swaragini (true love win second part)


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swara get schoked by her action but she compose herself in and think about what to do .rag enter to swara’s room and console her. She said she will be there for her.by then sanskaar entered room and go out swiftly by taking pillow and banklet .swara hold him and ragini leave the place .he flew away her hand this make hurt in her hand .when he saw the hurt he feel very soory and hugg her.she said he need him now as a friend .but he deny .and tell her to take a gud decison . He leave the room.
Swara get confused and she want get all the problem so cut her wrist.by then aacidently he occur there for taking his phone.he feel something wrong.smiling swara give him gud ni8. Ahead to close the door .she feel dizzy and sanky hold her .take her to bed and find the cut in her hand .he do the aid and stay in the room for her care
scene :2
swara came down down and annouce she need to be known as swara sanskaar maheswari;) . Laksh came down and apologise to all.he accept rags
LAKSH give cholate to swara and sanskaar give pani puri to rag .both become happy.a call came from office sanskaar want to be there.and rag wish to see her daadi .dp told sans kaar to leave her baadi. Before going sanky need a kiss so for that he go to swara .swara go behind the curtain and give him a liplook.he remove the curtain for thanking he saw laksh and shocked .everyone began to laugh.
After 1 hr swara got a message that sanskaar and meet with an accident and their bodies were damaged.swara fall on the ground this cause abortion .when came to room shocked to see her on ground .she explained everyone began to brust in tears.
laksh go to her room and call bhabhi come out for hospital.(swara feel afever). Swara come down wearing a light color dress . Her cute smile is not there.laksh gave her a choclate and take her to hospital .

Precap swalak saw ragsan .

Credit to: avanthika

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  1. Dont tell me that sanskar is dead

  2. Its different from other pls update soon its more interesting….

  3. gr8 story avanthika…..good going keep it up

  4. Great story 🙂

  5. Gud plz continue but I don’t like that swara’s miscarriage

  6. is tat both ragini n sanskar got accident

  7. Don’t show sanskar is dead

  8. Please dont kill snskar plssss

  9. Really it us very different and interesting
    Plz continue

  10. Its nice and different.bt plz don’t mind bt,nt much clarity..means some confusion

  11. I don’t kill sanakaar because i like him very much

  12. Miscarriage…….noooo….

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