Swaragini (True Story) Intro

Hi guys, its me and I want to bring a true story for all of you, this story is about my friend and I want you to know it and tell me who she should actually choose,

I have chose it to be Swaragini because I think that it will suit it more, she doesn’t want her real name displayed but I would love to know your opinion on this and do you want to hear it or not? I will be waiting for your comments☺️

So, this story is a real story because I witnessed it happening and I really hope you all enjoy it, the reason why I want to show you all is because I want to know what you all think should happen, I would not say her real name because she doesn’t want me to.

My friend-Swara
Arjun-Swaras Brother
Niddhi-Swaras sister
Tarun- Lakshya
Z- Sanskaar
Rishi (Chashmish)
DP (not Lakshyas father)
Rajnath (Billu)
Chacha Ji
I don’t mind using my real name and I might in some parts.
There would be more characters…..

So I hope you all will love my friends story and Sanskaar and Laskhya are not related. Overall it revolves around my friend(Swara) and her life.

So please comment what you think. If you all want me to write it then it would be known as Swaragini (True Story)

I will be waiting and I will give you a sneak peak:
Swara is bullied by Karan, she is loved by all the boys (as a teasing manner) ☺️ there is love, violence and decisions to make?

Please do comment |

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  1. First of all i did not under characters andcwhat name u gave them

    1. Dear itz really exciting to read a true story. V all shall look very it. I hav a doubt, whether itz swara and tarun or swara and sanskar?

  2. hey carry on but plz even i cant understand the characters remove extra character and nyc

  3. Me too didn’t understand the characters ….and reveal the pairs too…

  4. Not able to understand characters

  5. Me 2 cnt understand

  6. Me 2 i can’t understand the characters… Make it clear plz…

  7. This is real story wowwww

  8. i didnt understand

  9. i didnt understand characters
    what kind of a story?
    Is ur frnd betrayed by tarun or Z?

  10. grt job unknown…. giving true story is like a heroic deed.. continue soon dear.. bst of luck to u and ur frn…

  11. So,
    Swaras Brothers name would be Arjun and Swaras sister would be niddhi
    Lakshya will be played by Tarun
    Sanskaar will be played by Z and the rest are the names that will be added. I hope you understand it

  12. don’t change the name

  13. ohh wow just a single d in here and i’m swara’s sister 😉 what’s amazing is it’s a real story who’s bukhar and who are you in the story????

  14. Character are confusing…plzz make it clear

  15. I don’t understand the characters name n who is playing what role…please make I clear n simple so that we can imagine

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