Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 7


To day start…
At mm-
lakshy with his enters in and he runs his room and starts dance and singing and shouting”i love u swara! I got my love my swara” madly while jumping at bed. He stoped by listening laughing sound. He c at direction of sound he become shock to c kavyauttapariadi peeping at the door and laughing at his activites and he feel embrassed and they come into the room and start teasing him.
To avoid to this situation lakshy start running but they also run behind him pulling his legs. To c this elders of mm become happy. They also join the youth to pull lakshy legs. They spent a happy moment.

At swaragini-
swara in the room, she hold a diary and take a photo in it.and tears coming at her eyes ”where are u? i waited for u but u cant come. I thought i will wait my whole life for u! But how can i become so selfshss to drop my family happiness thats way i accepted lakshy proposal. I only nt betryed u, my soul and also laksh dnt know i love him or nt. But i have to this. Pls forgive me my love”saying this she kiss the photo and whips her eyes. She hears ragini shouting”swara come down! Mom is calling u!”swara puts the photo in dairy and it puts in the bed and went down.

At airport:
a flight landed, a person enter at excilator we can only c at his back, by walking he crossing some girls who was staring at him. One of them at says”wow! He so handsome”boys to c him feel jelousious to c their girl staring at him without blinking their eyes with open mouth.he comes out the airport. He take one photo to c that”i try to find u but i failed at every attempt. But i have a hope one i reach u and tells about my love then i dnt allow to u go away me again. When i reach u a shount ”I LOVE YOU SWARA AND UR MINE ONLY” and he kiss the photo and know the photo revelied its swara photo. A tear rolldown at his cheeks. He weepies it. He heard a sound at his calling him” sanskar…!” he turn that side now his face reviled. Ya his sanskar. He went that person and hugs him and goes to parking area.

At swara room:
swara comes room and kissed the photo while crying and says” i love u sanskar” now that photo also reviled its our sanskar. And c write her diary and slept holiding it throug crying.

At mm:
laksh waiting walking at here and there and mm family staring at him confusingly at sitting at hall. He heared at some sound at door all become shock and happy. He hugs that person and says”sanskar brother” sanskar reciprocrates it. He takes blessings and he went room. After fresh up he comes to room and c swara photo ” i dnt know y i feeling i m near to u, to reach u that way is infront of me. What magic u done at me? I love u” and kiss it and goes to sleep dreaming about swara smile and smile face. She runing at beach while laughing. For this a smile comes at his lips

Credit to: Bhavani

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  1. make it swasan and raglak pls

    1. I try my best

  2. nice but what the pair.I thinks swasan . you break our laksh heart that’s not fare.always every body do this and you also do this.I felt bad for laksh.

    1. I dnt break laksh heart ok. Pls dnt worry

  3. Its nice nd different..waiting for next episode…

  4. It s really nice waiting 4 nxt

    1. Tq very much

  5. Superb waiting for next part but plz make it swasan and raglak

  6. Plz unite swasan don’t seperate them

    1. I will try

  7. Yaaa.. it’s interesting…

  8. please make it swasan

    1. I will try

  9. Dnt worry.! I dnt break laksh heart ok

  10. dont break rags heart she loves laksh na

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