Swaragini TS Broken ( Ragini ) 3


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TS 3-


Laksh tries to call Ragini numerous time, but she never replies him

Laksh- Ragini, please!
AP comes to him, he angrily looks at his mom.

AP- Laksh beta I know how you must feel, but believe me, I tried to stop your dad

Laksh- Oh mom please, you never try to stop him, you are like him money mind.

AP- Laksh is this a way to talk with your mom?

Laksh- Mom please don’t come to this way! I came here for Di’s wedding, I would have gone but someone stop me, I fell in love with her, and not with dad daughter partner. I will never marry this stupid girl

AP- Mind your language he is your dad, we will decide about your future, not you.

Laksh- Please mom stop talking nonsense! Dad and mom? Do you know the meaning of theses words? Do you know why I have gone to Australia? To be away from this nonsense! This is my life and will live with my own decision!
I came back just for Di’s sake, not for you two! You are no one to decide with whom I have to stay all my life.

AP- Laksh you have to marry this girl varna

Laksh- Varna kya?

DP- Varna I will cut all the ties with you!

Laksh- You will give me my liberty! Who stop you from cutting all the ties with me! I won’t marry this girl, I will marry the girl I love!

DP- Love? Nonsense

Laksh- This nonsense gives you Swara Di and me

DP- My parents marry me without my wish and I agreed with them, for they respect, so will do the same

Laksh- You are forgetting something dad, that I’m not you! And I will NEVER marry the girl you have chosen for me! I won’t ruin this girl life because I will never love her.

DP- You have to, I will see who will marry you if not this girl!

Laksh- My love will marry me!

DP- Tell me her name I …

Laksh- For what purpose I will tell you her name? You will do the same thing that you did with Sanskar bhai when he told you that he love a girl! Because of you, Sanskar bhai did a suicide! because you told him to choose between you or this girl! He cannot, and he preferred suicide himself. You defame the girl without knowing her, how she must feel tell me? I’m happy that Swara Di marry Varun Jiju and not your choice, I know she is happy with this family! I just pity you two because you will never know how it feels to have their child love.

AP slap Laksh hard- Laksh how dare you to speak like this with us?

Laksh- Oh God mom please I’m not a child now, I can understand your trick, you two never be good parents, you were just stuck with business for papa and kitty party for you. I’m going back to Australia, there I have Sujata Chachi and Ram chacha they are better than you two.

DP- Yes Go and never show me your face again. From today, you are dead for us

Laksh- Oh common dad don’t think I will feel bad with your word.

Laksh goes to Australia leaving Ragini all alone.

Leap of 8 months

Ragini doesn’t know why but she feels weird and was about to fall but Swara helps her

Swara- Are you ok Ragini?

Ragini- Nahi Bhabhi I’m not feeling well, don’t know why. You know I have a terrible pain in my stomach, don’t know why.

Swara- We must go to a doctor, maybe he will tell us what happened to you!

Ragini- Nahi bhabhi, I think I should rest

She goes to her room feeling extremely bad. She goes to her bed, she feels like something wants to go out from her womb. She screams at Swara

Ragini- Swara bhabhi please come

Swara rushed to her room and was shocked to see Ragini in pool of blood

Swara- what happened to you?

Ragini- I don’t know bhabhi, but it’s hurt a lot. Please, bhabhi do something I cannot bear it.

Swara- Let me call your bhai

Swara went to her room

Swara- Varun come to Ragini is not well please come ( in panic voice)

Varun comes and sees Ragini holding a baby. She looks exhausted and holding the baby. Swara and Varun are shocked to see Ragini like this with a baby in her arms.

Varun- Ragini what did you do? Oh god

Swara- Varun it’s not the time to scold her but to take her to the hospital like she still loses blood.

Swara takes the baby, and Varun carries Ragini at the hospital. Luckily no one was here, if not their dad will scream at Ragini for that.


Swara- Doctor how can she give birth to a baby? I mean she never has the symptom of a pregnant woman?

Doctor- Do you notice some change in Ragini?

Varun- In fact doctor, she was a very cheerful girl, but I don’t know what happened to her she change from one day to the other.

Doctor- She has denial of pregnancy, that’s why she didn’t have the symptom of pregnancies. Her brain doesn’t want to accept that she is pregnant, but one day the child should get out, and he chose today. Fortunately, you were here, if not she can be dead by now.
The doctor left, Varun keeps his hand on his hair, Swara consoles him

Varun- What will we tell the parents?

Swara- Don’t worry, see for us she hide the fact that I was pregnant too, unfortunately, I lost our child, but she never told this to everyone. She helps us meeting the night, when we fight, she is the one who reunite us, we cannot let her down today.

Varun- I know I will never leave her, but I want to know who is the bastard who left her alone again! I swear if I find him I will kill him.

Swara- Yes because the person who did that is not human. Come, we will see her and asks her

They enter the room, but Ragini was lost

Varun- Ragini?

Swara- Look Ragini you have a beautiful princess

Varun- Ragini, please speak up damn it

Ragini- What you want to know?

Varun- Who is this blo*dy bastard?

Ragini- Nahi Bhai he loves me at that time, I don’t regret anything

Varun- Ragini has you gone mad? You are a mother, single mother? Don’t you think you should tell me who he is? I want him to bear his responsibility.

Ragini- No, I don’t want him near my child. I will live for my daughter.
She cries
Varun hugs her and tells- We will always be by your side don’t worry
Ragini- Bhai why God took my love from me, first Sanskar then Laksh?

Swara is skeptical- Sanskar? How do you know Sanskar bhai?

Ragini- You know Sanskar Mah…
Means you are Sanskar cousin sister?

Swara- Yes so you were the girl whom Bhai loves?

Ragini- Nahi because he ditched me, your dad put false accusation on me, that’s why I go to Australia. My family supports me because they know I cannot do such thing, but your bhai didn’t do anything to stop your dad.

Swara- He cannot do anything because dad told him to choose between him and you, and he cannot choose so he chose the death. He is no more Ragini. He loves you a lot, he cannot bear to be away from you so he decides to do the suicide.

Ragini was shocked- I don’t know anything, I just know he left me alone, and L…

Varun- Stop remembering the past, now what will happen when dad will know this?

Ragini- I know he will never accept this, so I will go before I saw anger or hatred in his eyes.

Voice- Where will you go?

Ragini, Varun, and Swara are equally shocked.

Ragini- Dad?

Shekhar- Yes, maybe I’m old thinking but I will never hate my daughter, my princess. I know I never show you how much I love you but believe me, I love you.

Varun- Dad but how you know we are here?

Janki- I will tell you! I saw you carrying Ragini is your car, and Swara following you with a baby. So we follow you and discover that Ragini gives birth to a child.

After some time Ragini gets discharge, but she misses Laksh very much. Every time she saw her baby, she remembers her night with Laksh.

Ragini- See my princess your dad don’t love me, he left us. He doesn’t know you, and I won’t let him go near you. I promise you, my princess, today I will be your mom and dad

Voice- What about us?

Ragini- Come bhabhi, bhai

Swara- How is our cutie?

Ragini- She is fine, where is mom?

Swara doesn’t say anything, Ragini smile- I know she is angry at me. Bhai why is the need to buy so many toys, she cannot play with them. She is still small.

Varun- Ragini I gift my cutie, not you

Ragini smile

Swara- Se what your bade mom gift you!

Ragini- It’s a beautiful locket

Varun- What you thing-k about a name?

Ragini- Yes bhai, Ruhi because

Voice- She is our soul

Ragini- Ma?

Janki- Yes I’m angry with you, but not with my cutie.
Ragini smile

Time passed and Ragini joins office with Varun. Everyone keep talking about Ragini, but she never feels hurt.

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Credit to: Lovely

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  3. My god this is the limit …..I know this is a ff but still baby is never born like this…the writers should at least apply some sense….baby born just like that…ha ha ha makes me laugh

    1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

      If you don’t know check on the net when you have deny of pregnancyour baby born like this! I don’t innovate this, it prove scientifically!
      Maybe I just cannot write it in the good way 🙂



  6. i am a bit confused …..how did she not know she was pregnant?

    1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

      In fact in rare cases some woman don’t know they are pregnant, so they ( doctors) call this deny of pregnancy.
      You have your period and don’t have the symptoms!

  7. It’s very nice… But still how could anyone doesn’t identify a pregnant lady bcoz anyone could easily identify pregnancy by just looking at the person… Hope u clear our doubt in the next part… Anyways thanks for the update

  8. It’s very nice… But how is it possible to not identify a pregnant lady bcoz anyone could easily identify pregnancy by just looking at the person and I hope that you could answer the question in your next part…anyways thanks for the update

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