Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 5

Hello guys sorry for late update and yes soon I’m going to make ragini entry. After swasan unison they I will make laksh positive and will make raglak story. Thank you brother and sister for your comments and support and love. Love you all.

Episode starts with sanskar and sujata breaking the hug. Then sujata put her hand on his cheek
Sujata: “at last you came. You don’t know my eyes were thirsting to see you” she said emotionally
Sanskar by holding her hand: “ohhhh mom I miss you too. Even I was dying to meet you but please no senti drama just happy family time okay” he said mischievously
Everyone was happy seeing this change in him
Ap: “you only missed your mom not bade maa.” She said teasingly
Sanskar: “nope! How can I forget you” he said innocently. Then he hugs her and takes everyones blessing. Sanskar to uttara
Sanskar: “hey chutki you have grown up. Just tell me what did you eat in these days rasgullay” he said teasingly
Uttara hit him on shoulder: “bhai……” she start blushing
Sanskar: “ohhhh! So sorry for making you blush.” He said teasingly. Everyone was shocked hearing him
Dp: “how do you……” he was cutted by sanskar
Sanskar: “how do I know about her alliance right bade papa maybe you have forgot that I am sanskar the coolest guy who knows everything” then he goes near them
Sanskar: “what did you all thought that if I didn’t contact you I forgot you. Come on you all are my family how could I haven’t know about you all I know everything. “He said mischievously. Everyone gets happy on seeing him normal.
Sujata: ” thank god that you are still our sanskar or else I thought that because of that girl you left us……” she was cutted by ap
Ap: “Sujata……” she said angrily and looks at sanskar who became sad but then he changes the topic so that no one can’t see his pain
Sanskar with fake smile: “never mind bade maa! Let mom say what she wants to say but I don’t mind because everyone has a bitter past. We just need to agree on the decision of our fate and to move on in our lives. We can’t blame it to anyone else. ” He said in serious tone. Swara who was listening all these become teary eyed but controls herself. Everyone is relieved know. Ap kisses on sanskar’s forehead
Dp: “okay everyone let have breakfast” all sits on their respective chairs
Sujata: “see sanskar I have ordered everything you like ” she said in excitement
Sanskar: ” yeah mom it is all what I like thanks.” He said happily. Everyone starts eating
Sujata: ” Sanskar eat this halwa you love it naa”
Sanskar: “sure mom” and takes the halwa. When he eats the first bite, he gets stop and looks towards swara but he can only see her back cause she was going to kitchen. He gets lost in thoughts

Fb shows

Swara: “Sanskar please taste this halwa I especially made it for you!” And hand it over him
Sanskar: “ohhhh my gorgeous wife has made my favourite halwa for me how sweet”
Swara: “stop buttering me and taste it” Sanskar taste it and makes a awkward face
Swara: “its not nice I knew it” and makes a sad face.
Sanskar: “yeah its not nice” he said teasingly. Swara gets more sad
Suddenly sanskar smile and said: “its great” she gets happy and hugs him
Swara: ” I LOVE YOU” he hugs her back
Sanskar: ” I LOVE YOU TOO”

Fb ends

He comes back in senses
Sanskar: “actually mom I don’t like halwa anymore because as the time passes we have to forget the things we love and move on in our life” and looks towards swara. Swara who heard all that stops and was about to turn but thinks “no swara you can’t move back if you turn then you will not be able to make your way” and goes to kitchen. Sanskar who was waiting for her response get disappointed. After breakfast
Laksh: “bhai…….”
Sanskar: “yeah laksh”
Laksh: “bhai I want to talk to you”
Sanskar: “yeah sure” they leave

At ground
Laksh: “bhai I wanted to say sorry”
Sanskar: “sorry for what laksh”
Laksh: “you know why I’m apologising. Whatever happened 4 years ago was……” he was cutted by sanskar
Sanskar: “its okay Laksh I have forgiven you long ago it was not your fault she was your first love and even ragini left you. I am just sad that she treat me as her best friend but gave me fake hope. She would have told me once I have would never come between you two”
Laksh with tears: “I’m sorry bhai I hurt you a lot na I am a really bad brother who breaks his brother’s happiness”
Sanskar worriedly: “no lucky whatever happened was not your fault it was in our destiny don’t blame yourself. Okay just forget it lets be that old sanky and lucky again ”
Laksh: “bhai…….” and hugs him. Sanskar hugs him back. While hugging laksh smirks

At night In swalak room

Laksh was sleeping and swara was remembering sanskar’s words of morning
Swara in mind: “how can he forget everything just like that and move. No swara what are you saying you should be happy as he has moved on you should not think about him. Now just focus on her, I have to make her free anyhow and made him punished. Because of him we all get separated with our loved ones”
Swara: “I’m thirsty I need water” she then looks at laksh and gets out of room

@ kitchen

Swara enters and switch on the button but light didn’t open
Swara: “what had happened to the light” saying this she opens the fridge and takes out bottle and starts drinking water. She then turns and bumps to someone. She gets afraid and about to shout when someone puts his hand on her mouth. She can only see the eyes of the person. Both have an eye lock. ( pehli nazar main plays in bg from race) he slowly moves towards her. She can see his face now its non other than sanskar. She was shocked but get lost in his beautiful eyes
Swara in mind: “OMG! It feels like I’m on the 9th cloud his eyes just sparkling like before, he has become more handsome than before, innocence is showering on his cute bubbly face, his heart shaped lips turns pink. Ohhhhh god its all making me mad for him. No swara what are you thinking come back to earth or otherwise you will be thrown to earth. ”

After some time they come back to their senses and compose themselves

Screen freezes on both of our love birds faces

Pre cap: “swasan hiding and are so close to each other, sujata comes and is shock”

Get ready ready guys for the new start of love between our love birds. Guys after few I will make the entry of our favourite ragini but till then you have to wait.

Credit to: Tooba


  1. Seeba

    I waited 4 ur ff eagerly….nice episode…pls make it lengthy…
    All d best..unique story line….superb…

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