Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 4


Hey guys thanks for the views. I think a lot of the role of sanskar and get to the result that I am making his role as a cheer up guy who wants to forget his past. I will try my best to make you guys happy. I want to tell you guys something that I am maybe won’t be able to make next part soon cause from tomorrow I have to go to school also I have already have taken leave previous week so maybe I will have to do a lot of school work also. I hope you understand my situation but I will try my best. Love you guys

@ swasan room
Swara was lying with the pic of sanskar. Sujata wakes up to get water and saw that light is coming from sanskar’s room
Sujata: “why light is coming from his room no one ever get their till when he left” so goes to room and gets shock.
Sujata: “wow this room is looking just like before I am sure he will love it.” She turns back to go but suddenly stopped and turns back she saw sanskar’s pic on bed
Sujata(in mind): “what is this doing here” and put it on cupboard then left to her room.
Swara come from behind: “thank god! I am safe today if mom would have seen here then I can’t even imagine what would have happened. I should leave if laksh would have wake up then.” And rushes to her room but get shock watching laksh staring at her
Laksh: “where were you at this time” he said angrily
Swara with hesitation: “actually I….l….I had gone to Sid’s room to check whether he had slept or not. You know new generation sleeping late night and thats why waking late for school” she said tensedly
Laksh: “okay fine come lets sleep” by holding her arm
Swara in mind: “thank you god for saving me today but I am really excited for tomorrow”

Morning @ mm
Everyone was busy in house decoration
Sujata to servant: “hurry up do every work fastly my son is coming after so long time I want everything perfect you understand”
Ap: “calm down sujata calm down……It will can effect your health”
Sujata: “jiji I don’t care now……my son is coming after so many years….I just can’t wait……I want everything perfect” then saw swara coming their
Sujata loudly said: “and yes jiji I don’t want anything that will break his happiness ” she said tauntingly
Swara who heard this get sad but doesn’t show it and goes to the kitchen

Out the mm

Sid, preeti & vansh (twins kids of parish) were playing hide and seek and here and there…… Suddenly Sid bumps to a man who was in blue jeans, white t-shirt with light brown jacket on it ( only back is shown)
Sid immediately: “sorry sir I didn’t saw….. did you get hurt” he said with concern
Man’s lips are shown smiling at his act. He felt something strange meeting Sid and bend down on knees
Man: “not at all champ ! By the way whats your name” he said smilingly now his sparkling eyes are shown
Sid: “why should I tell you your a stranger na.” He said in naughty tone
Man said: “you’re really naughty” ( face is revealed now its none other than sanskar)
Sid: “so I am”
Sanskar: “okay! Now please tell me your name?”
Sid: “why should I tell you first befriend with me” he said teasingly
Man: “so what can I do if to be friend with you”
Sid: ” I don’t know do anything to impress me”
Suddenly sanskar’s smile gets vanished and gets in thoughts

Fb show

Sanskar: “shona why are you angry with me at least tell me the reason”
Swara: “no! First impress me than I will tell”
Sanskar: “so what can I do to impress you”
Swara: “I don’t know think by yourself”
Sanskar: “okay!” And gives her the chocolates
Swara: “ohhhh thank you sanky I love you” and kissed on his cheek
Sanskar: “now what’s the reason for the anger”
Swara while eating chocolate: “nothing….. just to tease you” and starts laughing
Sanskar: “swara….. I will not leave you”

Fb ends

Sid shakes him
Sid: “where you lost?”
Sanskar comes back in senses: “nothing champ ! Just thinking to impress you. “And take out some chocolates
Sid: “wow! How did you get to know? Thanks.”
Sanskar: “your welcome champ! So what your name?”
Sid while eating chocolate: “sid…..”
Sanskar: “just that”
Sid: “no….. Siddhart Lakshya Maheshwari”
Sanskar get shock but controls himself: ” so you are swara’s son”
Sid: “yes”
Sanskar: “nice to meet you sid” and forward his hand to shake and both shake hands
Sid: ” but you didn’t tell your name”
Sanskar: “Sanskar….. Sanskar Ram prasad Maheshwari” with smile
Sid: “oh! Means we’re relatives right”
Sanskar: “yes! And now lets go home”
Sid: “yeah sure” they goes inside

Inside mm

Sujata was managing everything suddenly lights get off and everyone gets frighten
Someone puts his both hands on Sujata’s eyes
Sujata: “who is it” everyone looks towards her
Sanskar: “just guess who I am” lights turn on
Sujata turns back
Sujata: “Sanskar……”
Sanskar: “surprise” and hugs her

Screen freezes on both sujata and sanskar

Pre cap: “Sanskar tasting the halwa and gets stop and looks at swara, swara bumping someone at night”

Credit to: Tooba

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  7. I am 100% sure that sid is swasan child..

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  10. You’re right ahana and i will make laksh positive after swasan unite. Then i will start raglak story

  11. Sid is swasan son
    That mystry man is neither laksh nor sujatha

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