Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 8


At mm:
all youth at laksh room and sanskar also join them. Pari”oh! Lucky how mess your room! How can u put ur room like this?” sanskar” let it be bhabi u known how lazy he?” utta”dnt u know bhaya our whould be bhabi dnt like this type of activites! I seed her room how neetly arranged! I m sure she dnt put her leg in this room to c this condition” laksh who was listion this siliently and to listen uttara shout”no! She dnt do like this! I m cleaning it!” and start clean room. We c a funny situation to c how funnly he clean the room. All laugh at him. Now he understand that they are teasing him and become embrassed and runs out. Sanskar feel huppy and remember swara and thougt where are u my love and i missing u very badly. He remember something and went out

At gift shop:
sanskar enter the shop. And start searching gifts for engagement. He buy a gift and he c a tajmahal statue there. He takes it and he remember a swara voice saying” u know sanskar! Taj mahal is my fav because its symbol of love but now i love it because our first meeting happend there na and she smiles” he also smiles. To think about my past

at flash back:
at mumbai:

sanskar high talented and topper of clg but always simple and many girl try to fliter with him but he igners them. He has only have a best friend omi.
At another clg
Swara a simple and most beutiful girl of clg and also topper of the clg and all boys try to become friend to her but she never give chance to them.she has only one besti siya.
One day both clgs planned to go tour at agra.
At agra:
swara and siya start taking photos in the agra. They run happily her and there.

At mrng before sunrises-
swara and siya comes to tajmahal to c the tajmahal beuty at early sun rises
swara c tajmahal and mesmerized by it beuty whisper”i listend about ur grest love. I also want that type of love who loves me at his last breath and after my death also” siya c swara lossed in her thoughts and shakes her asks what happend?. Swara comes sences says ntng. Siya teasing way ”i know u want my jiju come fast and take u with him na”swara start blushing and says”ntng”siya”ohoo someone is blusshing”swara become awakward and to avoid this situation. She start running siya also chases her. Swara runs around tajmahal and suddenly she colliod with some one who was taking photos at infront of tajmahal. The camera of that person falls away and activated to click photos. Swara about to fall but she feel to stronge hands hold at her waist dnt allow her fall. She feel she hold tightly two muscilar shoulder. Due to feer of fall she closed her eyes. The camera clicked this photo them in that position back ground tajmahal door and the early mrng sun rays falling them(imagine how cute that they in that sceen) Now she open her eyes and c his eyes which staring at her mesmarized by and they had a eyelock. They come to c sences to listen their name. Omi calls him at his back”sanskar are u ok” siya”swara! Are u ok” they compose themselves. They says their friends that they are fine. Sanskar asks her angarliy”u cant c and walk. Why u are running like mad?”swara listen this become angry”hey stop it. U also have fault. U cant see and walk” they angrily shout and argue with each other. To c them like that siya and omi become tension they to saparate them. Omi trises to drag sanskar in that process he come middle of them swara who was at most range slaps him hard and sanskar more angry he also slaps him unknowingly. Omi helly shocked he covared his both cheeks and went out siya who was shock to c their reaction she silently went and sit beside omi who was made face like child and care him. Swasan stop their argue after some time to c their friends who was last in their eye lock. Swara drag siya and sanskar drag omi angrily opposite direction. Siom become sad to go away each other

Credit to: Bhavani

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