Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 7


Thank you soooooo much for your support but I’m feeling very guilty that I’m not able to write its all because I have a lot of pressure of school work and household work thats why I was not able to write but you love and concerns made me relief……Please try to understand that I am not a professional. I’m only in 8th class and my exams are also near so I will only write once in a week….hope you understand and love you all 🙂

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Recap: “swasan hiding and are very close to each other, sujata comes and gets shock”

Episode starts with sanskar holding swara by arms and they have an eye lock but suddenly comes back in senses hearing sujata coming near. They get too frightened so swara hugs him tightly because of fear which shocks sanskar. He also wanted to hug her but couldn’t do it because of his ego.
Sujata: “oh god what is going on” Suddenly she sees the bowl on floor and goes towards it without looking towards fridge. Sanskar sees this and takes advantage
Sanskar to swara: “swara”
Swara still hugging closed eyes say “did we get caught” she said tensedly. Sanskar smile on her childish act
Sanskar: “no! Were not mom is not wating us so lets go” saying this he breaks the hug and starts doing out of kitchen by holding her hand
While going swara says in mind: “I wish that that time can just stop when I hugged you, it was just wondering”.
They come out of kitchen and hides behind stairs and waits for sujata to go. Then sujata comes out of kitchen and goes to her room by this swasan takes a sight of relief and watching at each other went to their respective rooms.
@ swasan room
Sanskar lying on bed thinks of kitchen movements smiles and thinks: “why so what magic have you done to me that I hate so much whenever you comes in front of me I can’t stop my self smiling at you, teasing you, come close to you……” saying this he gets
Sanskar: “no sanskar what are you thinking don’t forget that you bearing lots of pain because of her and moreover don’t forget that she is your brother’s wife now so just shut up” saying this he gets asleep

@ swalak room

Swara was lying on bed thinks about the kitchen movements. A smile comes on her face but suddenly she wakes up of the bed and thinks ” no no no swara…… you can’t thinks about him now, he’s no one to you, he has moved on in life so stop thinking about him, he’s not yours now, you him by your own hands remember, do remember how you played with his emotions but you betrayed him, remember how you give him fake hopes, remember how snatched his happiness, remember how you break his heart” saying this she closed her and tears start flowing down from her eyes and starts remembering something

Flashback shows

Everyone was at hall and discussing why they are here suddenly swara enters from main gate and comes to them. Everyone looks at her with questionably look
Dp comes to her and said: “swara beta! Why did you call us all here is something very urgent” he said concernedly
Swara: “yes bade papa! I’m it was important thats why I call you all” saying this she takes deep breath and continuous
Swara: “actually bade papa I have decided about my future life and I call you all to inform you about it” she said hardly

Dp: “what future life beta? Are talking about divorce that you have already told us your decision na? That you have decided to accept your marriage with sanskar and….” before he could say further he was cutted by swara
Swara: “yes bade papa I do said that but I think a lot and try to convince myself about it but I couldn’t do it…….” she can’t say further so she closed her eyes and again takes a deep breath. Everyone was confused with her reaction
Dp: ” beta don’t feel hesitate to say please tell us what are you thinking….”
Swara open her eyes and looks everyone and said “I don’t to be in this fake relationship and wants divorce”. Everyone was shocked hearing her.
Dp: “beta what are you saying why you didn’t tell us before. We thought that you have moved on with sanskar but you….you are still confused…..”
Swara: “yes bade papa even I thought that. I tried my best to move on but I just can’t……Please forgive me” she said this while crying
Dp: “okay beta as your wish I will talk to the lawyer tomorrow”. Sanskar who was listening all these goes in delimma. He can’t believe what he heard from his beloved wife
Swara: ” wait a minute bade papa I want to tell you one more thing” she said wiping her tears

Dp: “say it beta”
Swara: ” as you all know that even laksh and ragini got divorce few days ago and now he is all alone”
Dp: “what do you want to say swara”
Swara: “what I want to say is that……” she stops and goes towards laksh, holds his hand and continuous
Swara: “all I want to say is that I still loves laksh and I want to be with him at every circumstances. Laksh will you marry me”.
Everyone was shocked listening to her and sanskar was sell shock and cursing the fate as of why does it always happens with him but he was waiting for laksh’s answer and hoped that may he would take his brother’s sight for his surprise his hopes gets broken when he heard his brother’s answer.
Laksh happily: “swara you still love me….I knew it ….you don’t know how happy I’m and yes I will marry you” he said excitedly, emotionally
Swara smilingly turns and saw sanskar dilemma looking at her. Screen freezes on both on looking at each other

Flashback ends

Swara opens her eyes and looks at laksh who was sleeping at the couch.
Swara in mind: “for you I betrayed everyone, but you are not the main thing I’m worried about, all im worried about is her, I need to get to her at any cost, I have to escape her from that hell place where she is kept in all these 4 years. Once she will get escape then surely I will get vanished with my son cause there is no one here to protect him”. Saying this she went to sleep.

Next morning @ mm

Sanskar was getting ready as he has to go early today. He was trying to wear his watch by walking but suddenly he heard some noise from a room and goes near the window of the room. He saw a black hooded man facing his back towards him on the other side Swara was facing him and was really angry. He tried to listen but suddenly the pot fell down by him.
Sanskar in mind: “ohhhh god! Sanskar firstly you are doing wrong by spying them and now you will get caught” saying this he quickly goes downstairs so that no one can see him and joins in breakfast. After sometimes he asked

Sanskar: “maa! Where is Laksh?” He sayed while drinking
A voice comes from behind: “I’m only here”. All looks behind it was laksh coming with swara
Sanskar in mind: “they looks good but on whome swara was angry…… why the hell I’m thinking about it I don’t care” saying this he again starts eating. After breakfast all stands to go
Swara to ap: “maa I’m going to mandi….will come after 4 hours”
Ap: “why beta! Oh yes how could I forget on every Monday you go to temple naa. Okay go and take care”
Swara: “bye maa” saying this she left
Sanskar who was listening of this while going thinks: “what the hell will she do there till 4 hours but am I thinking about it just forget it” saying this he also left

Screen freezes on both swasan in their cars

Pre cap: “Sanskar following swara in his car”

Guys I love you all so much but due to the daily tiredness I’m not able to write so I’m thinking to end this ff so what you say

Credit to: Tooba

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