Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 9

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@ road
Swara in mind: “ohhhh god Sanskar! What the hell is he doing here? Why is he following me? If he gets to know where I’m going ?He will caught my lie I have to do something. Think swara think” then suddenly an idea came in her mind
Swara to cabi/taxi driver: “bro I’m a secret police officer I’m on a mission and one gangster is following me. If he caught me this city will get in danger so you please do something” she said emotionally pointing sanskar’s car. Driver sees the car
Cabi: “don’t worry sister you just wait and watch” saying this he moves the car here and there and moved out of sanskar’s sight
Sanskar: ” where the hell this car gone” he said confusingly. “Shit” he said angrily

On the other side @ deserted area ( just like in wallpaper)
Swara to cabi: “thank you soooooo much brother”
Cabi: “anything for my country this city really need a good officer like you by the way have a safe journey”
Swara: “thank you brother and you also be always be with your family in every circumstances”
Cabi: “I will okay bye”
Swara: “bye” then he goes from there. Swara who was controling herself burst out laughing
Swara: “ohhhh god! But that was necessary sorry now I have to go” saying this she goes on a cliff type place.There she saw a girl in traditional pink and black saree standing facing her back. Swara gets excited seeing the girl there.
Swara(shouts): “ladoooo” she said while opening her arms. Then the girl turns its non other than ragini.
Both smile looking at each other and hugs each other tightly. ( Swaragini play in bg). Both remembers their childhood in badi and their movements at the cliff and little bit in mm. After sometime both breaks the hug.
Ragini with fake anger: “why you came late, you know how much I was worried for you and your phone was off, can’t you even gave me a message…….” she was cutted by swara.
Swara: “whao hooo! Relax ragini relax, calm down take a deep breath deep breath” she said to calm down. Ragini takes a deep breath and calmed down.
Swara: “know will you ask everything here or also take me home?” Then ragini realised that they are still at cliff.
Ragini: “yeah I forgot come” Then she walks with her to a car (BMW) and there was another car besides it that was of guards car the guards were outside the for their arrival. Swara saw the guards and gets irritated but gets in the car.
After sometimes they reach an mansion( not more bigger than mm) and gets out of the car. The mansion was guarded by guards from all the sides. There was a sharp chain on the walls and cameras. Swaragini smilingly looks at each other and mischievously together: “welcome to the hell” both laugh at each other and went inside.

@ ragini’s room
Both lie down on bed and takes a sight of relief
Swara: “ohhhh god! I’m really tired first household, then mandir, then getting rid of driver and at the last escaping from sansk……” she realised what she said and looks towards ragini who was looking at her shock.
Ragini: “and at last escaping from sanskar but when he came and moreover he was following you” she asked tensedly
Swara: “yes he came back and I don’t know why he was following me” she said without looking at her
Ragini: “ohhhh god! But how you got rid of him” she asked confusingly
Swara look at her at tells her everything. Ragini get teary eyed and puts her hand on swara’s shoulder who was now not in her senses.
Ragini: “I’m really sorry swara because of me you are suffering today. I’m the reason for destroyal of your happiness, I destroy your character in front of everyone and because of me today you and sanskar got divorce…….” she then looks at swara who then looks towards her. Swara wipe her tears
Swara: “no ragini you were never the reason of all this it was me who was reason for this, but I never thought that in return I will get the punishment like this…..anyways lets forgot this there’s no use to talk about it….. I can’t get my love in this life”
Ragini: “why are you paining yourself for the mistake that you haven’t done please don’t sacrifice your love for me go and live your life”
Swara: ” I can’t move back now and one more thing I have a reason to move forward and that is sid he is my life now please don’t talk about it now”
Swara: “yes you do have a reason to live” she said and gets lost in laksh’s thought
Ragini: “but I don’t even have that” then both look at each other
Ragini: “once again you are really lucky being a mother is the best gift of God.”
Ragini: ” It looks so nice na when your husband come near you”. Swara again get teary eyed and got lost in thoughts

Flashback shows
Swara was brushing her hair suddenly someone came from behind and pins her to the wall. She was about to shout when the person puts hand on her mouth. She gets widen eyes seeing the person. It was sanskar. He remove his hand from her mouth. Swara gets happy seeing him and puts her hands across his neck.
Swara: “so my dear hubby came at last ” Sanskar pulls her towards him by holding her waist
Sanskar: “yes to meet my lovely wife” swara blush and looks at him lovingly. Both close their eyes.
Then both have a passionate liplock
Flashback ends

Swara comes back in sense and looks at ragini

Night @ mm
Everyone was in there room. Only sanskar was there.
Swara: “do you want anything”
Sanskar: “yeah I’m really hungry if you don’t have any problem can you give me” he said in funniest tone
Swara: “sure” she said rudely and goes from there. Then sanskar sat on chair. Swara came with dinner
Sanskar: “where is everyone” he asked confusingly
Swara: “they have already eaten and gone to sleep. I’m also going so clean it by yourself” she said strictly
Sanskar: “ok ” he said like he doesn’t care. Swara gets irritate
Swara: “why are you doing like this after what happened you should hate me. Then why are you being this much normal.” She said irritatingly.
Sanskar who was listening all these become red eyed. He stands up at starts going towards her. Swara gets afraid and step back till he didn’t pins her to wall. Swara remember the same flashback she remembers at ragini’s house. She was happy remembering it but also that it can’t happen now. Both look at each other.
Sanskar: “so what do you want Ms Maheshwari that I just become a devdas like others. No this will never happened because I have already been that before it will only give me pain so I have decided to move on in life and according to my behaviour towards you. Keep that in mind that after that day you had no relationship with me. We get sad or angry on only that person from whome we have any relationship. You meant nothing to me. So be happy afterwards and never ask me about it again.” saying this he goes from there.
Swara gets teary eyed listening his words “you had no relationship with me, you meant nothing to me.” Swara stop crying and looks towards his direction.
Swara: “but I do have a relationship with you its of love and it always will be. I meant nothing to you but you are the only and main thing that meant to me. I’m sure that not in this life but in another life your swara will always be with you.” Saying this makes a sad smile on her face

Screen freezes on swara’s sad smile and sanskar’s angry and teary eyed face

Pre cap: Not decided yet

I can’t what to do next please give me suggestions and wish good luck for exams. Love you all……:-D

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  1. all the best dear for exams…n this epi is awesome… loved it…update the next part as soon as possible…I think that ragini is surrounded by the guards of that mask man..he had kidnapped her n now blackmailing swara…

  2. Love ur ff a lot but can u say whoz son is sid sanky or lucky im confused and and and plz make sanky to know everthing that swara has sufferd plz it is my humble request to u rather than ur ff fab yaar &revale the thruth plz soon i cant see swasan like thz plz unite swasan fast .ya but ff is just awesome awesome awesome……

  3. Gud for the exams dr..nice epi

  4. Hey..nice one…in next episodes you can slowly reveal the truth but not to sanskar. Den simultaneously u can show whose son Is sid. After then u can show some sad moments between swasan….n den truth to be revealed to sanskar n everyone..i have a suggestion don’t unite them soon otherwise soon you will have no story n u will end up ending the ff..its just a suggestion..:) all the best fir your exams dear..

  5. Nice episode

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  8. Is sid swasan’s son???

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  13. sid is swasan son right
    laksh is a masked man to kidnapped the ragini and made blackmail swara to marry him

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