Swaragini {Truth behind reality} ep 1


Hey guys!!!!! I’m tooba I have read all the ff from the beginning till now. I was a silent reader till now, I can’t even comment cause I don’t have an account. I just got it a day ago, I love all the writers of who have written all these ff’s till now, especially the seniors. If you are not liking my ff don’t feel hesitate just tell me my mistakes and also give your views so I can correct it. Sorry if I will do mistakes in grammatical of English as I am in 8 and nervous cause I am writing first time. Guys I need to tell you something I’m the biggest fan of Swaragini and also swasan I’m also the fan of tajeswi but in my ff her role is only exist in flashbacks. So here we go…….

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A girl is shown setting things on dining table her back is shown only she is wearing a red colour anarkali suit then a lady came running downstairs to launch and calling “jiji jiji jiji….”and comes to another woman who was reading an article.
The woman (anapurna): “what happened sujata why are you shouting? Whats the problem?
Sujata: “jiji there’s a good news for you not only for u also for everyone” she said excitedly.
Ap: “what good news sujata? Tell clearly” she asked confusingly.
Sujata: “jiji our sanskar is coming tomorrow.”
The girl who was setting things stops and turned back to see what she exactly heard. Her face is revealed now she is non other than swara.
Ap gets excitedly and said: “what! Are you serious?” By holding sujata by arms.
Sujata: “yes jiji I am telling truth”and hugs ap, tears were rolling down from her eyes.
A smile comes on swara’s face, her eyes were also filled with tears.
Ap breaks the hug and said: “why are you crying? This is the time to celebrate our son is coming after so many years.”
Sujata: “these are the tears of happiness jiji. You don’t know how much I missed my son he got so much pain and betrayal, his happiness gets snatched by those whome he love and trusted the most. He was gone in pain but the one who gave him this much pain is still in front of my eyes” she said this looking at swara by wiping her tears.
Swara’s smile get vanished and wipes her tears and gives a strong look and said: “congratulations chachi jii at last now your son has come out of his world and is facing reality now thats good for everyone and especially for himself.”
Sujata in anger: “yes girl he is now able to see the reality, he is ready to understand girls like you who likes to break others love and trust. I warned him many times not to trust you not to love you this much and see what happened you stabe knife at his back.”
Swara trying to control her anger :”chachi jii I ……” she is cuted by someone’s noise “mom…..” she turned back to the stairs and smile seeing a kid……

Please guys do write comments whether it good or not love you all also tell me my mistakes.

Credit to: Tooba

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  1. Nice..different frm other ff keep it up

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  3. nice dear. .
    pair is swasan. .
    little confused bt continue. ..
    I’m also big big fan of swasan. . varun, helly and tejaswi..

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  11. It’s very interesting. Whoa!!!!!!

    Waiting for the next episode.

  12. nyc but it was a little confusing go on i think after some episodes u wil do best dear all d best

  13. Wow this is amazing di pls continue.I m waiting for your next update.

  14. Guys I was really nervous that whether you all will like it or not. ?…but now I am relieved….I know that you guys are confused actually its a big mystery behind it ……..I am also a big fan of swasan and tajeswi is my favourite……. in the beginning the pair is swalak but you all know that swasan are made for each other they will be together forever

  15. I am especially waiting for the comments of saba baji, xoxo, heer, rini di, manvi and I forgot the other writers names but also them cause they the bestest ff. It doesn’t mean I don’t like others I also love them ……. and also silent readers, commenters and fan who can’t comment…….. I am sorry if I said something wrong I’m just so excited as I’m finally commenting and also writing my own and talking to you all is just great…..once again thank you all for commenting….. love you all

  16. Guys I just can’t wait so let me give you a hint the title name is {truth behind reality} so obviously their is a big truth behind the reality of swara’s rude behaviour…….

  17. interesting starting!!! expecting more!! keep it up!! good luck!!! update next part soon!!

  18. Hello tooba!! Nice ff yr..n im also in 8th.. where are u frm??

  19. I am also in class 8 and also ur ff is fab

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