Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 6


Brothers and sisters thank you soooooo much for your comments, suggestions and love and please also give me your opinions on how to unite swasan. After some episodes I will make ragini’s entry cause in previous episode you’ve heard swara saying that ” I have to rescue her” so you all can understand that about whome she’s talking and many of you were confused about what happened 4 years ago don’t worry will make it clear afterwards. I’m so excited to see swasan first date, and sanskar becoming full romantic guy I was waiting for this movement that when will he be come out of that bechara role in real serial. Okay just forget it lets start

Recap: “Laksh apologising Sanskar, Swara bumps to Sanskar”

@ kitchen

Both comes back in senses and compose themselves
Swara with fake anger: “what the heck! What are you doing here?”
Sanskar: “nothing! I just came here to meet my ex wife. Oops sorry my brother’s wife. ”
Swara in shock: “what!”
Swara: ” how dare you to say like that I will tell laksh” she said tensedly
Sanskar: “just shut up! Theeki mirchi” he said in funny way
Swara: “Theeki mirchi!” She said innocently
Sanskar: ” ohhhh don’t be so dumb, dumbo!” He said mischievously, irritatingly.
Swara (irritatingly): “dumbo! How dare you to call me a dumbo” she said angrily and takes a bowl and tries to hit him.
Sanskar (mischievously): “whao hooo! Theeki mirchi you truly are a dumbo. Can’t you understand a joke.” He said while trying to escape from her. She gets more angry on this and starts chasing him.

Swara: “how dare you to call me a dumbo. You…… you…… you….. urrgghh…. you pink panther!” She tauntingly. Then throws bowl on him but at the nick of time he gets down and the bowl fell down. He sees the bowl and turns to swara by widen eyes
Sanskar: “you are Theeki mirchi” he said tauntingly
Swara (irritatingly) by pointing finger towards him: “you……” and was about to fell down but he holds her. They share a cute eye lock ( naazdikiyan play in bg). They come back in senses when they heard someone voice coming towards kitchen.
Swara worriedly: ” ohhhh god! If someone caught us together then they will think wrong”
Sanskar: “what will they think that there’s something between us” he asked making widen eyes
Swara (irritatingly): “are you really brainless! If we caught together then they will make our life a jokes”

Sanskar while smirking: “don’t think others like you swara. Not everyone has the hobby to make others life a joke like you. ” he said tauntingly. Swara feels sad but didn’t show it
Swara: “whatever…… know can you please think something to get us out of this situation”
Sanskar: “okay fine! Let me think…..Hmmmm….uhh….uh huh…..hmm no no no”
Swara: “what no no no. Will you take the whole day to think” she was about to turn when he holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Swara gets shocked by his reaction
Swara(hesitantly): “s…s…san….sanskar…wha…what are you doin……” she was cutted by him because he puts his finger on her lips
Sanskar: “sssshhhh……do you trust me?” He asked slowly.
Swara in mind: “more than my life”
Sanskar: “what” he said like he heard her. Then she nods in a
Sanskar: ” then come with me” they both get on darkest side of the kitchen besides the fridge. Suddenly sujata comes in kitchen

Sujata: “what was that noise coming from here” she said to herself and comes close to the fridge. Sanskar was opposite to swara pinning her to the fridge. She can feel his breath over her and was continuously staring at him. Suddenly sanskar see towards swara who was staring at him

Sanskar: “why are you staring at me” he asked confusingly
Swara come back in senses: “no! I was not staring you, why you are asking this silly. How I got it! You think you are looking handsome after the change in your lifestyle but no this will not affect me I’m telling you!” She said while pointing finger at him and in funny way
Sanskar in shock: “what” he asked confusingly. Swara realise what she said and murmurs
Swara: “swara what are you saying you’ve gone mad”. Sanskar heard it
Sanskar: “yes! You really got mad. Can’t you see the time and situation. Now If you please stop blabbering your nonsense can you please be quite”
Swara in mind: “angry young man” she said angrily
Sanskar: “in your dreams” while looking at other side

Swara in mind: “how he gets to know what I was thinking” she said shockingly
Sanskar still eyeing on other side: “if you will think this much loud then what can I do in that” he said tauntingly
Swara in mind: ” shut up swara! If you say anything more he will get to know everything” she said tensedly
Sanskar: “I don’t need to know anything but yes you really have to just shut your mouth” he said tauntingly while holding her by arms. Both share an deep eye lock

Screen freezes on both swasan and sujata coming near fridge

Pre cap: “swara talking to black hooded man, sanskar tries to hear them.”

Guys I know I’m really bad. I’m not updating nicely actually I’m really busy in school work that why I’m not able to write and getting nice ideas of their romance. Sorry if I hurt you. Please do comment your ideas for the ff.

Credit to: Tooba

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  1. Hi tooba ur ff is good and different one
    But swara and laksh marriage..it look odd..make it a fake one..bz I can’t imagine that someone married to his brother wife..and wife still love her ex-husband. I know at last it will turn to be swasan.but both bothers married same girl..looks horrible

    1. S yo r rite… Make swalak marriage was fake one… N after over hearing Swara n mystery man conversion… San notes Swara tensed face n think something wrong… N Swara go to meet same mystery man n make san to follow her… N there make truth revelation…

  2. Omg my heart will come out now pls upload next chap earliercant wait

  3. nice swasan. . pls can u make it lengthy pls…
    sanskar talk to swara normally I’m confused if he know about her secret. . I have one more question sid kiska beta hai..? don’t say swara and laksh pls.. swara only sanskar’s…

  4. Hey you are going great just keep it up and make swasan love scene more romantic I love it

  5. dear plzz unite swasan soon…tis was awesome…

  6. eagerly waiting for the next episode all the way from Nigeria

  7. Pls reveal truth now

  8. samanvitha murty

    Plzzzz finish this confusion and unite swasan

  9. Hey its vry nice..pls update nxt soon

  10. Superb plz reveals the truth

  11. Hai dear tooba can u make it swasan plz bcoz I can’t imagine anyone with swara,how come two brothers married same girl,it looks so odd.

  12. tooba its not bad its too good,different and interesting…
    i have a idea if u like u can use it…
    as u said in precap sanky will try to listen them n would listen only half and think something is fishy he would try to investigate and would reach to ragini….ragini will tell him and family the truth that Swara loves sanky and sid is his son…..the family will feel guilty and when they will try to unite swasan laksh would do something and take Swara away by telling her that its good for sanky if they will leave him n swara who loves sanky will go away from him for his welfare…..but at last they will unite…..
    if u liked it plzzz let me know….. n yah their brain talking was really romantic….

  13. Thanks aditi for your idea and the future story is a bit same like that but same like your but not laksh part will be like that he would become positive that time and he will reunite them.

    1. tooba I m happy that u liked it…and eagerly waiting for swasan unison n raglak also…write when u get time we will wait.. try to wait…

  14. Sethooty and siya definitely it will look odd that a girl marrying both brothers one by one. But its nice that you share your opinion with me and yes don’t worry about the marriage things

  15. But please guys you have to wait I promise I will reveal the truth soon as you want but give me some time to think about it as I’m not professional and I’m only in 8 class in these days I also have school work hope you understand 🙂

  16. Please update the next part soon.

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