Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 2


Once again thanks for your comments and in this ff the character of laksh is negative…….and I need to clear one thing actually I have given a leap of 4 years after the kidnapping of ragini in the track of Swaragini…….. yes it is made on the real serial

Recap: Sujata taunting swara and turn to the kid and smile.

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Swara turn to the stairs and smile seeing a kid and said : ” siddhart…….”
Siddhart comes and hugs her holding a trophy in his hand, swara breaks the hug and said: ” what happened today how you came early?”
Siddhart: “yes mom I’m very happy today because I won a trophy for the best student of the year” he said smilingly
Swara: “wow my prince got a trophy” and kisses on his forehead ” but who picked you? ” she asked confusingly

A man on stairs : ” I did”he proudly said, swara saw the man then her smile get vanished
Ap: “Laksh……” with a little smile
Siddhart turn back to swara and said: “yes mom! Dad pick me today” swara saw laksh coming towards ap to blessing then he turns to her. Swara tried to smile.
Swara: ” so you picked siddhart today ” she asked in confusing and taunting way to laksh
Laksh: ” yes! Why ? Do I need your permission to pick my son” he said in taunting way
Swara in normal way said: “no! Of course you can. I was just asking as always driver pick him from school”
Laksh in normal way said: ” yes ! My work was done early so I thought to pick him” swara nods and turns to siddhart : “come on sid lets go to change” siddhart nods and goes to room with swara. Sujata smirks and goes to kitchen.
Laksh turns to ap and said: “wow mom! You look very happy today whats the reason huh” he said teasingly
Ap smile more: “yes laksh I’m very happy today! You know why? Laksh looks on confusingly “because laksh tomorrow your brother sanskar is coming back home” she said excitedly, laksh’s smile get vanished, ap looks him confusingly..

Laksh hold ap with both arms and smilingly said: “what really! “Ap nods
Laksh hug ap and then a tensed look on his face but thier was fire in his eyes, he was rubbing his teeths in anger, after a sec he smirks and while hugging ap he said: “wow mom you don’t know what a great news you have given me”he said smirkingly and in anger then he gets normal and breaks the hug, he again hold her by arms : ” mom I’m so happy to hear this” then his smile gets vanished and leave ap, ap notice this
Ap: “what happened beta?” Then tears start flowing down from his eyes
Laksh: “he would be angry with me na?” He asked by making a puppy face, ap’s smile get vanished then put her hand on his cheek and console him

Ap: “no beta! Whatever happened was not your fault it was made by circumstances. It was not happened because of you it was all because of that gir…….” she stop and realised what she said and looks at laksh who was staring at her, he turns his back towards ap, ap tries to speak but is cut by him
Laksh: “I that your right at your place but I can’t listen anything against swara, she is my wife and whatever happened was done by me also why I said yes to her whether knowing that she was my brother’s wi……..” he suddenly get stop and turn to ap who was teary eyed then he hugs ap while crying ” I am sorry mom I didn’t mean to hurt you” ap hug him back

@ swalak room

Swara(to sid): “sid why you always wear the same t-shirt every time this time I will not let you wear it, today you will wear this” and hand over a shirt
Sid: “mom why you always get angry on my t-shirt? Look I know that you are jealous of my t-shirt because it gets from me than you but you say anything bad about it in front of me I can’t bear it ” he said by making a puppy face
Swara get angry and starts running after him: “you are getting naughty day by day”
Sid: “you are noticing now I was always like that sweetie” he said jokingly
Swara get irritated and catch him and start giggling him: “jealous, sweetie huh! Who taught you these words?”

Sid: “okay okay you win I lose” he begged then swara leave him : “sweetie it fashion don’t you know and yes I am not going to leave my first gf for you, I just love it. ” he said teasingly pointing at his shirt then start running. Swara also chases him but her hand got hurt by niel besides desk and shout in pain. Sid runs towards her and helps her sit then scolded her
Sid: “are you mad catching me is more necessary to take care of yourself.” Swara gets teary eyes seeing his son’s concern for her. Sid notice this and sit besides her and takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and starts wiping her tears. She gets emotional by this act and lost in thoughts. She remember all the time sanskar wiping her tears. A smile comes on her face and comes back in senses. Sid was still wiping her tears and also he himself crying seeing her.
Swara: “why are you crying? ”

Sid while crying: “you got hurt because of me na!” Swara get emotional and hugs, sid to cheer her up change the topic : “you know what I hate this t-shirt I don’t want to wear it anymore cause because of it my sweetie get hurt.” Then he take off his shirt and the one which swara gave to him : “wow this is awesome why I should have listened you before mom sorry to hurt you its really nice” swara feel emotional then sid holds his previous shirt and pretend to be cry: “sorry baby I know we have a great time together you are my first love and I will never forget you but now this shirt is my new love you hurt my mother and I will not forgive you for that bye bye…..” by hugging the shirt. Swara smile on his reaction, then he put the shirt in wardrobe and bandage swara’s hand then noticed swara smiling at him : “so finally you smile sweetie…..” she nods. Sid while smiling said: “always keep smiling like that cause I can’t see tears in your eyes” he said in serious tone. Swara remember sanskar telling the same to her. Sid: “okay I am going to play with sudesh(pari & adarsh’s son)” swara nods. Then get downstairs. Swara gets up and saw her bandage a tear fell from her eye and gets lost in thoughts. She couldn’t even realise that someone came in her room silently and had closed the door.

A mysterious person whose back is shown wearing a black gown type jacket: “still remembering your so called ex-husband” in rude tone. Swara come back in sense she turns and is shocked to see the mysterious person.

Pre cap: “swara talking to mysterious person cryingly. Swara confessing her love for sanskar by watching his photo”

Guys only two more episodes then our hero sanskar’s entry will take place and yes next is going to be really nice. Thank you all

Credit to: Tooba

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  1. Wowww,yr its really awesome I just lived it but make it swasan only nd I feel did is swasan son am I right but really yr sid is so mature careful toward her mother loved son mother relation in your ff very mch……I just wished to read it continuously without stopping plzzz post next part fast I hardly got attracted toward any ff but this ff attracted me only in 2 parts really you r a amazing write loved it

  2. Superb but I am still confused
    What happened in these 4years

  3. well it is a very different storyline.i liked it a lot .plz update the next asap.but i do have my confusions.did swara marry laksh?

  4. pls swasan. .

  5. Were is Ragini.

  6. pavani bhavanam

    Tooba ur ff is simply super…. But it not fair….laksh in negative role… I can’t imagine….plz change laksh character

  7. Hey it is vry different…nice nd waiting for next

  8. where is ragini? plz change laksh role make raglak story

  9. Hey who is real father of sid?
    Who is that mystrious man?
    Why u make laksh as -ve pls make him positive
    Is swasan or swalak

  10. Sid is sooooooooooooooooo cute and mature

  11. Is it rag san swasan plzz make swasan

  12. ragini????

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