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This is a Raglak TS, Sanskar aka Varun and Swara will be just supportive role! Sorry for Swasan fan 😉

TS 2-


Janki comes to Ragini’s room.

Janki- Ragini utto na, today it’s your bhai Mehendi, you have to go to Swara’s place

Ragini- Mama mudje nindh ati hi! Aur vaise bhi main aya na aya mehendi will take place na? Why you spoil my sleep?

Janki- Dekho Ragini it’s your bhai wedding, you cannot

Voice- Mom let her sleep

Ragini wake up- Bhai aap mere kamre kya kare rahe hai?

Varun- Nothing

Ragini- Please go I don’t want to talk with you, after what you did yesterday!

Varun- Ragini you have a beautiful voice, so where I’m wrong? You cannot be selfish, and plus yeh meri shaadi hai, and you have to obey me.

Ragini frown and Varun smile- Bhai aap bhi na

Varun- I don’t like when my sister is angry at me. Chalo now you have to get ready and go to see my beautiful wife

Ragini- Not wife, to be

Varun- No she is my wife

Ragini has big eye now- Means

Varun- Chup Ragini

Janki- May I know what are you talking about?

Varun- Nothing mom

Ragini- Haan mama, don’t worry it’s just between me and bhai

Janki sight- I don’t know when you two will change! I hope Swara will maintain you Varun

Ragini- Don’t worry mama, Swara bhabhi is nice

Janki go and Ragini pull Varun ear- So wife hai na?

Varun- What Ragini, she is my wife what a big deal!

Ragini- You know what I’m happy for you two! Now I can pull her leg more during the ceremony

Varun- Chup kar Ragini, if anyone hear you, then we are dead. You know na dad old thinking, he cannot imagine her bahu without her vertu

Ragini- Don’t worry bhai and what about Swara’s parent?

Varun- OMG what are you asking? Her dad is like a Hitler, you know what compare to him, dad is sweet.

Ragini- What? means if came to know that you have already ( pause), he will deny to marry you with Swara bhabhi?

Varun- Haan that’s why we talk with our parents before they came to know.

Ragini- What happened if they want to confirm that Swara is still ( pause) you what I mean

Varun- Oh God I don’t think about that.

Ragini- Don’t worry bhai, when your Ragini is here nothing to fear

Varun hugs Ragini and tells- Thank you

Ragini- Don’t worry I will manage, I know mom will never ask Swara neither papa. So if they don’t ask, Swara’s dad won’t ask neither. And If you married here, it’s means you love her, so nothing to fear

Varun- Haan yaar

Ragini- I have to change myself now


Ragini wears a beautiful dark purple, the top is embroidered with gold. She wears matching earrings and simple yet beautiful necklace.

No men are allowed so every woman gossip and talk about the wedding. One lady comes with a veil on her face, and Ragini looks at her with suspicious eyes.
Ragini comes to her and say- You know we are jus women you can put your veil off.
The woman doesn’t speak she just nod a no.
Ragini- Don’t try to make me fool Varun bhai, keep this veil off and go away.

Varun surprised- How did you know?

Ragini- I’m your sister I know you, but then if you are here, I will put mehendi on your hand

Varun- No it’s ok I will leave now

Ragini- I said come

Varun- Ok yaar I know you did all this because of yesterday

Ragini- Yes

Ragini writes something on his hand and show to Swara, Swara blushed. Its write: I’m a man of one girl that’s my Swara.

Swara- Thank you Ragini now all girl will know that he is mine

Ragini- He is already yours dear ( she wink at her)

Ragini in her ears- Keeps some for your suhaagraat, when you will be officially husband and wife.

Swara hit her- How mean you are Ragini

Ragini- Varun bhai see your would be wife hit me, she must have a punishment.
Ragini think and wink at Varun- Hum yes you have to go to your room, You will not see anybody.
Swara goes and after some time, Varun follows her.

Ragini said- What they will do without me!

Mehendi ceremony ends and all the ritual too. Now it’s time for the wedding. Ragini wore a beautiful pink lehenga with silver border. She is damn beautiful, all boy look at her.
Mariage end and Swara was crying, just then she saw someone and think- What he was doing here?
Swara hugs him and tell- Laksh Bhai I will miss you

Ragini ( in mind)- Oh that means our clashing boy is Swara bhabhi’s bhai. Interesting.

Ragini come to him- Oh don’t worry I will take a good care of my bhabhi!

Laksh- Thank you

Ragini- Mention not, after all, she is Ragini Gagodia’s bhai wife.

Laksh smile- Laksh Maheswari

Ragini- Ragini Gagodia but you know that

Laksh- Hope we can see each other some day

Ragini- Impress me ( she wink at him)

Laksh smirk

After one week

Ragini comes to see her mamu

Ragini- Mamu I didn’t saw you at the wedding place? Why?

Mamu- You know na I don’t like to be here

Ragini- It’s ok mamu, tell me how are you?

Mamu- I’m fine and you?

Ragini- I’m fine too, you know what remember the day I came, and I bump into someone? This guy is Swara bhabi’s bhai

Mamu- Oh really?

Ragini- Yes but you know it hai na?

Mamu- Haan beta, because he owns this building!

Ragini- Oh ok

Mamu- What happened?

Ragini- No nothing, I will go now

Someone call her name- Ragini?

Ragini- Hi Laksh, how are you?

Laksh- I’m fine, are you busy?

Ragini- No

Laksh- Have you time to drink a coffee?

Ragini- I don’t drink coffee

Laksh- Oh a juice then?

Ragini- Ok! Mamu I will go now, but will come to see tomorrow.

Laksh and Ragini go to a coffee shop and starts talking

Lakhs- I heard a lot about you! Were you in Australia?

Ragini- Yes I was here from past one year

Laksh- Where were you?

Ragini- Melbourne

Laksh surprise- Really?

Ragini- Yes why are you so surprise?

Laksh- Because I live in Melbourne too

Ragini- You know it’s a big city, so

Lakhs- I know! Varun jiju talk a lot about you! I can see in his eyes that he loves you a lot.

Ragini- Yes, after all, he is my bhai if I won’t love him, whom will I love?

Laksh- Me

Ragini- What?

Laksh- Yes me, I don’t know why but whenever Swara Di talk about you, I feel I’m connected to you

Ragini stops him- Laksh, we are friend, just friend, I’m sorry but I cannot love you.

Laksh- Why? What happened?

Ragini- To be honest with you, I’m afraid of love. I loved once and the result I was heart breaking.

Laksh- Means, the guy don’t value you

Ragini- And you will value me?

Laksh- Will try to. We don’t know each other, maybe if we know us more then we can talk about being boyfriend-girlfriend.

Ragini- let’s try, I want to forget my past and move on.

The day passed, the week passed, months passed. Now Ragini and Laksh are together they love each other very much.

One night Laksh prepare something for Ragini so he calls her.

At the venue, Ragini smiles at Laksh and hug him
They dance, and Laksh comes close to her. He kisses Ragini passionately and Ragini too responds.

They were like this, like no one is around, just them. It was perfect for them. Laksh lift Ragini is his arms, and come to a cottage, put Ragini on the bed.
Ragini know what will happen but she doesn’t mind, she loves Laksh and trusts him completely.
Laksh kisses her, then kiss her neck. He takes Ragini’s jean, then her top. She was just in her underwear. Laksh kisses her every where he too took off his cloth. He looks at Ragini with full love, and then Ragini stops him.

Ragini- Laksh I’m afraid this my first time

Laksh- Don’t worry, I will never hurt you

Ragini hug Laksh tight, he takes the rest of cloth, and he kisses Ragini. Then he enters in her, she screams, but Laksh kisses her. Ragini has tears in her eyes because it’s paining a lot, but Laksh was gentle with her. Finally, they became one.
Next day, Laksh was sleeping but Ragini just stared at him. He wakes up and finds Ragini starring at him. He pulls Ragini close to him and tells- I love you MRS to be Maheswari, and he kisses her.

Ragini- I love you too Mr. Maheswari

Laksh- Thank you for trusting me this much.

Ragini- don’t thank me

Laksh comes to her and they consummate once again.

Ragini comes at her home and finds Janki awake.

Ragini- Ma you are awake?

Janki- Haan Ragini AP Ji ka phone aya, she invite us today night.

Ragini- Ok


DP- So everyone is here I want you to share with us our happiness. My son Laksh finally will marry whom I chose for him.

This was a crash down for Ragini, she was just statute.

DP- Laksh beta come

Laksh comes looking at Ragini, but Ragini doesn’t have any emotion in her

DP- Yes my son will marry Raichand daughter, Kavya.

Laksh in low voice- Dad I don’t want to marry her, I love someone else

DP in low voice- Just shut up and just nod, if not then you know what I can do, your sister escape me, but you cannot

Laksh in low voice- Dad, please

DP- Today is his and Meera engagement

Laksh looks at Ragini with teary eyes, but Ragini remains like this. Varun saw this and shake Ragini

Varun- Ragini what happened to you?

Ragini- Nothing I… I…. I’m not feeling well I will go back to home. You guys carry on.

Varun- Are you sure?

Ragini- yes I will go by myself.

Varun nod. Swara is not happy with this engagement, she tries to ask her mom, but she doesn’t say anything like always.

Ragini comes to her home and cries. She doesn’t know when she fell asleep.

( Its a little embarrassing for me to write the intime scene part, but my best friend challenge me, so I have to do this. I’m sorry if it’s not like you are used to reading 🙁 )

I hope you all enjoy this part 🙂

Credit to: Lovely

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