream so I want to share this with you all
Please tell me if it’s a good idea 🙂

A girl is shown smiling and walking toward a man. She gives him a kiss on her forehead and tells

Girl- Good morning mamu ( this is the way I call my uncle)
( We can name the uncle as Ashok Gagodia)

A.G- What a pleasant surprise Laado? When you came from Australia?
( Yes the girl is our beautiful Ragini)

Ragini- Today morning mamu! I just came from the airport, so I thought to give you the surprise first.

A.G- Your dad will be jealous

Ragini- I will manage him! Please, Mamu I missed you a lot, from past one year I was in Australia, you never came to see me! Not fair, and here I come especially for Varun bhai wedding!

A.G- You know na laado I’m so busy with the store.

Ragini- Ya I know, mamu see you tonight I’m going

( P.s: Just to mention Ragini is rich but her uncle not)

Ragini turn around and clash with someone.

Ragini is not looking up- I’m sorry, very sorry, I hope you are not hurt?

Ragini looks up and the guy just staring at her

Ragini shakes him- Hello? Mamu I think we need to call a doctor, he cannot speak

Mamu smile at her, but then tell- Laado…

Ragini- Uffo mamu, you manage him, I have to go, if not mama will be angry at me. Love you mamu

She said all this leaving his mamu amused.


Everyone was busy preparing the marriage, no one notice that Ragini was here with her luggage. She pouts and makes a sound, like coughing
Varun ( play by Varun Kapoor) look up and sees her. He was smiling and come to her

Varun- My princess finally she is here! After one year of silence, she came back for ruining my peace.

Ragini- Bhai that’s not fair, I came to make you all a surprise and see no one bother me? See my ma is starring at me like I’m a ghost

She chuckled and Varun reply- That’s you are! What the need to go so far from us? And yes you better make your mom happy because she is very angry with you.

Ragini- Bhai, Australia is not far away from India! And if I missed you so much, why you didn’t come to see me? You all forget me once you get my bhabhi!
She fakes like crying, Varun hugs her and tells- Even If God tell the opposite, you will be and remain my princess for all my life.

Janki ( Ragini mom)- Varun better doesn’t spoil her like that! See you are treating her like a princess since she was born, and after she grows up she goes far away from us! She didn’t let me come with her
(Janki cry) Ragini comes to her and wipes her tears- Mama tells me one thing if you came with me, who will you scream every morning ” I swear today I will kill your father Ragini?”
And who will say ” Ragini your dad and your bhai are same uffo one day I will kill them both”
Or I forget with whom you will ” I love you pati Ji”
She laughed, in fact, everyone laugh, Janki just blushed.

Ragini- Mama doesn’t blush its bhai shaadi, not yours. Papa has already married you

Voice- So what I can marry now, I’m still young and fresh

Ragini- Papa, Oh I miss you so much

Shekhar- Yes, that’s why you go to your mamu first
He pulls her ears

Ragini- Papa it’s paining, I’m sorry
Shekhar- Ya better be

Ragini- Varun bhai how my bhabhi is? I mean her personality, her face Is she ugly or more pretty than me?

Varun was lost in his thought. Ragini shakes him- Bhai I’m asking you something? Don’t tell me you were daydreaming?! Uffo bhai

Varun- I will tell you, she is pretty but not more than you. She is very nice and her smile is very sweet.
Ragini in his ear- like her lips?

Varun- Haan

Ragini- What?

Varun- Nahi Ragini, nahi

Ragini- Too late bhai now I know.

Janki- Go and sleep, tonight we have to go to Maheswari mansion

Ragini- Maheswari?

Janki- Uffo Ragini, Sanskar’s fiancee house

Ragini nod and go to sleep.

After 5 hours of sleeping, she wakes up and goes to the bathroom. She gets down and asks her mom- Mama can I get something to eat, please?

Janki- Today everyone is fasting

Ragini- So I’m not

Janki- Are you not ashamed, I’m fasting and you want to eat?

Varun- Yaar Ragini why are you so selfish?

Ragini- Bhai you take the side of mama? like you too are fasting

Varun stammers- No… no Ragini

Ragini- Humm
She goes and takes something from the fridge and go back to her room. Varun came and Ragini said- You love her that much that you are fasting for her?

Varun- Yaar no I’m not fasting

Ragini- And for her you lied to me? I went just for one year bhai I know you more than yourself, so better don’t lie to me! You know I hate people who lie!
She said in an angry tone

Varun- I know I’m sorry baba

Ragini- Turn your face

Varun- Why?

Ragini- Because I’m eating, I don’t want you to faint before me, what I will tell your would-be wife

Varun- That I love her

Ragini- Yes I know you love her! You know I’m jealous when you tell me that you love her?

Varun- Maybe it’s time for you to get married

Ragini- NO please don’t start this topic now

Varun sight, he know he will make her angrier but as a friend and brother, it’s his right to say all this to her- Ragini it’s time to move on now. Every man is not like him, please why you punish yourself. I let you go to Australia in the hope that you will be fine and forget him, but here you are still the same.

Ragini- I will try but it very hard for me. Forget all this, I think it’s time for us to prepare ourself.

Ragini and prepare herself in a royal blue saree, with silver border. She makes her make up. Her earrings and necklace match with her saree.
She came down and everyone sees her, Janki came to her- I hope no evil eyes will catch you.

They go to Maheswari mansion, Varun introduces everyone her sister Ragini Gagodia.

Swara- Hi I’m Swara

Ragini- Oh I know why my bhai choose you! You are very beautiful! I can tell you something! I love my brother a lot, and don’t share him with anyone, but I can make an effort for you, just make him always happy.

Swara- I know you are very possessive about Varun, don’t worry he told me that he love you a lot, maybe more than me.

Ragini- No, he loves you a lot, I saw this in his eyes for you. And you are the first girl for whom he fast

Varun- Ragini!

Ragini- I heard that mamu call me! Yes mamu coming

Ragini let them alone and clash into someone.
She looks up and says- Again you? Have you the habit to clash with someone?

Guys- No I don’t but you does

She looks at him, she thinks he is handsome, but no behave Ragini you are at Swara’s place

Guy- I know I’m handsome, don’t think aloud
He smirk

Ragini- Excuse me?

Guy- You are excuse

Ragini- Whatever

Varun takes the mike and announces something

Voice- Today, my sister came from Australia, I want her to sing for us! She has a melodious voice

Ragini- Varun, you know I don’t sing now?

Guy- Why are you scared? I think you are a strong girl but nops

Ragini- Mind your business Mr. Whatever

Ragini goes near Varun and tells in low voice- You will pay for it bhai

Ragini then starts to sing Ishq hua from Aaja nach le

( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
( Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua )… (2)
( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
( Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua )… (2)
Ishq Hua Haaye
Ishq Hua Haayaaaeeeein
Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai
Gujare Na Wahan Se Yeh Teri Galti Hai
Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai
Rehte Hain Abb Hum Wahan
Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua

Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua
La Alal Ala A
Ishq Hua
Kadmo Ko Sambhale
Nazaro Ka Kya Karein
Nazro Ko Sambhale
To Dil Ka Kya Karein
Kadmo Ko Sambhale
Nazaro Ka Kya Karein
Dil Ko Sambhale Zubaan
Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Esi Chale Jab Hawa
Ishq Hua Hi Hua
( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
Ishq Hua… (2)

During the song, the guys stared at Ragini. Ragini feels uncomfortable but sings till the end. Everyone clap for her.
The party goes on till 1 p.m

Credit to: Lovely

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