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Hello guys so some of you, no not some but many of you were confused about Ragini’s pregnancy!
The question you ask me is: Could you be pregnant and not know it?
My reply yes, we can be pregnant and not know it! It’s not a medical issue, it’s a psychological problem. Denial is a primitive defense mechanism wherein the mind literally rejects an idea that is uncomfortable or scary. For Ragini it’s scary to be pregnant, she is not married, and learn that Laksh has to marry another woman, so her mind rejects the idea that she is pregnant. You may be confused relative to the symptom, how can she not feel that. Like I said it’s a psychology problem, so she doesn’t feel it, until the baby must be born 🙂
I hope you are not confused now 🙂
I cannot update Broken Heart for some technical issue, but don’t worry I will update soon.
Thank you for your comment, I really like to read them again and again lol

TS 4

Ruhi is now four-month-old. Every day Varun ask Ragini who is her father, but Ragini remains quiet. Janki is still angry at Ragini for crossing her limit, but she cannot be away from Ruhi. Every time she sees Ruhi, she saw baby Ragini in her. Same expression, same eyes, same mouth. Shekhar was upset with the idea that Ragini is not married, but then he cannot change the past, and Ruhi is innocent. She is very cute. Everyone loves her, and Ragini is happy, even if they are angry at her, her daughter has the love of her own.
Today she is not going to the office, Janki was with Ruhi.
Swara looks at Ragini and think about something, and then speak

Swara- Ragini?

Ragini- Umm

Swara- I want to ask you something?

Ragini- Yes bhabhi?

Swara- Will you marry my brother Laksh?

Ragini shocked and angry- No never

Swara- Why? He will accept Ruhi like his daughter, I’m sure, he is very kind

Ragini- No means no, I don’t want anyone in my life nor my daughter life

Janki- Why you react like this? Swara is right, Ruhi need a father love, you cannot give her that.

Ragini- Mama I don’t want to marry anyone, and Ruhi have you all

Janki- Yes, but when she will grow up and she will ask you who is her father? What his name? Where is he? What will you reply ?

Ragini- I will give her so much love that she will not ask me. And Varun bhai is here, he can take the responsibility of the father.

Janki- Ragini Varun is her mama, not her father. Think about it, Laksh is a good guy, he will keep you two happy

Ragini- Mom tell me if I’m a burden to you all, I will go away, but I won’t marry anyone! And please bhabhi never talk to Laksh about Ruhi or me, I will never forgive you.

Janki- Stop now your nonsense! How long will you be single or alone? I can keep an eye on Ruhi, but one day I will go, Swara and Varun will have their own child, they will be busy with their little family! Today you won’t feel the need of a husband, but the day you will not have your family beside you day and night, you will understand the need of a husband! I know Varun and Swara will keep an eye on you and Ruhi, but they will not be all the time beside you! Understand this and stop with your stubbornness!

Ragini takes Ruhi from Janki and goes away angry. Janki sight and tell

Janki- Varun pampers her a lot, that why now she is like this, but I know she hides her pain behind her anger!
Swara you must think I’m angry at her because she has a child before marriage, or she has a relation with a man without a wedding! Yes, I’m angry but not for that, I’m angry because she is still a child and she has a child. I cannot see someone pointing at my daughter, she is my proud, even today she still is. I just want to know who is the father of Ruhi, I want to know why he has left my daughter!

Swara- Ma, if we know who is the man who made Ragini pregnant what will you do?

Janki- I will slap him, but you have to manage your husband because I’m sure he will kill him. Varun loves Ragini a lot and you know that.

Swara nod

After some days, everyone was in living room taking tea, and Swara tells- Ma, papa I want to tell you that one of my friend will come tonight. Can he stay here for some time?

Shekhar- Yes beta, your friend is our friend too, make sure he will be comfortable.

Swara- Thank you papa.

Varun look at Swara suspiciouly, but she reassure him.

Ragini was not here, she has to attend a meeting. When she came back she hear some familiar voice, she back off

Ragini ( in mind)- God please tell me that I’m dreaming

Voice- No you are not dreaming

Ragini turn around and see Laksh- What are you doing here?

Laksh- I should ask you, why you were not attending my call, not replying my message?

Ragini- Please go away

Laksh- Never, I won’t let you now

Ragini- Please Laksh, you have already told me that before, and like an idiot I believe you, not now! You got what you want that night, now you can go and let me live in peace
Laksh pin her to a wall and tell- What I got that night? No I never plan this, and you know I love you, why are you behaving like this? I have to be angry at you for keeping my daughter away from me!

Ragini- Who told you that she is your daughter? Maybe

Laksh was angry and hold her very tight, she hisses in pain- Laksh you are hurting me

Laksh- Yes and what about you? My Ragini is mine, so stop telling bullshit about her! Who are you to tell me that Ruhi is not my daughter? She is and I know it. I love her and her mom a lot, even if her mom keeps her away from me.

Ragini- Who told you to go away and let me down? She was crying now

Laksh hug her- I never let you down! I never want to go, but I was furious with my parent, that’s why I go back to Australia at my chacha’s place. Every day I think about you, I missed you so much! I’m sorry

Ragini- I love you, and I’m sorry too

Voice- See I was right, Varun you have to give me something now

Varun sight and he come to Laksh then slap him
Varun- That’s for my Ragini’s tears

Janki comes to him and slaps him too- And that’s for coming back late

Laksh- I’m sorry

Janki- Your sorry won’t change anything.

Laksh- I will make everything right! I didn’t know Ragini was pregnant, I will marry her and keep my daughter and Ragini happy

Shekhar- You will marry her because she is the mother of your child?

Laksh- Nahi uncle, I love your daughter from the day I saw her for the first time. I love her very much, it’s just that I have an argument with my parent that’s why I go back to Australia. Believe me, I want Ragini to come with me, but she never replies my call nor my message!

Shekhar- You could come here, why now? Why should I believe you?

Laksh- I don’t know how to convince you, but I really love your daughter, mudje apki beti behat pyaar karti! I can give my life for her if you ask!

Shekhar- Ok do something, see the door go and never show me your face!

Swara- Papa wh..

Ragini- Papa don’t do this I love him

Shekhar- Suna tumne Laksh?

Laksh- Yes uncle, but I will go with your daughter and mine! You cannot separate a father with her daughter

Shekhar- And you can come here and tell that you will leave with my daughter? I’m a father also, my daughter is my princess.

Laksh- I will keep them happy

Shekhar- I don’t trust you

Swara- papa, trust me Laksh is a good person, he will keep our Ragini happy, like us.

Shekar- Laksh go now

Everyone was sad, Laksh looks at Ragini with teary eyes. Ragini look down, unable to hide her tears.
Laksh was about to go, he was near the door, Shekar tell

Shekhar- And next time you come here remember this: don’t forget to bring your parent with you! I cannot give you my daughter before meeting your parents
Laksh turns around happy, and run to hug Shekhar- Thank you, uncle

Shekhar- No, I just want you to keep my Ragini always happy.

Laksh- I will

After two weeks, Laksh comes to Gagodia mansion with his chacha and cache

Laksh- Uncle…

Chachi- Laksh he is not your uncle but your father in law so call him papa

Laksh- Haan yes papa. Papa, I didn’t come with my real parent because I live with my chacha and Chachi.

Shekhar- Don’t worry, Swara told me about your parent, I don’t mind.

Chacha- I’m happy finally they will marry! I can see my Laksh happy

They discuss and agree on the date.

Ragini- Laksh, I have to ask you something?

Chacha- Don’t be shy, you can ask in front of us!

Ragini- vo… vo, I

Chachi- I know, you think that after your shaadi you have to shift to Australia?

Ragini look down and nod

Chachi come to her and hug her- You know, I cannot have a child, but for me Laksh is more than my son, he is my friend. He gives me the right to call him son, to have his love, and now he give me another daughter, so I cannot make you unhappy. Laksh told me the relation you have with your family, don’t worry you will not shift to Australia, in fact, you will have to shift to the next mansion. Laksh bought this house for you and Ruhi.

Ragini look at Laksh and his nod- But then what about you two?

Chachi in a teasing tone- Umm now Laksh found his love, we can go back to Australia. We will be alone but don’t worry about us.

Ragini- No, no need we can shift to Australia

Chachi- I was joking, Laksh ki chacha has shifted his business here, so unfortunately for you, you will have a saas on your back.
She laughed, everyone smile. Ragini hug Chachi.

The day passed and finally the marriage day. Ragini comes down and Ragini was mesmerized seeing her in bridal attire.

Chacha- Shut your mouth Laksh, I know my daughter in law is beautiful.
Laksh blushed. They did all the ritual and now the priest said to them that they are husband and wife.

Laksh- Finally you are MRS Laksh Maheswari

Ragini- Yes finally
She takes his hand and put with hers.
Laksh- I promise you to be with you every day till I die

Ragini- I promise you to be a good wife and a good friend to you

Laksh- We will never separate now

Ragini- Yes after many days we are one, no one can separate us.

After one year Ragini takes Laksh you MM because her mom was sick. Laksh doesn’t wish to go, but Ragini force him, even Swara was here with Varun.
AP and DP ask for forgiveness from their children. Laksh and Swara forgive their parent.

Ragini and Laksh were happy with their life. Laksh keeps his promise, he has kept Ragini happy. He falls in love with her more and more each day. Ragini also keeps her promise, she is her friend, her love, her wife, her everything.


I’m happy that you all keep reading my story! Thank you for all your comment <3 Love you all from Lovely

Credit to: Lovely

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