Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 3


Once again thanks for your comments and I have told you earlier that I am fan of swasan they are just made for each other. I have also told you guys that I am also a fan of tajeswi but she is only in flashback in my ff but I like that you all share your opinion with me and that also about laksh’s neg role.Okay I will make it raglak at the end. Ragini role will come too and many of you were asking that where is she actually she is still missing but only swara know that where is she.

Recap: “swasid movements and mysterious person talking swara”

@ swalak room
Swara: “what are you talking about? Why would I miss him?”she said tensedly
Mysterious person(mp): “what do you think that I am a fool like you? I have got to know that your lover is coming back home”he said angrily
Swara: “just shut up! If your thinking is wrong that doesn’t mean that you can think same about me like that. I’m different from you.” She said cryingly
Mp: “oh really I am wrong. Okay so who was the one betrayed her husband, betrayed this family, and betrayed her sister by marring her husband.” He said rudely
Swara: “it was you who made me do it. I never wanted that I loved sanska……” she stops and get shock at what she said and looks at the man tensedly
Mp: “you love whome…… sanskar” he said tauntingly and starts laughing in evil way then looks at swara and said: “means you still love him don’t you” swara turns her back towards him so that he cannot find truth on her face then said:

” he was only past, only my husband and nothing else. Yes I loved him but only as my friend, I never thought about him like that but that doesn’t mean anything now. I’m married now, I have a son who is my life…….maybe you don’t know but when a woman get married she can’t even imagine someone else except her husband cause it a crime. Its the a dirt on purest relation called marriage, disrespect of the environment that our parents gave us, a dirt on her honest. I always respect the bond of marriage and will not do anything against this purest bond…….”
Mp starts clapping and said: “wow miss Gadodia wow……oops sorry Maheshwari you give such a nice lecture why don’t you be a lawyer…..really it will suit you but if you really respect this bond then why don’t you love your husband till now” he said tauntingly:”is it all because of your sister or your lover……”

Swara: “yes maybe I don’t love my husband not because of any lover but yes I always thought him as my sister’s husband and one more thing maybe I don’t love my husband but yes I do love my child’s father…… I know you won’t believe it but it is true. ” saying this she gets out of room
Swara in mind: “I don’t love my husband maybe I even hate him but yes I do really love my son’s father and will always love him” a smile comes on her face by saying the word son’s father. She gets lost in thoughts. Suddenly she gets back to senses and goes down and gets happy watching sid taking blessing of elders.

Night @ swalak room

Both swalak were sitting on bed. Laksh working on laptop at the left side and swara on the right side reading a book
Laksh: “swara how preparations are going? ” while working on laptop
Swara:” what preparations laksh”she asked
Laksh: “you are saying like you don’t know obviously bhai is coming tomorrow”
Swara: “what can I do in that your cousin is coming and obviously your chachi will not let me do any work”
Laksh:”yeah I can understand that and sorry I taunt you today” he said guiltily
Swara with a fake smile: “its okay Laksh I didn’t mind but you’re at home tomorrow don’t you”
Laksh: “yeah obviously after all my brother is coming back after 4 years”
Swara with disappointment: “ohhhh that really nice you should be there it will look nice”
Laksh: “yeah yawm lets go to sleep I am really tired”
Swara:”okay” and pretend to be sleeping

After 15 minutes she wakes up and walk out of room and goes to another room. She entered the other room and closed the door and curtain so that no one can see her and on the bed. It is non other than swasan room. She take a breath of relief being there and then looks at the photo of sanskar. She holds the pic and smile seeing it

@ London
A big and beautiful apartment is shown

A boy comes in a royal blue and pink colour room and lie on bed. He takes out a pic from cupboard and both smile and anger come on his but only lips and eyes are shown.

Swara (to pic): “you don’t know sanskar how much I missed you. Every single minute was like hell to me.”
Sanskar(to pic): “you don’t know swara how much your memories pinch me. Every single minute is like hell to me. ” only lips and eyes are shown
Swara: “3 years 9 month and 25 days have been passed till you left me but my heart still beats for you.”

Sanskar: “3 years 9 month and 25 days have been passed till I left you but my heart still beats for you. ”
Swara: “every moment I have been passed with you made me smile”
Sanskar: “every moment I have been passed with you made me angry”
Swara: “I am eager to see you tomorrow”
Sanskar: “I don’t want to see you tomorrow”
Swara: “I know I have hurt you but I was forced to do that…….forgive me…….but you have to hate me now so that you can move on in life but still……..”
Sanskar: “I don’t know why you hurt me but you broke my trust……I will never forgive you for that……but I have to hate you so that we both can move on in our lives but still…….”

Screen freezes on both swasan pics

Pre cap: “Sujata enters sanskar’s room and gets shock, sanskar’s entry”

Guys please tell me that I should make sanskar as a serious/rude person or a cheer up guy who wants to forget his past.

Credit to: Tooba

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  1. hayeee maar dala

  2. isnt it Swalak because when swara remembered when she said she loves her sons father… her sons father is none laksh… and she smiled when she remembered she said that…

    hope its Swalak

  3. i mean her sons father is none other than laksh*

  4. I think that the child is of swasan not swalak…n its swasan ff only….

  5. well thats the twist xoxo you must wait and watch and you can also guess when sid takes out handkrief from his pocket and wiping her tears so she remember sanskar doing the same always

  6. especial thanks for your comment (Anu, Kiritika. Shagun). Anu you talk so cute why don’t you write an ff even for one shot really like you ๐Ÿ™‚ and kritika, shagun I felt really nice to hear you both are of my age actually i live in (Hyderabad Pakistan) my school is the only one in the city in which most the hindus kids come to study even my best friend is a hindu so what you both say lets be friends ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Tq tooba…lets be friends. R u on fb?? N yeah this ff is really nice..eagerly waiting fr the truth..

  7. guys do comment on the role of sanskar ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey tooba really thnx for encouraging to write a ff but I culouldnt write because I don’t have so much time nd I m bit lazy in typing also I have already tried 2 times but it got rejected nd now I m nt in mood….BTW in which class do you read nd plz post next part fast nd make it lenghty also

      And for sanskar I think first he should be rude but after when he come to know about swara’s truth he should become happy go lucky guy

      Nd really I like laksh in negative character but he should be polite toward swara anD don’t add rร gini keep it till swasan only

  8. happy-go-lucky guy is my opinion.

  9. i think sanskar at first should seem like he moved on but still behave a little serious towards swara then after seeing swara’s real plight he should turn back into the lovely cheerful guy.this is only my suggestion but ur imagination is way too gud.i think “her child’s father” is sanskar.

  10. Very nice yar plz unite swasan soon

  11. I hope u will unite swasan soon


  12. super dear I loved sanskar entry waiting dear updates next soon

  13. Awesome…unique story…
    Pls make swalak marriage as fake one…if not it well look odd…pls make sanskar as one who find the mystery of swara’s behaviour…develop the sid character more…like more similarities to sanskar….more sid swara and sidsanskar scenes…pls make swalak marriage as fake one if laksh is d culprit…bcz it will be difficult to digest as swasan fan….overall doing vvvv good job…pls make little bit lengthy…it is just a suggestion…all d best…

  14. Pls make sanskar as serious and rude…but give more sid sanskar scenes…

  15. iss mein ragini ka role kyun nhi hai

  16. Dear plz update next part eagerly waiting nd plz update lenghty nd mumina where r u when will u update yours

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