swaragini: truly, madly, deeply (two-shots)

Swarargini:truly,madly,deeply (two-shots)
Hey guys!this is two-shot,pls give back ur feed backs 
In this swara has 3 elder brothers big bro name is dushyanth second bro name is vedhant and third bro name is adithya(aadhi and vedh are twins) they are from a very rich family,their mother passed away while giving birth to swara so swara is a pampered kid all her 3 brothers plus her dad love her very much and pamper her alot! They have never ever made her to miss the presence of her mother! Dushyanth and shekar are involved in business,vedhant is doing mba final year,adithya is doing engineering and swara has just started her engineering! Vedh best frnds are sanskar and ragini while aadhi’s best frnd is laksh…sanskar is from a high middle class family his dad ram Prasad is a doctor,mother sujatha is an engineer,sister Uttara is studying 12t…laksh is from a rich family,hes a spoilt brat only son of ap & dp….ragini is also from a rich family,raginis dad and dp are business partners…swara’s best frnd is Anjali who she tells everyting,they never hide anyting from each other!
It’s a fine morning,in a big laish room swara is sleeping and her 2 brothers come to wake her up
Vedh&aadhi—shonaa wake up pls,see we are getting late for college pls wake up!
Swara—ur getting late so go noe,y u want me to wake up? Im very sleepy!
Vedh—shona don’t u know that without looking at your smile our day doesn’t start?now be a good girl and come dad and dushyanth are waiting for you come on!
Swara—aadhi take this piggy and go no,hes disturbing pls!
Aadhi signals vedh to wait for 2mins! Aftr 2mins as swara doesn’t hear their voices she peeps out of her blanket to see wher they went,to her as soon as she faces out of blanket water gets splashed on her face and she hears them laughing and she starts chasing them they run the whole house,shekar feels happy looking at their bonding!after that they all leave for their respective work places!

At vedh’s college
Vedh—sanskar we have exams from next week and havnt started studying yet,bro im shiet scared of it!
Sanskar—dude chill man we can do it we still have a week and we also have 3 holidays!
Vedh—bro lets do combine study,u come home kay,night stay!
Rags enters—looks like some one is planning,leaving me and keeps a sad face
Vedh goes and hugs her and tells aww ragini how can I forget u,offcourse wit out u this plan wont work!
In the evening sanskar and ragini comes to study at vedhs house,around 7pm swara comes to vedh’s room to come out with to o and eat as she is hunry!sanskar is mesmerised by her voice and her innocent face! Vedh introduces swara to them and swara looks at sanskar and thinks oh my god!hes so cute and gives an adorable smile to him which is noticed by vedh! Swara starts pleading vedh to come out with her.vedh declines it stating he has exams and an idea pops up in his mind and he tells that sanskar would accompany swara to which swara happily agrees and tells sanskar to come with in 10mins and goes! Sanskar glares vedh while vedh forces him to go and sanskar leaves looking at all this rags some whst feels sad but ignores it continues to study with vedh!
Swasan go in vedhs car and sanskar drives it for a few mins they both wer quite and swara breaks the silence
Swara—sanskar when is ur birthday?
Sanskar-y swara?
Swara—to wish u and give to give u a gift! And then u shld give me treat! Cos we both r frnds noe now so! I shld knw abt u and u shld knw abt me!
Sanskar smiles at her –I don’t want gift and all u just wish me that’s enough and ill treat u! and gives her a cute smile
Swara thinks oh my god,y am I falling for him!wow swara its ur 1st tym,u shld tell Anjali!
Swara—sanskar stop the car we will eat here,it wil be very nice come!
They both get down and walk towards a vadpav shop,sanskar goes to order for both of them wen swara is sitting alone her college senior,who has a crush on her comes to her
Arjun—hey baby,y u came alone if u had called me I would have come noe!
Swara is shocked to see him and tells I came with my boyfrnd not alone!
Arjun—baby from so many days ur telling u have boyfrnd but u have never made him to meet me!
Sanskar comes back and swara goes and catches him through his arm and tells—meet my boyfrnd!u wanted to see him noe see
Arjun—I don’t belive this!
Swara—u shld belive!he is my boyfrnd!i love him and he loves me!now go,don’t spoil our date idiot!
Sanskar was shocked hearing her words and they wer echoing in his ears and this made him give a light smile! Arjun then leaves..swara tells sorry and tells sanskar abt aruns irritating gesture!
Sanskar—swara u shla have told vedh abt this,he would have helped u out!
Swara—sanskar don’t tell him,if he gets to knw he will go tell bhaiyya and that will be the end of Arjun..i don’t want ppl to die cos of me so!
Sanskar—okay I wont tell him,but u be carefull and if he again irritates u tell me!
Swara—okay give me ur number so that I can tell u!
Sanskar smiles and they both exchange their numbers! Aftr 2hrs they both come back and now swara has started liking sanskar! Aftr reaching home swara goes to her room and sanskar goes to vedhs room!

Swara on call-anjali u come home tommo I will make u meet some one special!
Anjali—ohoh swara my jiju huh!?
Swara—tells that’s y ur my best frnd! And tell her what all happened at vadapav centre!
Anjali—tells wow swara,ill surely come tom,and give my approval for it!
Its been a month since sanskar and swara’s frndship! swara is knw totally in love wit sanskar and same with sanskar!but they havnt expressed it!vedh has fallen for Anjali but Anjali treats him a good frnd! Wen swara is at college she texts wit sanskar and they both go out to eat also! Vedh knws that swara likes sanskar and is happy for her as sanskar is perfect & he can keep swara happy!

One nyt it was drizzling swaragini and Anjali wer enjoying the beauty of rain in their garden!
Enter of laksh with aadhi he gets stunned looking at ragini and asks aadhi who is she aadhi tells him not to think abt her in other way but still lucky wants ragini! Aadhi goes to meet vedh and swara comes towards sanskar and takes himto terrace Anjali goes to attend a phone call now as ragini is alone lucky comes towards her!
Lucky—hey im laksh,nice to meet u and forwards his hand for a handshake
Rags—im ragini and shakes her hand!
Lucky—wer do u live,what do u do,ru single?
Rags—laksh stop flirting wit me,im not intrested in u!
Laksh gets shocked by her words!she continues

Rags—I knw abt u,my dad and ur dad are business partners so uncle has told me abt u!
Laksh—oh,fine as u knw,y im here lets come to the main point! I like u,y cant we be date?
Rags—im not a girl of ur kind!i belive in one tym love so bye!and starts moving…laksh catches her by wrist and pulls her towards him and tells ragini tell me what shld I do to get for my whole life ill do! But I want u,ur love for me pls give me a chance to prove myself1
Ras—ill give u a chance in 2 years prove urself by making uncle proud of u! I’ll surely marry u and be ur wife and life and smiles
Laksh—okay ill meet u aftr 2 years at ur place and goes from there smiling!
At terrace,swara gets scared hearing a thunder and hugs sanky tight,he reciprocates!she leaves him aftr a few mins & puts her hand around his nesk and goes towards his lips and pecks them!sanky catches her by waist and they have a deep kiss,expressing their love,desire,fondness of eachother! Aftr their kiss swara rests on his chest
Swara—this was my first kiss!i love u so much sanskar I love,ur my life!
Sanskar—this was not my 1st kiss,ive kissed so many till now u knw! Swara gets shocked listening to this and glares at him looking at her reaction he starts laughing she starts beating him and he tells her that he was just joking and it was best moment of his life,his first kiss with his first love!
Sanskar—swara I love u,ill never leave u! we will marry soon aftr our education is complete and smies…swara is happy by his gesture and again starts kissisng each other!
Aftr 3mnths its swara’s birthday week,but sanskar keeps ignoring her which hurts swara badly,cos of this she has lost her charm and spends most of her tym by crying and being alone!sanskar texts her that he is no more intrested in her and hes breaking up! Swara is heartbroken reading his text and keeps on crying thinking god what an advance bday gift is it! Tomorrow is my birthday and sanskar wants to break up!
Here is the end of part1! Pls do share ur opinions 

sorry if i have bored u!

Credit to: av


  1. Reethi

    Wt .how can he do that.no no I think someone is making him do all this. Plz update next part ASAP.plz waiting for ur next part

  2. priya

    I think sanky is preparing a surprise for swara….
    Awaiting for ur next update….
    Gud keep on writing

  3. Nita

    Its very nice….. Maybe Sanskar is planning for a bday surprise so he is behaving such or somebody is making him do or he is suffering from some deadly disease n n and wants swara to move on….. Whatever it is plz update next part ASAP

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