Swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART…. Episode 3

Friends i cant reveal pairs because its secreat. And also ragini is no negitive in my ff. She is only good,lovely and most caring girl to her family.hope u like it.

Epi start….
At flight:
swaragini enter the flight and they are checking their seats.swaragini felt bad for their seats nt beside to each other. In three seats row, 1st seat for swara and 3rd seat for ragini. They sited in their seats.They see 2nd seat person for their surprise it was lukshy. Luckshy also surpsied to see them and they unionly said”u..?” and laughfed for their geuster.swaraginilak introdused to each other.lakshya comes to know swaragini are twins and music lovers. Lakshya says”so u also kolkatha?” swara says ”no!it was flying on my stoping then it comes then i will go! Arry yar! I m sitted in kolkatha flight means then i will go kolkatha right!” lakshya feels embrassed and also feels happy to sit at beside of swara. Ragini also feels happy to sit at beside of lakshya. Raglak talkes each other and enjoys each other company. Ragini stares lakshya with love and lakshya talking with ragini secretly stares to swara.swara didnt realise because she was last in her own thoughts about her love. And talk herself”i lost my love hear but i want him back in my life. I know he also loves me. But i dnt know where is he? Oh god give me the way to rech him pls!”and stares at out through the window.

At kolkatha airport:
swaraglak comes out of the airport. Swaragini take the taxi and they tells lakshya”bye” and move there. Lakshy stares at taxi at long it disappear then he rembers he didnt take their number and feels sad and happy to rember swara.

At taxi:
ragini also feels sad to go away lakshya and happy to rember lakshya and happily stares at out through window. Swara also cing out through window. They come to a big house. On the wall of the written as gogadhaya house.

At baadi:
dadi and dadaji sitting at hall. Suddenly someone close the dadi eyes. Dadi shouts fearly at this. Dadaji c them and happily says my princes are back and happily hugs them.dadi looks them and happily hugs. They went sumi room and c sumi standing oppite to facing them back. Sumi says”how are u my angels?” they shocks because she dint c their coming and asks how she know it is them! She says because she is mother. She reconize her life easily. And her life is swaragini. They become emotional and hugs her and also hugs shekar

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