Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 2


Hey friends, i m new to this ff. But i m big of swaragini. I must read all ff. I thought to write a beutiful love story for swaragini. I think u like it.

The epi start:
at goa airport:
swaragini entered in the airport.at the same one person also enters at another gate. Swaragini flight is annoused it become late at 30 mins. To listen this swaragini happily jumps at childishWAY. The person seen them at only back at their childish way and smiles.swaragini decied to roam the airport and do some masti. They enjoyed a lot in there.

After 30mins,
swaragini flight announcement comes. Swaragini had a race to rich the gate at first. Ragini along with her traly runs fast towards the gate.swara who was only concentrated at race suddenly collied with someone. She is about to fall but two storng hands holds her through her waist. Swara who was close her eyes due to fear of fall now slowly opens her eyes to c that person. Now his face relived he was non other than our lukshya.he was totaly mesmorized by her beuty and staring at her. Swara stands starightly and says sorry to him and went for searching ragini. He was staring at direction of her went. Suddenly he get a call and turns to attend the call he again collied with someone. He about to fall but some one hold him through the his waist. He was fully shock at this and they stand there like statue at that position and lookes at her. It was non other our ragini. She was staring at him and thought” wow how cute he is? Oh god pls time stop there only!” soonly they come to their sences, says sorry to each other. Ragini says”sorry i m searching for my sister! So i cant see u do so i colled with u!” lakshy says” i m also did some mistake. So i m also sorry to u and by the way i m lakshya! And u?” she say” ragini” they bied to each other and went to their distintion with different directions. Ragini turns to c him in the way. He also turns and smiles at her. She also smiles

Credit to: Bhavani

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  1. Plz make swasan or at least reveal the pairs

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  7. your ff is good .pls make ragsan

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  13. no dont make love triangle

  14. I dnt make any enimity ok

  15. ragsan swalak

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