Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 10

Thank you soooooo much for wishing me good luck………really you guys are great
Thanks for Aditi Singh, tanu, jyoti, mansi, tania, khushboo, ruhaani, roja, ammu, surbhi, Shruti, jay
Aditi Singh: “thanks for wishing me good luck and yes you are right ragini is surrounded by guards because of the mask man.”
Tanu: ” tanu you will get to know that who’s son is sid and yes sanky will came to know the truth.”
Jyoti: ” thanks for good luck jyoti. ”
Khushboo: ” thanks for wishing me good luck. ”
Shruti: “I’m glad that you read all parts of my ff and you even got impress. I will try my best to entertain you. I’m so didn’t give you the links of previous episodes. ”

Recap: “swara meeting someone, swara asking sanskar as why he is behaving this much normal, sanskar telling swara that you meant nothing to me.”

The episode starts @ sanskar’s room
Sanskar comes in his room and closed the door with curtains. He stood there silent for a while then tears start flowing down from his eyes. Suddenly a voice comes to him.
Inner voice: ” for whom are you crying? For her who never respect your love, who gave you fake hopes only for revenge, who crushed your heart and soul, who broke your trust, she doesn’t even though of your friendship.”
Sanskar: ” whatever she did was only for her love. I don’t care anymore and I don’t want to listen about her.” He said while wiping her tears and tries to go away.
Inner voice: ” if you really don’t care then why don’t want to listen about her.” Inner voice said tauntingly
Sanskar doesn’t know what to say and stammers: “beca….becau….because. ….” he was cutted by another inner voice.
Inner voice 2: “because you still love her. Isn’t it!”
Sanskar still stammers: “n…n…no. I don….don’t…..”
Inner voice 1: “you don’t what sanskar? You can’t even say that you don’t love her.” Inner voice said angrily
Inner voice 2: “its because he still in love with her…….sanskar whatever you say you can’t hid that you can never stop loving her……” listening to this sanskar again teary eyed and breaks down.
Seeing this inner voice 1 get angry and said: ” no sanskar you can’t break down for what purpose…..For that betrayer…..remember how she said so easily that she was doing this only to get the revenge……remember how she said that love was all fake…….remember” hearing this sanskar gets in thinking.

Flashback shows
Sanskar comes in his room and thinks about what swara said in hall. He is unable to understand what the hell just happened. He was walking here and there trying to figure out what is happening at time swara came in room. Sanskar within a sec holds her by shoulders.
Sanskar: “swara what the hell was that all. Tell me! you’ve almost killed me by saying those things. Why you said like that?” He said tensedly. Then he tighten his grip.
Sanskar: ” today morning you called me and said that come home early you want to give me a good news. Then after 2 hours you called me and said to come immediately home and when I came here you were telling that rubbish. Just tell me what I heard was wrong, you can’t do this with me.” He said emotionally
Swara jerks his hands and said: “it is the good news I wanted to tell you that I am leaving you from this unwanted relationship. What you heard was all true. I still love laksh, I was scared to accept him again because in my view he was my sister’s husband but now they are divorced so I want him back. ” she said tauntingly
Sanskar: “then what was all that happened between you and me?” He said doubtly
Swara: “ohhhh that Hmmmm……” she said in evil smile, and moves here and there then sits on bed turning to him.
Swara: “you always helped me babe’s, you always stayed at my sight so you can think that all as the reward of those favours….” she said smilingly
Sanskar: “what the hell does that means? ”
Swara: “Hmmmm well I never thought that you would be this much stupid to get in my trap……” she said while smirking
Sanskar: ” trap! What trap?” He asked confusingly
Swara: “what did you thought only you can take revenge not anyone else.” She said while being serious
Sanskar: “revenge?” He asked
Swara while trying to stand going towards him: “yes revenge! Revenge which I have taken from you.” She then start taking round around him.
Swara: “because of you me and my family face lots of difficulty, because of you the whole world thought me to be characterless, you drugged me, send me to those dirty hotels and pubs, make me drink,you my video and even send it on internet, you destroyed the happiness and the respect of both families for your own peace, and most important thing you snatched my ragini from me. You filled her ears against me, because of you she did this much things, in each an every plan of yours she with you, she was an innocent petal but now she’s an evil,………” she stops for a while because her eyes were filled with tears (it’s not because she was once hurted by sanskar it’s because she is hurting him by her words). She wipes her tears, she turns and continue
Swara: “you made her a devil from an angel and I can’t forgive you for that.” She said emotionally
Swara: “you know what your problem is! You only think about your happiness but for that you use others, in front of other shows yourself as the innocent. But there is also one good thing in you to get what you want you use your brain and then become brainless which people can use…..let me give you one tip just come out of imaginary world and see real life.”
Saying this she starts but stops suddenly and comes back to him.
Swara: “if you still imaging something else so let me clear you few things firstly I never loved you it was only for revenge, this betrayal is for whatever you did with me and my family, and it’s the punishment for loving your brother’s wife sorry fiance. So now just do me a favour give me divorce, get the hell out of my life so that l and laksh can live peacefully.” Saying this she goes out of the room.
Sanskar then sat on bed and broke down that the girl he loved the most betrayed him. His mind was telling him to take a step for the betrayal but heart was consoling him that there can be some reason behind it, his shona can’t do this. He was unable to think what to do. So he gets up and goes laksh’s room. But for his surprise when he reached there and watch through window he saw swalak very close to each other. He broken down seeing this and again goes to his room. He again sate on bed and started thinking. Her words started echoing in his mind: “it was revenge, you destroyed my happiness, you snatched my ragini, you only think about your happiness” then the last line was continuously echoing in his mind: “give me divorce and get the hell out of my life so that I and laksh can live. His mind was ready to take decision now but his heart was not able to do anything. Somehow his mind success by consoling his heart that what she wants. After 1 hour of thought He decided something and goes out of the room.

Flashback ends

Sanskar comes back in senses and stands wiping his tears.
Sanskar: “no…no…no…..I will not be that sanskar again. He was dead on that day itself. This sanskar is different, this sanskar won’t never took any decision with heart. This sanskar will do only what his mind say. Because this sanskar knows that the decision of heart will only give pain and nothing else. Or if you really want to see my anger then you will also see that Swara Laksh Maheshwari.” He said angrily

Morning @ mm
Swara was coming downstairs in the hall. Suddenly she saw sid playing with sanskar and gets happy. Sanskar looks at her and gets mesermined seeing it. She wearing a yellow net churridar. Both look at each other and had an pasionate eyelock. (Swasan tune play) both were thinking about each other.
Swarain mind: “how handsome and how innocent he looks any girl may fall on him. Ohhhhh god save me from his killer look. Gosh day by day I’m falling for him more. No…no. …..no swara what are you thinking just come back to yours senses or otherwise you will be dead.”
Sanskar in mind: “ohhhh beautiful she looking in this dress well she look good in any outfit but yellow looks like a ray of sunlight is coming. Gosh someone save from her beauty…..no. ..no. …no sanskar what are you thinking because of her every ray of sun has gone from your life just come back in senses.”
Sanskar unknowingly smile on her. Swara blush seeing on his face but both comes back in senses seeing sid shaking them. Both compose themselves and acts to be normal.

Screen freezes on both swasan composing themselves

Pre cap: “swara gets jealous seeing shalini with sanskar”

Sorry for short update actually whatever I’m thinking I’m just writing it. There’s load shading problem in Pakistan so whenever I write the story because of that everything gets vanished so I again and again have to write it thats why make it short hope you all understand. Please also suggest me how to reunite raglak.

Guys I have ideas of 2 more ffs if I will get time I will continue it after the ending of this ff or if I don’t so I will have no problem if 1 of you will continue these and take my help

Tell me which one to choose 1st or 2nd. I like both

In 1st story its for both swalak and swasan fans
its a love triangle. So in college swasan used to hate each other a lot. Sanskar’s friends will bet with him to make fall in love with her fall for him then break her heart. On the prom night they will dance with each but swara will get uncomfortable with it which sanskar enjoy and will intentionally do something so that she can fall and feel embarrassed but at that time a new entry will take place to save her (love at first sight). Both slowly will fall in love with each other. Sanskar will do everything to separate them but fails later he will realise that he is doing this all because he is in love with swara. At the wedding day of swalak sanskar will take the place of groom and married swara. Everyone will get angry on his act. Swalak will heart broken. Sanskar will realise that he did wrong with laksh and try to unite swalak. Meanwhile raglak will fall in love. Swara will still be angry on sanskar but at the last movement of their divorce she will realised that she’s in love with sanskar and confess her feelings. The story will end like this.

2nd story
Swara’s parents are dead and lives with Maheshwari s since childhood. She is in madly in love with laksh. Laksh too know about swara’s feeling but he only just like to flirt with her and other girls. Suddenly dp will fixed there marriage laksh don’t want to get married so on the marriage day he will runaway. Swara unwillingly will get married to Sanskar(a arrogant businessman) who just came India after 6 years to attend his brother’s wedding. In the beginning things will get harsh between them but they will fall in love. On the other side laksh will in love with ragini who also love him. Laksh will purpose her to get married but she will reject him as she does not want to get married. Laksh will come back to mm Everyone will be angry on him but later will accept him. On a meeting raglak will met again. After several meetings one rainy night they will get stuck on and there they will solve there misunderstandings and will get married afterwards. The story will end on raglak marriage and swasan having a daughter name myra.

Thank you soooooo much for reading you can take my ideas if you want I will be glad……but tell me should I need to write afterwards

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