Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 8


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Recap: “swara talking to black hooded man, sanskar tries to hear them”

The episode starts in Maheshwari Group of Industries (MGI)

@ sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar was lying on his and was lost in thoughts
Sanskar in mind: “why am I being suspicious, she’s nothing to me, I don’t care whether if she stays out 4 hours or 4 days but 4 hours are too much for prayer, what she really might be doing, and who was that black hooded man whome she was talking angrily because when laksh and swara came down they were looking happy……… ohhhh god lots of confusion……” saying this he stands up
Sanskar: “why I’m thinking about you so much. You’re nothing to me, I doesn’t even want to see your face” he said to himself angrily. Then he take a deep breath, hold his fist tightly continuous

Sanskar: “you can’t make me weak again, I will not allow you to break my heart again, in fact I will not allow anyone to do this with me, I’m tired of it, your each an every move is again making me helpless and don’t want be that….. I need to avoid you its for the best but how…..” saying this he gets in thinking. Suddenly someone knocks the door. Sanskar without turning says
Sanskar: ” come in ” then a really hot and modern girl enters cabin. She was wearing a sleeveless purple colour short dress till knees with silver and grey accessories and silver coloured high heels.
Girl: ” Good morning sir!” She said simply. Sanskar who was in thinking come back in senses and looks towards her and gets astonished seeing her attire but after guessing something he smirks
Sanskar: ” Good morning dear! Who are you?” He said smilingly and trying to come close to her. The girl understand his intention and she also comes in flirting mood
Girl( innocently): “well! I’m Shalini ( you can consider her as misha from PKYEK) sir! You can even call me Shalu and I’m your new PA” she said flirtingly

Sanskar: ” so Shalin….. oops sorry Shalu I’m getting bored will you accompany me in having a coffee” he also said in flirty tone
Shalini: “wow that’s great! I’ll just come in a minute” she said excitedly and goes out of cabin.
Sanskar in mind: ” such stupid and shameless girls are here in this world. Some are really stupid like this one…..” he said while smirking and opens his mobile ( you can see swara’s pic on it)
Sanskar in mind: ” and some just pretend to be stupid just like you swara who shows innocence in her stupidity and traps its prey” then someone puts hand on his shoulder. He comes back in senses and turns
Sanskar: ” Shalini you came….”
Shalini: “yes sir! We should move on now”
Sanskar: ” yeah sure” saying this they went to a coffee shop

@ coffee shop
They come inside and sit at a table besides window.
Sanskar: “so shalu baby! What would you like to have” he said in flirty tone
Shalini: ” just black coffee sir” she said trying to be innocently
Sanskar: “hey no need to call me sir here outside, just call me Sanskar with your beautiful pink lips” he said in flirty tone
Shalini: “okay Sanskar!” She said in victorious smile. Sanskar smirks seeing her smile
Shalini: “sir…sorry sanskar I will be back in just five minutes” she said hurriedly
Sanskar: “sure baby!” After she left Sanskar looks towards the glass of the window and gets lost in thinking

Sanskar in mind: “wow flirting is not that bad that I used to thought in past. Such a fool I was! Lucky also used to say me that do flirt with girls when you got stress or tension. I always used to thought that be honest with the girl you love. Really I was such a fool who that she will also be honest with me and will truly love me but she……. never mind I’m move on in my life and don’t want to see her face” saying this he looks out was shocked to see swara there
Sanskar: “ohhhh god! Who’s face I have seen today that whatever I don’t want is coming in front of me” he said irritatingly. Then again looks towards her direction
Sanskar in mind: “wait wait wait is it just my illusion or she’s really here” saying this he pinched himself
Sanskar: ” ouch! She’s really here but she went to mandir na then what’s she’s doing here all alone. Are the cars died or the driver?” he said confusingly and saw her taking the cab. He stands up hurriedly watching her going. He tries to go but at that time shalini came
Shalini: “what happened sanskar where are you going” she asked worriedly
Sanskar: ” sorry babe’s I have to go its urgent” he said worriedly and goes outside in parking area and starts the car.

@ road
Sanskar was chasing swara
Sanskar to himself: ” wow sanskar great now you’re chasing that girl without any reason and you don’t even know why. What she meant to you nothing. You’re really gone mad the more you want to go away from her the more you are going after her. But why as why I’m going after her its seems like she’s hiding something and Its really important for me to know it. Ohhhhh god please give me strength to handle myself” he said confusingly
Swara who by chance saw sanskar’s car through mirror gets worried
Swara in mind: ” ohhhh god Sanskar! What hell is he doing here? Why is he following me? If he will get to know where I’m going? He will caught my lie I have to do something.

Screen freezes on swara’s worried face and sanskar’s confuse face

Pre cap: ” swara meeting someone, swara asking sanskar as why he is behaving this much normal, sanskar telling swara that she meant nothing to him”

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Credit to: Tooba

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