swaragini (true love win fourth part)

swara leave to her room where she thinking about sanskaar. fb:SANSKAAR TOLDING THAT SHONA LEAVING HAND IS LIKE DEATH FOR ME.FB END.SHE is crying .someone knock at the door.swara open the door it was laksh who want to talk to her. He starts shona bhabhi i am wrong from the begining .i know i don’t deserve u .may be the flrity idiot will always in a bad fate. When i saw smile on ur eyes i think it’s for me but that’s not true .u ‘ re mean to b swara sanskaar.Everybody got something that they want to sing about, laugh about, cry about It’s true. For me it’s you and for u its sanky.You know that when sanky loves u. U’r happiness makes him much more happier, and u’r sadness feelshe get that pain in his eye. But now fate play with u .i hope u will wait for sanky. U don’t want to accept father’s demand .bye take care

swara come down .
Sujatha told that she need swara as his daugther in law forever. Dp told but sanky forgot her face.swara told that today she want to tell something.she make everyone to sit(both maheswari and gadodia)
swara begin in last 4 month whatever happen is like a day dream .now i want laksh back in life. I give respect to martial bonding. now sanky belong to ragz
she is preg.therefore i want to leave him .may be he is not mean for me .suajatha tell tht lucky did not deserve her .when laksh hear this he cry silently but suddenly change his feeling start to talk with a fake smile that chachi is ri8. I don’t deserve her. Swara told laksh to stopand tell evey one that during ragini ‘s conspirancy, suicide drama marriage and memoryloss drama we don’tthink what going on laksh mind. He trust rag even her daadi who act as her maa can’t find out her lie.then how can he. We tell him to accept ragini and i talk to him like stranger by forgetting how he love me .u guys don’t know when his marriage fix by baadi maa . He go for suicide,but i stop him. He did not compel me ,but force me to marry him.there’s atime he love .trust and support more than himself.may be Sometimes, the broken heart gives birth to anxiety and panic, sometimes to anger, resentment and blame. But under the hardness of that armor there is a tenderness of genuine sadness. But we don’ see that tenderness .eveyone agreed.swara go near him and tell that today we ‘re going to start the loserand shona ki story SWARAYA
Swara call every.one for the sangeeth,ragsan enter with a big gift. Rosid and premar reach there. Ishveer and mehbeer talking .

Precap:full masti swaragini look goodand damn hot

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  1. ur story is swalak not swasan… ok

  2. wat u did. mad swalak. at first itself u cld hv started. not fair

  3. true love win???

  4. nisha avasthi

    Really I am saying change the storyline because many of the fans are swasan not swalak truely speaking don’t mind

  5. Plz continue ur story line some willblike it and some will not, plz continue

  6. Hey we don’t want change in the pair’s plz make it swasan again

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