Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 6


Swaraglak become friends.
At 3months lap:
their friendship become strong. But raglak unware about swara past and lakshy love for swara increases and ragini love for him also increses but they dnt tell anyone. Swara secretly trises to find about him but it goes vain. Her hope for finding him shottering day by day. She wokeup all nights and to write a diary about her life and cries many days she is living like a robbot and acting like happy infort to all but she only know how she badly stubbing her heart. Now swaragini going to finish their music study. So all elders of gogadaya want to swara marry someone and it is unware of swara

As oneday-
swaragini buying bungiles in market. They c a baby girl walking on middle of road and they also c a car coming towards of that girl. Swara runs and drags that towards her who was about to hit that by car. In this process swara slipped and fall on ground. Ragini extrimily shock by this runs towards her. That girl mom comes and shoats ”my baby how are u nting happend to u na..!” saying this she hugs her girl. And she c swara who was get up and say to swara”tq! U saved my life” and see c swara got wounds at her arm and ragini also become tensined to c this. That girl mom”sry! U got hurt! Come my house i will to first aid to u!” swara”no tq! It small scratch” she insists them to come. They unwilingly agreed to her. She says” my name parinitha! And u?” they says”swaragini” they came to mm.

At mm-
they entered mm, ap comes and asks about them pari tells whole incident. All mm except lakshy come there and listen them and says tq to swara. Pari did firstaid to swara. At the same time lakshy enters to mm and shocked to c swaragini there and says u? All mm become confuse and asks u know them and lakshy”ya they are my friends” and comes to everithing excepet lakshy love. Ap likes swaragini so much especialy swara and thought something.swaragini went their home.

At night:
ap to dp”ji! I want to say something?” dp” first me, i want to do lakshy marriage? What u say?”she happily” i want to say same and i like swara she was perfect for our lakshy! To c him he also like swara”dp says”i think ragini is perfect for him”they become confuse, at the same time lakshy cross that to go his room. To c him ap calls him and tells the matter. He become shy and happy and says his love for swara. They become happy decided to talk with their parents.

At mrng:
gogadya having breakfast,swaragini at their room. Suddenly door bell rings sumi opens the door and c the all mm come. They invited them inside. Swaragini also came to down, lakshy staries at swara and ragini at lakshy. Dp”shekar ji we come her to ask ur one of proud to my home” shekar looks confusingly dp says”ji! We want ur dughter hand for our lakshy” all become happy especially ragini. Dp says”we want SWARA hand for our laksh” swara become shock and ragini smile vanishes with shock and stares at swara and laksh and remining peple become happy laksh blushes. Shekar ask swara decision.she c all family smile and nodes her head yes and runs to her room and close door crys vigorously. Ragini become extreme shock and think swara also loves him and goes to terrece and crys and decided to sacrafice to her love for swara. All family decided to keep engagement at 3days after and marriage 2weeks later. Laksh super happy

Credit to: Bhavani

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  1. plzz plzz make it swalak don’t hurt laksh plzzzz this time make it swalak

    1. I dnt break laksh heart ok

  2. plzzz laksh loves her soo much plzz this time don’t separate plzzzz i hope u will pay heed to my comment

    1. True love never loss

  3. Hope swara to meet his lover soon ns lover to b sanskar nly nd pls make it swasan ur story line is good

  4. omg ragini don’t feel bad dear, your prince charming is for you only

    1. She surely get what she deserves. So dnt feel bad

  5. Swara should get her lover not engaged with laksh

    1. I will try

  6. make it raglak

  7. what is her past

    1. I will reveal soon

  8. Pls make it swasan plzzzzzz

  9. Plz make it swasan n unite raglak

  10. rags so sad dont seperate raglak even swara loves someone

  11. Swasan plz ?

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