Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 5


Hi friends i know i m lated my ff but i have some reasons that is my clg timings. Now i m seriously try to update my ff on time.
Recap: swaragini misbehaved by some goons. Someone holds that goon hand.

Now start_
goon saw that person. It was our lakshy. Swaragini feel happy to c him. The goons start argue with him and says leave or i will kill u. Lakshy irretated by their talk and give them strong look and says i m nt a afriad to u to leave u, u also beg then also i will nt leave because who ill respect girls that one nt even man in my eyes, so humminity towords u also nt come. Swaragini impressed by his behaviour. Lakshy start beating them few of them start oppose him and other try to drag swara who was last patients start beating them badly, ragini also start beat them, lakshy c their chandi avather and get shock, but soonly comes to scences and continue the fight. The goons start running being afried. Lakshy goes to girl, suddenly one hit lakshy at his back head, girls become shock and ragini shat loudly” lakshy…” and runs to him and caught him who was about fall at uncounisious state with bleeding head, to see this ragini cry vigorously, at the same time swara being with shock and rembers some one hitting one person he was shotting with pain ”shona…!”she comes to sences by ragini shotting to help to take him hospatal.

At car_
ragini driving the car, swara held lakshy head with scarf to his head to stop bleeding. She was crying rember something. Lakshya open his eyes with half close and saw swara crying and think” i know u love me, thats way u crying for me” and again close his eyes. ragini thinks to save for me, u got hart, i cant c u in pain, i loveu lakshy.and tears rolling from her eyes contineously. They reached hospatal.

At hospatal-
swaragini waiting at door at tensidely, lakshy treated by doctor. Doctor comes out and says”ntng to worry! It was a small injury! He can go home at sometime!” to listen this they become happy and says thanks to him. The girl comes to lakshy who just came to consious and says thanks to him. He says” i m nt come then also u saved!”they gave him confused look and asks how? And he says to c urs chandi avathar i m become shock and also afriad, girls lagued to c his expressions. And he says” really! how u beated them! wow!” and start show acting like fighting swaragini brust out laughing holding their stomch. He mesmerized by swara laugh, ragini mesmerized by his actions and staring at him. They come to sences by swara talk”stop it lakshy i cant more!” lakshay” really yar u superb, ur become my heros, i want do friendship with u pls u accept.” swaragini smiling accept his friendship. He thinks in this way i will come more close swara and smiles. Ragini thinks in this way i get u and make u fall for me lakshy and smiles. Swara also smiles

Credit to: Bhavani

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  1. make it raglak

  2. Nice…looking for more…hope pair are swasan…

    1. I will try

  3. I just hate this love triangle but anyway ur ff is nice

  4. plz make it raglak

  5. Swalak please….

  6. plzzz yaar make it swalak cant ragini sacrifice one tym plzzzzz

  7. please don’t make ragini like serial who can do anything to get laksh please its my request.And who is pair that’s not matter but don’t make ragini try to get laksh.

  8. plz don’t make it triangle can’t see ragini in pain

  9. Awesome plz make it raglak and swasan

  10. No love triangle pls let it be raglak.. Y should ragini sacrifice her love…

    1. Why laksh

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